We pick up from the last episode where Zhan Cheng stands in front of Yu Xi and tells Bo Yan to stay away from Yu Xi.

Sitting in the mountain lift together (to get off the mountain from Yu Xi’s house), Zhan Cheng warns Bo Yan that he will make sure Bo Yan loses everything for hurting Yu Xi.

While the two men is duking it out, Yu Xi is sitting in her bedroom staring at the two lollipops Zhan Cheng gave her to cheer her up. Not understanding why her daughter is staring at two lollipops, Mama Chen assumes that Yu Xi got the lollipops for them to eat together. Protecting the lollipops, Yu Xi quickly distracts her mom because she wants to keep the lollipop as keepsakes.

Yu Xi gets a call from Zhan Cheng to meet him at the office and is stunned when Zhan Cheng tells her that he wants her to become his secretary.

Despite Yu Xi’s initial doubt of her own ability, she proves to be a great secretary when she notices the small discomfort of a client and was able to help Zhan Cheng secure a contract through her attention to detail.

William smiles when he sees Yu Xi sitting in her desk right outside of Zhan Cheng’s office and jests with Zhan Cheng that he finally wised up to his own feelings. Noticing Zhan Cheng’s five second delay in answering his question again whenever Yu Xi comes up, William laughs.

Feeling guilty that her big mouth caused William to lose the land contract, Xiao Lin (Yu Xi’s friend) tries to apologize to William but ends up asking “will you go on a date with me?” A bit surprised, William nonetheless agrees to Xiao Lin’s request. Completely awed by her best friend’s guts, Yu Xi can hardly contain her excitement for Xiao Lin.

After trying to hush Yu Xi for a bit, Xiao Lin turns the table on her by suggesting that since Yu Xi is Zhan Cheng’s secretary she should use this chance to capture his heart. Unnerved by Xiao Lin’s joking suggestion, Yu Xi is even more nervous when Zhan Cheng popped up right behind her.

Bo Yan receives a delivery package containing his scarf Yu Xi sent back to him. Looking at the scarf, Bo Yan remembers his painful memories of Yu Xi breaking up with him. I really don’t get this guy. Why is he acting all tragic when he obviously didn’t care that much about her. 

While Bo Yan is still missing Yu Xi, Vanessa finds out from her doctor that she is pregnant.

Vanessa’s company is approached by a man who wants to sell all of his share in another department store call Krystal to Vanessa in order to get his revenge against Zhan Cheng (because Zhan Cheng is currently the largest share holder in the department store). Unwilling to be used in a revenge plan against the man she likes, Vanessa turns the man away.

Knowing this is an opportunity to strike back at Zhan Cheng, Bo Yan tells the man to go above Vanessa and meet with her mother, Chairman Kao.

So this man was from Episode 1 when Zhan Cheng raced with his son and gained the majority stock holding position in the Krystal Department Store.

No clue of how Zhan Cheng feels about her, Yu Xi is overjoyed when she sees Zhan Cheng buying a book called “Next Stop, Bliss”, since she take that as a sign that Zhan Cheng is finally ready to fall in love again.

Totally unaware of how amazed William is by how clueless she is of Zhan Cheng’s feelings towards her, Yu Xi excitedly asks William if he knows who the mysterious girl is that made Zhan Cheng has a sudden change of heart.

After a surprise meeting when Zhan Cheng’s sister Fei Fei follows Yu An (Yu Xi’s brother) home, Yu Xi is stunned speechless when Fei Fei tells Yu Xi that there is not doubt in her mind that her brother likes Yu Xi.

In a daze after Fei Fei’s words, Yu Xi eats the lollipop Zhan Cheng gave her without thinking and freaks out when she realized that she has eaten her precious keepsake.

The next day, William gets Zhan Cheng to invite Yu Xi to a horse riding stable for a double date with Xiao Lin. Yu Xi overhears Zhan Cheng admitting to William “Yes, I like Yu Xi.”

Hardly knowing how to act around Zhan Cheng now that she has accidentally heard his confession, Yu Xi fails miserably to act naturally when she rides with him.

In the mean time, Bo Yan’s plan to strike Zhan Cheng unaware is going very well. Impressed with Bo Yan’s work, Chairman Kao changes her condescending attitude towards Bo Yan and promises him the position of the department president to Bo Yan if he can successfully secure the majority share in the Krystal Department Store.

Noticing her friend is day dreaming the whole time they have been together, Xiao Lin finally gets Yu Xi to confess that she overheard Zhan Cheng’s conversation with William.

Shyly waving away the excited yelps of her best friend, Yu Xi makes her own confession that “I am afraid boss only likes me because I look like his ex-fiancee.”


Well… I didn’t expect Vanessa to be pregnant at all. That totally surprised me. I guess this will be Bo Yan’s chance to decide if he wants to grab the opportunity to realize all his dreams or if he really likes Yu Xi as much as he thinks. I personally don’t see why Bo Yan is acting like he can’t live without Yu Xi when he could’ve cared less while she was his girlfriend. If I really had to take a guess, I think Bo Yan is just upset to not have a puppy dog Yu Xi catering to his every move and plus it probably really angers Bo Yan that Zhan Cheng might like Yu Xi.

I am glad that Yu Xi is sharp enough to wonder if Zhan Cheng is transferring his emotion towards his fiancee to her. Of course, as a viewer I do believe Zhan Cheng likes Yu Xi for herself since right in beginning Zhan Cheng has commented that Yu Xi is nothing like her twin sister the moment she opened her mouth.

BTW… where is Ya Ti? I worry every episode that she is going to show up… knowing full well she will eventually.  


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