Episode 55

Waking up to find a concerned Ming Yan asking “What caused you to faint?”, Qing Chen replies “Yuan Ling told me that he wished he never loved a woman named Qing Chen.” Certain that Yuan Ling must be trying to push her away to protect her, Qing Chen ignores her weakened state (after the flower sheds another petal) and confronts Yuan Ling about his reason for his sudden change in attitude. Still insisting that he no longer loves Qing Chen, Yuan Ling’s lie is promptly exposed when Ming Yan steps out and tells Qing Chen that our hero had injected his own life into those two jade rings to prolong her time. Speechless as Qing Chen turns her surprised gaze on him, Yuan Ling finally gives up his pretense after Elder Mo pipes up “You love each other and are both willing to die for the other person, so the best thing is to be honest with each other.”

Turning to face Qing Chen, Yuan Ling asks in frustration “Do you not understand that this time I am going back with the intention of raising a military coup?” With tears in her eyes, Qing Chen replies “I don’t even fear death, what else am I afraid of?” All his pretense dissolving with Qing Chen’s words, Yuan Ling pulls Qing Chen into an embrace.

Thanking Ming Yan privately for telling her about what Yuan Ling did, Qing Chen asks Ming Yan to keep her worsening condition a secret from Yuan Ling. Nodding, Ming Yan raises a question of her own concerning why Qing Chen had chosen to let everyone believe 11th Prince had died. Thoughtful after Qing Chen explains that Yuan Ling can’t handle any more disappointment right now so it would be wiser to let it be a joyful surprise if 11th Prince ever wakes up from his coma, Ming Yan asks “You have done so much for Yuan Ling…is it worth it?” Giving her friend a small smile, Qing Chen tells Ming Yan to think what she would do if she was in Qing Chen’s place and 12th Prince was Yuan Ling’s place. With a look of determination, Qing Chen adds “Ming Yan, neither you and I have a choice anymore. So we might as well follow our heart bravely.”

To prepare for Yuan Ling’s return, Elder Xi Xie meets with 12th Prince to discuss their next plan of action. Concerned about Qing Chen, especially after finding out she had sacrificed one of the sorcerer’s stones to save 11th Prince’s life, Elder Xi Xie asks 12th Prince “Is there no way to open the portal without all the stones?” Giving Elder Xi Xie a hopeless smile, 12th Prince explains that if they were only missing one stone then something could be done but with two missing, he himself is facing the same fate as Qing Chen.

Walking into the room to find Qing Chen staring sadly at the sorcerer’s stone that was formed by Duo Xia’s blood, Yuan Ling asks Qing Chen if what happened that night had something to do with his mother. Nodding, Qing Chen sighs and says “While I can’t condone her action I do understand her. In the end, she and I want the same thing…to be reunited with our husbands.” Knowing Qing Chen is only trying to make him feel better, Yuan Ling says “But that’s no excuse for hurting so many innocent lives. However, she is my mother and as her son, I will pay her debt.” Taking Yuan Ling’s hand in hers, Qing Chen eagerly tries to assure him that what Ding Shui did has nothing to do with her but Yuan Ling asks “But what about Mingyi Tower? She is the one responsible for its destruction.”

In a hurry to convince Yuan Ling that he is not responsible, Qing Chen is about to make her own counterpoints but her words come out as a gasp of pain as her body turns transparent right in front of Yuan Ling. His instinctive reaction of concern turning to one of deep sorrow as he stares at the foreshadowing of what is going to happen to the love of his life, Yuan Ling leans as close to Qing Chen as he can and whispers “I love you.” With tears flowing down her face, Qing Chen whispers back “I love you too.”

Placing a soft kiss on Qing Chen when her body finally solidifies, our two leads embrace each other tightly as they sob together.

Pleased when her bats successfully got rid of the would be assassins that were sent by Yuan Zhan’s mother to kill Yuan Ling, Ding Shui gleefully declares “One is a sacred sorceress, the other is a prince. You two will not have a happy ending, just like me and your father. In the end, your father and I were separated by death. My son, I don’t need you to pay my debt. From this point forward, I will not allow anyone to harm you!”

Giving his men the last speech before they prepare to attack the palace, Yuan Ling looks up with surprise when 12th Prince shows up with a message from Qing Chen. Puzzled, Yuan Ling asks “Didn’t she and I had agreed to meet at the palace?” Hesitant, 12th Prince answers “Qing Chen said…no matter what…she won’t be able to return.” Not liking where this conversation is going, Yuan Ling demands “Can’t return? What does that mean?” Taking a deep breath, 12th Prince explains that since Qing Chen used one of the sorcerer’s stone to save 11th Prince’s life there is no hope of them gathering up all the sorcerer’s stones anymore. Stunned to hear 11th Prince’s name, Yuan Ling eagerly asks “11th! Didn’t he…” Breaking out in a smile, 12th Prince replies “Qing Chen hid 11th brother back in Duo Xia’s country. When you left, his condition had already stabilized.”

Grabbing 12th Prince by the shoulder, Yuan Ling asks urgently “Qing Chen. Where is she?” Shaken when 12th Prince tells him Qing Chen had gone ahead to attack the palace with her people and wants Yuan Ling to show up as the new emperor who saves the day, Yuan Ling asks “How can she do this? Doesn’t she know that I can die for her?” Grabbing Yuan Ling’s arm, 12th Prince yells “4th brother! Qing Chen’s last wish for is for you to ascend to the throne! Just let her do what she is planning!” Equally stubborn like our heroine, Yuan Ling retorts “If I can’t even protect my woman, then what good is the throne!”

With the full force of Mingyi Tower behind her, Qing Chen easily takes over the palace and confronts the emperor. Joining on Qing Chen’s confrontation with the emperor much to our heroine’s dismay, Yuan Ling declares “Father taught me since I was young, that one should take what one wants himself.” Seemingly almost eager to fight Yuan Ling for the throne, the emperor challenges Yuan Ling to a duel. And let’s just all agree to ignore the giant plot hole of how an old emperor could actually fight for that long against our skilled warrior who is the famous “God of War.” I guess it would be a bit anticlimactic if the emperor just falls over after one push from our hero… 

Standing over the defeated emperor, Yuan Ling tells him that Ding Shui is not only alive but is actually the head dark sorcerer. To add to the emperor’s shock, Qing Chen reveals to him that Ding Shui was the real culprit behind the Empress’ death and the one who plotted everything for revenge. Kneeling down in front of all the court officials, Qing Chen declares “The emperor is too ill to rule. The nation can’t be without a ruler. By the voice of the people, we ask that 4th Prince ascends to the throne.”

Wisely realizing the situation is already out of their hands, all the court officials kneel down and loudly proclaim Yuan Ling to be the new emperor. I find it really amusing that Prime Minister Feng was the one yelling his loyalty to Yuan Ling the loudest. 

Staring at his uncle with disbelief when he is told of how Yuan Ling had imprisoned the emperor and “forced” his own mother to kill herself, a grieving Yuan Zhan vows to seek revenge. Not exactly surprised when they are informed of Yuan Ling surrounding the palace with his army, Qing Chen wonders to herself “Is there really no way of avoiding brothers killing each other?”



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