Lost Love In Time SP (Chinese Drama, New)

I have been going through some serious withdraws from Lost Love In Time so I had mixed feelings when I saw the SP about 11th Prince and Cai Qian. I was happy of course to have the opportunity to spend more time in the Lost Love In Time world but then it just doesn’t seem the same without our two leads.

In the SP, 11th Prince is still in a coma and Cai Qian is given a chance to go into his dream in order to help him overcome the obstacles that are preventing him from waking up (It’s a tad bit more complicated than that, but you get the idea.). The dark sorcerers are still after the sorcerer’s stone that is in 11th Prince’s body, so they will be the villains trying to kill our two leads. With the dark sorcerers still around, that seems to say we are back in the world where our heroine hasn’t “fixed” everything but then 12th Prince is back as well and he obviously still has all his power with him… I am just going to enjoy the show and stop asking questions.

I was really excited to see 12th Prince and Ming Yan back even if they are not the “main leads” here. I probably would’ve been more interested in an SP about 12th Prince and Ming Yan but I guess I will take what I can get.
Go Back Couple (Korean Drama, New)

Synopsis: After years of marriage, their once sweet innocent love turned to a bitter conviction that meeting each other was what ruined their respective lives, our two leads signed the divorced paper both agreeing they should’ve never met. Stunned and overjoyed when they wake up the next day to find themselves transported back in time to when they were hopeful 20 year old university students, our two leads vow to have nothing to do with one another… but that’s of course not going to happen.

This one might not have the most original premise for a show but I have always been intrigued by the concept so I was very eager to check it out. The first two episodes were fairly predictable since it was mostly spent on setting up the story but thus far I am liking it and is planning to stick around for the time being. By the way, I know none of us should be surprised but still, how crazy is that 36 year old Jang Na Ra almost looked more out of place playing the 38 year old housewife than the 20 year old college student?!
Black (Korean Drama, New)

Synopsis: Kang Ha Ram (Go Ara) lives in constant fear and the heavy burden of being able to see the shadow of death on those who are about to die. Allowing herself a spark of hope when she meets newbie detective (Song Seung Heon) who tells her that she has been given a gift to save people, Ha Ram tries to change the fate of those who are about to die but her action brings disastrous results…and allows a Grim Reaper to possess the body of our hero.

I LOVED the first episode of Black but was kinda stunned by the abrupt change of the show’s tone in episode two that I am tentatively looking forward to the next episode.  If I had only watched the first episode of Black, I would’ve described this as a supernatural thriller that’s pretty eerie at parts. However, in episode two, my supernatural thriller suddenly turned into a silly comedy…granted, a silly Song Seung Heon is still a joy to watch but it was a shock nonetheless. Anyhow, I am hoping the show will eventually find its identity…but I guess I will be pretty forgiving since it does have Song Seung Heon in it after all.
Revolution (Korean Drama, New)

This one is Choi Si Won’s come back drama after his military service! Si Won plays a third generation chaebol who falls for our spunky heroine and ends up hiding his true identity then does the unthinkable…start looking for a JOB. Revolution focuses quite a bit on the differences between the social classes. Our heroine is someone who despite having a higher education is content to spend her days working part time jobs because she refuses to play the corporate ladder game. On the extreme opposite is our second male lead who vows to become one of the rich and powerful even if it means tossing aside his pride and laboring like a dog to his rich boss (hero’s family) for now.

Revolution actually has quite a bit of comedy in it despite the fact that it deals with some thought provoking issues. The characters themselves are a bit one dimensional but it is difficult not to like a goofy Si Won.
Seven Shinjuku (Japanese Drama, New)

Based on the manga of the same name, Seven Shinjuku tells the story of our hero who owns a pawn shop and uses his ability as a genius appraiser to solve the various issues that his customers have as they bring their unusual items to him.  This one is not my type of show but episode one was well done and I found it highly entertaining to see the sort of unexpected things and people that showed up at the hero’s pawn shop.




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ps. There was an insane number of new shows out this week so this particular Friday Drama Roundup is split into two parts. Part two will be posted on Monday.