Episode 56

Ready to rush out to the moment his man tells him Qing Chen is waiting out in the forest for him, Yuan Zhan impatiently declares “I trust her!” when his man urgently reminds him that this could be a trap from Yuan Ling. Surprised when he walks out to see 12th Prince, Yuan Zhan expression turns cold when 12th Prince asks him to halt his plan to attack the palace. With a sneer, Yuan Zhan says “You are here as an envoy for Yuan Ling after all. Did you know that he is the previous emperor’s son? So that means you and I are the ones that are really brothers.” Feigning impatience when 12th Prince offers to tell him a story about Qing Chen, Yuan Zhan replies “Do you think you can change my mind just by telling me a story?” Getting impatient himself, 12th Prince says “7th brother! Others might not see your feelings for Qing Chen, but I see them clearly.” After a moment’s pause, 12th Prince continues “Qing Chen doesn’t even belong here…plus, she doesn’t have much time.”

Walking slowly towards Qing Chen who is playing a song for him in the forest, Yuan Zhan smiles sadly when Qing Chen tells him that it is a song she wrote for him just as she promised back when she lived in his house. Approaching Yuan Zhan, Qing Chen asks “The blue ice sorcerer’s stone is not just a valuable stone in itself but it also controls all the fortune belonging to Yin family. Right?” Not denying Qing Chen’s question, Yuan Zhan says instead “But you didn’t use it.” Looking tenderly back at Yuan Zhan, Qing Chen says “Yes, I didn’t use it. There is one thing you don’t know about what the blue ice sorcerer’s stone means to me. Not only does it represents your trust in me but it also represents all of my trust in you. So, today I dare to ask you this, will you stop this fight?” Unfortunately, no matter what Qing Chen says, Yuan Zhan insists on seeking revenge even after admitting knowing that his mother had committed suicide to push him into precisely what he is doing now.


Resigned that she can’t change Yuan Zhan’s mind, Qing Chen softly apologizes and walks away slowly but collapses to the ground when the flower’s last petal falls without warning. His already jumbled emotions promptly turning to sheer panic as he tries hopelessly to put his arms around Qing Chen whose whole body is shimmering in and out of transparency, Yuan Zhan mutters “How can this be?!”

Finally realizing everything 12th Prince told him is true as he digests 12th Prince’s words that Qing Chen only has 6 hours (I believe that’s 12 hours in modern counting method) to live, a teary Yuan Zhan mutters “So the story you told me is true. If it wasn’t for me, then she wouldn’t be like this. I owe her so much.”


With a last lingering glance at an unconscious Qing Chen, Yuan Zhan goes to meet with Yuan Ling with the full intention of goading our hero into killing him. Shaking with frustration when Yuan Ling faces his attack without moving a muscle, Yuan Zhan screams “Why won’t you fight back? Why?! Why can’t you just kill me?! Why can’t you just let me die by your sword.” Looking deep into Yuan Zhan’s eyes, Yuan Ling replies “3rd brother, 5th brother, 9th brother all died because of this throne. I don’t want us to kill each other. After experiencing so much, I already found the thing I want. I can let go of the throne. I trust that in your capable hands, this nation will just be more peaceful. I am sorry. I am sorry.”

Left with no more will to fight, Yuan Zhan allows Yuan Ling to pull him close and nods as Yuan Ling whispers “Next life, let’s be real brothers.”


Rushing back to Qing Chen who is just regaining consciousness, Yuan Ling asks “Why are you such a fool. You used the moon stone to save 11th, but what about you?” With a sheepish smile, Qing Chen asks “You found out?” Giving up 12th Prince right away, Yuan Ling replies “Yes, 12th told me. But what happens to you? You can’t go back anymore.” Putting her hand on Yuan Ling’s, Qing Chen says “With you as the emperor, then my wishes have come true. I have no regrets. I just wish 12th Prince can go back to the portal with all the stones. In that case, even if I disappear then that’s alright.”

