I had pretty much given up all hopes but there is a drama god after all! Two “initial” posters have come out for “Three Lifes and Three Worlds”- the much anticipated follow up drama for Dong Hua and Feng Jiu’s characters from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

There were never any doubts that a drama would be made for Thee Lifes and Three Worlds (the second novel set in the same world as Ten Miles) based on the popularity of Dong Hua and Feng Jiu’s storyline in Ten Miles. However, all signs seemed to suggest that there was no way Alan Yu and Dilraba Dilmurat would have a chance to reprise their roles. Both Alan Yu and Dilraba Dilmurat did such an impressive job making their characters come alive that it really would’ve wiped out most of my interest in Three Lifes if the production had chosen to cast new actors. Fortunately, what I thought was impossible had come true. With the two posters out, my heart is finally at ease that we will have both Alan Yu and Dilara Dilmurat back as the leads for Three Lifes and Three Worlds.

By the way, having read Three Lifes and Three Worlds the novel, I hope the scriptwriter could figure out a way to make the story less convoluted. I enjoyed the novel and it was a lot of fun to see some familiar characters from Ten Miles from time to time, but the story definitely was a bit confusing especially during the second half. Still, crossing my fingers for a capable scriptwriter, I am holding out high hopes for Three Lifes and Three Worlds!

I have been enjoying T-drama Iron Ladies immensely lately. I am also following T-drama’s other noona romance My Dear Boy as well but I find myself getting impatient with it since the story right now is mostly focused on the two leads’ developing relationships with other love interests instead of each other. I don’t see myself giving up on My Dear Boy just yet though since I still think the show has a lot of potential once it wraps up the “kissing frogs” part of the plot.

I am going to miss Wise Prison Life so much! Kudos to the team of the Reply series. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself laughing and crying all the while loving a drama about prison life, but that’s exactly what I did. There have been some clamoring from the fans for a season 2. However, I would imagine that would be difficult unless our hero ends up in prison again…which I would definitely not want that. Instead, what I would love is a Wise Prison Life special where we could find out what happened to all the characters, including the prisoners that were transferred out of the hero’s cell throughout the drama.

Thanks to the new C-drama Huang Feng Prison I decided to re-read the novel it was based on again…and was promptly rewarded with red puffy eyes for two days. (By the way, I tried eye drops wondering if that might help the puffiness…it didn’t work.)  Red puffy eyes aside, I enjoyed the novel immensely and is now wondering even more how the scriptwriter will adjust the story since the heroine is no longer from the modern time period but a spy on an assignment.

A side note: Lots of fans have complained that the actor playing the hero doesn’t match up to their imagination (because what human man could?) but for me personally, the one that really didn’t match up for me was the emperor’s Heavenly Master (kinda like a mage, prophet, sorcerer…). In the novel, the Heavenly Master character is supposed to be this ethereal guy that one could only worship his perfection from afar but I am afraid in the drama he just looked ornery to me. I was actually pretty surprised how much the drama followed the novel, at least in the beginning. I do imagine the scriptwriter will have no choice but to divert from the novel soon since making the heroine into a spy will obviously bring a lot of necessary changes to the plot. Our heroine in the novel spends a lot of time being completely lost and vulnerable since she is after all, a modern soul thrust into a world she has no understanding of. In contrast, our heroine in the drama is a very capable assassin and spy who knowingly stepped into the messy situation she is in so there is a sense of confidence in her that was never in the novel. It probably would’ve been nice if the show could’ve kept the heroine’s backstory (government policy prevents them from using the novel’s original backstory) but I think there are some interesting possibilities of making the heroine into a spy that can go head to head with our all knowing hero as well.

Judge vs Judge has ended and I am way behind (I think I am on episode 24/32) but I think I will slowly work my way to the end. I am a bit disappointed that there weren’t more romance in this one but I still find the two leads’ interaction super cute anyway.



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