Happy Valentines Day!!! This is an old post back in 2015, but as I am in the process of moving the old posts to this new site I thought it would be fun to not hide the food posts but instead repost them as new in case anyone missed seeing them the first time around.

So I saw an interview with the cast of Love is Back (C-Drama 2013) where one of the actress who loves cooking showed a picture of soy eggs she made with heart shaped on it.

BTW, I really liked the chemistry between the two leads in Love is Back. The two our couples were kind of blah for me, but I still stuck with this show until the end for the two leads.

Anyhow, I was so enamored with those cute soy eggs I had to try it.

1. Boil some eggs.
2. Cut a shape of your choice (I chose heart shaped) and put it on the egg.
3. Wrap a mesh strainer cloth over the egg tightly.
4. Stew your eggs in a soy sauce stewing mix.

(I buy packages of pre-made stewing bags like these and just follow the directions ie. adding soy sauce, water, and a bit of sugar)

I used a baby Chinese cabbage to cut the heart shape out. But you could also use any other kind of vegetable that has flat leaves.

To make some other pretty patterns you can also try using parsley. (Not for cutting out shapes, but using the sprigs of parsley it would make cool herb pattern.)

So it took me three tries to make the soy egg work. The first time the soy eggs didn’t show that patter at all. The second time around my heart patter as you can see is very fuzzy.

I was about to give up but I decided to try one more time. I finally figured out my problem the previous two times was that I didn’t wrap the strainer cloth around the eggs tightly enough. On the third time I wrapped the cloth so tightly that my boiled eggs’ shape started to change due to the pressure. Anyhow, as you can see, the third time was a charm and I finally made it work! So make sure the cloth is wrapped around the egg really really tightly so that the soy sauce stew sauce can’t get in under the leaves.

Drama food this week

From episode 2 of Angry Mom. Hero (No Ah) cooked breakfast for his dad. Ahh… so jealous of those who wakes up to a traditional Asian breakfast. I am personally usually too lazy to cook breakfast though.