The Endless Love (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: A gifted artist with a seemingly bright future ahead of him, our hero’s world is thrown into darkness when PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) takes away his ability to see color. Pleasantly surprised when a distressing first meeting with our heroine ends up returning his world to full color for a short moment, our hero soon realizes something about seeing our heroine could restore his sight.

I would usually be interested in a romantic story like this one but I am a bit scared to follow The Endless Love since we find out right from the beginning (in episode one) that the heroine was away from school for a period of time because of a serious sickness. Judging from the show’s synopsis, the heroine health will become a stumbling black to our two leads’ relationship later on…so chicken as I am, I will be waiting until I can be sure of a happy ending before checking back.


Inference Notes (Chinese Drama, New)
Synopsis: After a heart transplant, our heroine who is a member of a popular idol group develops a split personality, along with the ability of crime deduction. Unexpectedly pulled into a serial murder case, our heroine, her best friend and another senior student begin to chase after the clues to catch the killer.

Not my sort of thing but if you are a fan of the novel or the movie then this one might be worth checking out.
Kai Feng Qi Tan (Chinese Drama, New)

A fun comedy about young Bao Zheng/Bao Gong before he became the legendary judge who can solve all cases. I went into this one with really low expectations so I was completely stunned to find this one hilariously funny. Our hero here is supposed to be the young and very immature Bao Zheng so it was really refreshing to see the legendary judge acting…well nothing how one would expect a legend to act. This one should be especially fun for those who are familiar with the legend of Bao Gong and the various memorable secondary characters surrounding him since they are all featured in the story.
Home Sweet Home (Taiwanese Drama, New)

The brand new T-daily! This one actually looks pretty promising so I will be writing a first impression post soon.
Game of Hunting (Chinese Drama, New)

He Ge’s newest C-drama! He Ge plays our hero who after falling to the depth of despair manages to climb to the top as a head hunter all while holding firm unto his principles. I am not usually too interested in this kind of C-corporate business shows but since it is He Ge after all I will probably check this one out later.
A Love So Beautiful (Chinese Drama, New)

A coming of age story about our heroine’s one sided crush on our cold and aloof hero…until her stubbornness finally pays off. While the premise of A Love So Beautiful is nothing new (in fact, the character set up is a bit similar to Mischievous Kiss) the show did a great job portraying the innocent school days and the precious emotions of first loves. I found episode one pretty enjoyable so I am planning on giving this one a try.

Melo Holic (Korean Drama, New)

Heart broken after his girlfriend breaks up with him with the excuse that “he just doesn’t get women”, our nerdy hero, Yoo Eun Ho is surprised to discover that he has somehow gained the ability to hear what women are thinking if he touches them with his hand. Losing all interest in dating after realizing most women’s words are nothing like what they are thinking, our hero eventually meets his match in our heroine who says exactly what she thinks…but also keeps things interesting for our hero because she actually has split personalities.

I liked the first two episodes well enough. The pacing was just a tiny bit slower than I preferred and random wackiness often missed the mark for me, but the premise is fun so I will most likely give this one another week.



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