Tightening his hold on Qing Chen, Yuan Ling whispers “How can it be alright? I am not alright. If you leave…then how am I supposed to live by myself.” Sitting up to look Yuan Ling in the eyes, Qing Chen smiles and says “Then just enjoy. Enjoy the time that’s left to spend with me. okay?” Taking a deep breath to hold back his overflowing emotions, Yuan Ling apologizes “I am sorry. I promised you many things but I haven’t done any of them. I didn’t even marry you to make you my wife. Sometimes I would wonder if that day at the cliff you didn’t save me or if I didn’t fall in love with you at first sight, maybe…it wouldn’t be like this right now. I am sorry.”

Putting his hand around a sobbing Qing Chen, Yuan Ling confesses “I am a selfish person. I wish you could stay by my side. No matter how much time we have left, I will love you. The only thing I can do right now, is to make you my wife, my Empress. Even if we only have one hour left, I want you to be my wife. We will live and die together.” Taking objection to Yuan Ling’s last phrase, Qing Chen replies “This time, I can only promise that we will live together but die apart.”

Our two leads finally have their own wedding…again. Apparently rather cursed when it comes to weddings, Yuan Ling and Qing Chen’s wedding is interrupted when Ding Shui shows up demanding her son to kill Qing Chen so they could use her to open the portal.

Ignoring everyone’s pleas for her to stop her selfish obsessions since there is no hope of opening the portal with two stones missing, Ding Shui takes out the last sorcerer’s stone and triumphantly explains that she could use one of the two stars to replace the missing stone.

Falling to the ground as her body finally starts to disappear, Qing Chen puts on a brave smile and bids everyone goodbye. Knowing that she needs to keep Qing Chen alive just long enough to use her to replace the missing stone, Ding Shui surprises everyone by using her power to heal Qing Chen. While everyone is occupied trying to use their powers to save both Qing Chen and 12th Prince (who is also disappearing), Ding Shui throws Qing Chen towards the portal our heroine had opened in hopes of saving 12th Prince.

Horrified when she sees Yuan Ling jumps up without hesitation to save Qing Chen then allows himself to be pulled towards the portal, Ding Shui desperately holds onto her son as she yells “We are about to be reunited with your father. Why are you betraying me, betraying your father for a woman.” Still trying to convince his mother to let go of her bitterness, Yuan Ling replies “You don’t know everything Qing Chen suffered. It is not as easy as you imagined. Even after everything you have done, in my heart, you are still the mother I respect the most. The mother’s debt, the son repays.” With a last glance at Qing Chen, Yuan Ling yells “Qing Chen! Protect yourself well!” All her motherly instinct finally coming alive as she watches her son dying right in front of her, Ding Shui pushes Yuan Ling to safety and lets herself take the place of the missing stone. (Hmm….even with the show logic that really should not have worked, but I guess 12th Prince did say that the portal could be opened with just one stone missing. So maybe Ding Shui didn’t replace the missing stone but just died from being too close to the portal?? Oh, well, crazy villain gone. I am good with that.)

Arriving back in the original timeline, Qing Chen looks up with elation when Yuan Ling appears in front of her and holds out the proof of their marriage from the other timeline. Repeating the familiar marriage proposal from way back in the beginning of the show, Yuan Ling asks “Qing Chen. With this land as dowry, will you marry me and watch this nation prosper with me?”

Looking out to the glorious landscape in front of them, Qing Chen replies “Yes. I will. But if the price is to give up all this up, are you still willing?” His face breaking into a bright smile, Yuan Ling exchanges a look of bliss with Qing Chen. The two strands of hair tied together (one belonging to Qing Chen and one belonging to Yuan Ling) is to represent their commitment to be together for life. With Yuan Ling holding the hair in the original timeline it looks like the show is suggesting both timelines has combined into one. 

Some more business to take care of before our two leads’ happy ever after:

Yuan Ling gives up the throne to Yuan Zhan. Glad to see Qing Chen alive and well, Yuan Zhan vows silently to be a good emperor.

