Taiwanese Drama: See You In Time (已讀不回的戀人)
Broadcast Date:12/10/2017
Airs: Sundays
Total Episodes: 18
Leads: Hans Chung & Mini Tsai (The Masked Lover)


Returning to Taiwan as an internationally acclaimed cyclist, our hero, Feng Ying ignores his half brother’s repeated hints for him to promptly go back to the US but instead declares his intention to revive his grandfather’s legendary cyclist team.

Thinking nothing of it at first when anomalies in the Earth’s atmosphere caused widespread freaky accidents and telecommunication interruptions, Feng Ying is puzzled when he starts receiving text messages from a stranger expressing her longing for him…dated 2019. Stunned to discover that the bizarre message was actually sent from the phone belonging to the delivery girl he had several unpleasant run-ins with just the day before, our hero is speechless as he realizes that this must mean he and the delivery girl will end up falling in love sometime in the future.

Putting aside the strangeness of receiving text messages from the future aside, Feng Ying promptly decides to hire our heroine as the cyclist team’s assistant so as to figure out how in the world his future self’s taste in women could become so low.

Ninja’s First Impression:

I didn’t have too high of expectation going into this one especially since it felt like we have had quite a few time travel/communicate through time sort of plot in the last two years already. Much to my surprise, despite the predictable pacing in the first episode, While See You In Time turned out to be an easy watch. Our lead characters seem well set up thus far and the chemistry is definitely there which is always a good sign. To be honest, neither the story nor the characters felt refreshing by any means. YET, the show has done an impressive job in making all those seemingly ordinary, even tiring plot elements…endearing. For example, the heroine is a hard working spunky delivery girl – exactly the sort of heroine one would see in 2/3 of dramas out there. Our hero is a talented good looking rich boy- again, the kinda hero you find in 2/3 of dramas out there. However, when you put both leads together with those very common characters we ended up with a strangely charming duo that makes me want to tune in to the next episode?!

One thing I thought seemed especially promising in See You In Time is that the first two episodes had good comedic timing and more importantly, the comedy didn’t feel forced. Our two leads really do have good chemistry together and their acting comes off extra natural whenever they share the screen. Of course the show still had plenty of T-drama’s trademark swoon moments…which is not why we watch T-dramas (cough)…but it sure doesn’t hurt.

I didn’t mention this in the synopsis but See You In Time does have a heavy dose of mystery flavor to it. The text messages from the future seem to suggest by its sad tone that our two leads’ relationship didn’t end well…possibly because of some tragedy such as an untimely death of our hero? No matter what the answer is, what is clear is that thanks to the text from 2019, our two leads now has a second chance to figure out if they can change the future and get their own happy ending this time around.

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