Tokyo Alice (Japanese Drama, New)

Live-action of the manga by the same name, Tokyo Alice follows our office lady heroine and her three friends as they experience the ups and downs of finding their own paths in the big city.

This one is not an over the top wacky fun Japanese drama, but it does have that distinct manga feel. I liked the first two episodes and it looks like we will definitely have plenty of romance.
Can Not Hug You (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: As a germaphobe, our hero hates anything that involves people touching him or any of his stuff. Annoyed when a female stalker appears around him and begins to find any excuses to touch him, our hero firmly tells our heroine to cease and desist. Definitely NOT a stalker, our beautiful professional model heroine would love to never see the rude man who dared to accuse her to be a stalker ever again…except, what is self respect to a vampire when the rude man turns out to be the yummiest “food” she has ever encountered? (In this world, the vampire has evolved to the point where they don’t need human blood anymore but they do need the life force that they can obtain from touching humans.)

This one obviously has a fun premise with a heroine who is literally dying of hunger to touch our hero while our hero will do anything to avoid being touched. I checked out the first two episodes and was mildly disappointed. The plot is fun of course but for some reason the pacing feels slow. You know, one of those shows where things are happening in each episode but you still catch yourself feeling bored even while the plot seems to be chugging along.
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (Chinese Drama, New)

Based on a novel of the same name, this one tells the EPIC story of men and women who are all main characters in a terrifying prophecy that predicts their rise to power…and their world’s demise.

This one is set in the fictional world of Novoland so fans of books written in that world should be in for a treat. Novoland: Created by 7 Chinese writers, Novoland is a fictional world with unexplored lands and mystical beings. Kinda like the world in Lord of the Rings with a Chinese bent. 

Prison Playbook (Korean Drama, New)

Synopsis: A national baseball star turned a convict overnight, Kim Je Hyuk has no choice but to adjust to his new home- Prison.

Kinda of a boring synopsis, but the fact that this show has Jung Kyung Ko (Missing Nine, One More Happy Ending) who is usually pretty good at picking interesting scripts makes me hopeful.

Judge vs Judge (Korean Drama, New)

Synopsis: As a young judge who tends to let her strong sense of justice unwisely turned into brash actions (ie. throwing her water bottle at the unrepentant accused in court), our heroine is the extreme opposite to our hero who is the model judge of calm and wisdom under any circumstances.

This one is pretty much what you would expect of a law drama with emotional tugging cases and a big bad that is lurking in the background. However, somewhat predictable plot aside, I loved the first three episodes of Judge vs Judge and love the two lead characters- especially their fun chemistry together. There were some over the top stunts, like the heroine flying off the handle in court that makes the show seem rather unrealistic but I am hoping that was just necessary plot device for set up.

Face Off (Chinese Drama, New)

I had expected this one to be your usual C-city drama where our hard working heroine has to go through a series of refining fires to realize her big dream…and that is true to a certain extent. With only a vague dream of doing something that will earn her lots of money to support her aging father, our heroine is ecstatic when she is inspired by a meeting with our hero – a world famous prosthetic make up artist. Determined to become our hero’s pupil so she can also become a top prosthetic make up artist, our heroine is clueless that her idol is the very man she had a few unfortunate encounters with already.

This one is based on the manga “Please! Make Me Beautiful!” so its wacky humor makes it quite different from your usual more serious C-city dramas. Our heroine likes to imagine herself as a superhero, champions of the weak so the story will often veer off into random hilarious scenes whenever our heroine’s imagination runs wild. The hero character is also quite fun as well. As a good looking man who is constantly beset by eager women chasing after him, our hero is not shy about using his make up skills to extract himself from such unwanted attention. By the way, our hero’s love of disguise is why our heroine has no idea at first that her idol is the very same man who she had accused to be a pervert.
Unfortunately Not You (Chinese Drama)

I gave this one another try …and as I feared the show does spend most of its time in flashbacks. I love the current time line part of the plot but I really am not the type to have much patience for flashbacks. Sigh…this one is top quality so I might just have to develop some much needed patience…or skip around which is probably more realistic for me.


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