Above The Cloud 2 (Chinese Drama, New)

Thanks to catching this one quite late in the game, I didn’t have to wait long for season 2 of Above The Cloud. By the end of season 1, the two leads’ romance was still progressing rather slowly so I am really hoping the pace will pick up now.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Korean Drama, Finishing this week)

Ahh…this one is wrapping up this weekend but I am so behind!!! Despite the meandering plot, I do find the romance in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon to be really cute. If the writer didn’t waste time on the seemingly pointless criminal case and instead focused most of the time on our two leads then this one probably could’ve been addicting for me. Anyhow, I am planning on finishing this one…albeit with some fast forwarding.

CRISIS (Japanese Drama, New)
Oguri Shun’s new drama!!! Just when I thought I can’t possibly be interested in another J-police drama and then they had to make one with Oguri Shun in it…

What A Wonderful Life (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: Determined to survive in the big city despite her less than impressive resume and ordinary appearance, our heroine’s path to a wonderful life is littered with harsh realities. Stubbornly refusing to give up even after suffering several setbacks both in her professional and romantic life, can our heroine finally find happiness?

The first episode was decent but I quickly lost interest in this one once I realize the heroine will have to kiss serval “frogs” before she will find her Mr. Right. To be fair, Mr. Right is already in the heroine’s life but she will still have to suffer through a few heartbreaks before getting her happy ending.

4 Go Keibei (Japanese Drama, New)

After a traumatic experience, our hero decides to quit being a policeman and becomes a bodyguard at a protective agency. Quite serious about his job despite his secret pain, our hero is partnered up with a very reluctant newbie who is the complete opposite to him in personality.

The first episode was pretty heart warming although it didn’t intrigue me enough to make me have the desire to keep watching.

Chicago Typewriter (Korean Drama, New)

Synopsis: Yoo Ah In plays a wildly successful murder mystery writer who unexpectedly faces the crisis of a writers’ block. Already under intense pressure, our hero’s life takes a weird turn when memories of his past life starts to come back to him…along with mysterious old friends who apparently has known him for a long time.

I really enjoyed the first two episodes of Chicago Typewriter. This one is pretty heavy on the mystery part and the show was able to switch between the two time periods (current & the 1930’s) relatively seamlessly. I am crossing my figures that we will at least get some romance in this one but the story is probably plenty intriguing even without.
The King of Romance (Taiwanese Drama, Finished)

Sigh…This one had a lot of potentials but the writer just wasn’t able to pull it off. My biggest beef with the show is the fact that it glazed over the whole “past lives” of the two leads. Based on the promo posters and the heroines’ constant talk of her destined lover in the beginning of the show, I really thought the writer would devote a whole lot more story time to that particular plot line but instead, it was pushed off to the side for almost the whole show. This was also probably my first drama where 3/4 way through the show you start to get the strange vibe that the heroine was treating the hero more like an annoying pesky male second lead. Granted, the writer was trying to set the whole “unavoidable” separation up but it still felt weird and very forced.

Oh, well. Despite all my complaints, I did watch The King of Romance all the way to the end so it must not be as terrible as I am making it sound.

Love, Timeless (Taiwanese Drama, New)

This one will be replacing The King of Romance and premiering tomorrow on 4/16/2017 (Saturday). Lots of time traveling dramas lately, so I am curious how this one will measure up to the stiff competitions.



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