Qing Chen uses all her powers to seal up the time portal along with the sorcerer’s stone. Snuggling against Yuan Ling’s chest, Qing Chen says “I have dispelled all of the sorceress’ powers. There are no longer dark sorcerers or sorcerer’s stones in this world. 12th should be out from the portal as well.” Satisfied when Yuan Ling replies “That’s fine. Without your power, I will protect you.” Qing Chen asks playfully “Where are we going to go on our first stop of world traveling?” Looking down at Yuan Ling with a jubilant smile, Yuan Ling replies “Let’s go visit 11th.”


Filled with delight as he watches Yuan Ling walking away with Qing Chen in his arms, Elder Xi Xie turns around to find his own happily ever after floating towards him on a boat. Yeah! Third time is a charm!!! I guess without Mingyi Tower, this couple can finally be together as well!

Sending all the sorcerers away after warning them that they could only use what they’ve learned at Mingyi Tower for the good of the people, Ming Yan turns around with an expression of puzzlement as 12th Prince suddenly appears yelling her name. Throwing his arms around Ming Yan, 12th Prince excitedly yells “I thought I would not see you ever again!”

Stunned when Ming Yan pushes him away and demands “Who are you?! You dare to lay your hands on me?! You want to be beaten to a pulp?!” 12th Prince protests “You don’t know me? Ming Yan!!! Did you have amnesia? It’s me!” Walking away without a backward glance, Ming Yan allows herself a small sly smile.

While it looks like it was happy ending all around…our poor perfect male second lead is stuck being a lonely emperor yearning for a love that will never be his. Gently pulling a kneeling Jin Hui (his wife) up, a pale face Yuan Zhan suppresses a cough and says “It’s not that I want to kick you out of the palace but I have already given my heart to someone else and there is no more room for anyone else.” Ignoring Jin Hui’s protest that she just wants to stay by his side, Yuan Zhan continues “You should try seeing what’s outside of this palace wall. In truth, the world outside is vast. Jin Hui, go find that person who will cherish you. Take care.”

Ninja’s Thoughts On The Ending:

I am mostly happy? I think? I was obviously pleased that not only did our two leads got their happy ending, but several other cute couples (Elder Tao Yao and Xi Xie, 12th Prince and Ming Yan, 11th Prince and Cai Qian) in the show also had their own happily ever after as well. I guess if I am being picky, the slight feeling of having something left undone is the fact I can’t quite wrap my mind around what exactly happened to the two timelines. Qing Chen went back to a world that is much changed. In fact, because of what Qing Chen did, both Elder Xi Xie (who died in the original timeline) and Elder Tao Yao (who died in the second timeline) are alive. As much as I am elated that Elder Xi Xie and Elder Tao Yao are both alive I am a bit confused how that happened. The only thing I can figure is that Qing Chen went back to the past in an alternate timeline and because of what she did there, the outcome in her original timeline was changed.

I guess it would make even more sense if Qing Chen didn’t go back to the time of her 1st wedding but back to before it all happened. Thanks to the memories of what happened in the alternate timeline, Qing Chen and all of our key characters are able to make some important changes such as getting rid of sorcerer’s power so such thing as dark sorcerers wouldn’t even exist. I was personally a bit sad that Qing Chen got rid of her own and everyone else’s power as well but I guess that was the only way to ensure one of them wouldn’t become the next Ding Shui.

The other thing I am curious about is what happened to Duo Xia. Does she also have memories of what happened? It really would’ve been nice if the writer could’ve paired Duo Xia up with Yuan Zhan. They might not be each other’s one and only but they do seem like they could be trusted partners for life.

All in all, Lost Love In Times has been a crazy but awesome show to recap. For once, here is a C-drama that didn’t drag at all. In fact, I would’ve actually preferred an extra episode or two at the beginning of the show to set up our two leads’ romance a bit more and that’s coming from me who usually gets very impatient during backstory setups. The acting all around has been superb and the story, while often filled with some glaring plot holes, was addicting. I am going to miss Lost Love in Times!! Is it sad to admit that I am already rewatching some cute scenes between our leads even as I am typing this post?

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