Episode 53

Ignoring Ding Shui’s threat, 9th Prince shows up with the dark sorcerers to kill both the crown prince and Yuan Ling. His expression impassive as 9th Prince yells out “Are you even aware of what your mother has been up to?! She is the one responsible for Mingyi Tower’s destruction. You and Qing Chen will be separated by everlasting enmity.”, Yuan Ling tells 9th Prince to leave but of course the 9th Prince has no intention of leaving until he has killed both of his brothers.

An epic fight ensues and ends with Yuan Ling taking a sword to the chest but manages to kill 9th Prince in the process. In the meantime, the crown prince is fighting for his life as well but thanks to Elder Mo who arrives at the last moment to fight off Wu Ping Ting who was about to deliver the killing blow, the crown prince’s life is saved.

Looking at Elder Mo who is healing the unconscious crown prince, Yuan Ling thinks to himself “The previous emperor was killed by his brother. Now, eldest brother is wounded so badly. Is this the fate of those who are born into royalty?” His expression darkening when Elder Mo tells him that his mother is the dark sorceress behind everything that has happened, Yuan Ling promises “I will do everything in my power to stop her. Even if it cost me my life.”

Qing Chen’s vision concerning 11th Prince comes true when Mu Kesha’s army easily overwhelms the small amount of soldiers that were left guarding the city and gravely wounds 11th Prince. Desperately searching through the street for 11th Prince, Qing Chen manages to find 11th Prince at the last critical moment to save his life but was powerless when 11th Prince jumps up to take a sword that was meant for her. Her heart breaking to see 11th Prince still trying to protect her even after taking a sword through the chest, Qing Chen looks up with relief when Ming Yan arrives with help to whisk them away.

Her heart sinking as she looks over 11th Prince’s wounds and realizes he is at death’s door unless she can do something drastic to save his life, Qing Chen is ready to transfer her own life energy to 11th Prince. Immediately concerned to see Qing Chen’s complete disregard for her own wellbeing, Ming Yan warns Qing Chen that her body is too weak and could very well die if she insists on using her own life energy to save 11th Prince. Relenting to Ming Yan’s pleading, Qing Chen agrees to let Ming Yan do what she can for the time being in hopes that they could find another way to save 11th Prince.

Her expression grave as her man informs her that Mu Kesha has already conquered the city Qing Chen and 11th Prince were at, Princess Duo Xia decides that the only thing she could do is to agree to marry Mu Kesha on the condition that 1. He would treat the captured soldiers humanely. 2. He would pull out of the city until they are married in three day’s time.

Sent by the emperor to escort the crown prince safely back, Yuan Zhan is dismayed to see his eldest brother unconscious. Nodding with understanding when Yuan Ling tells him that the crown prince was originally planning on using this opportunity to get away from the palace for good, Yuan Zhan promises that if the crown prince survives his wounds then he would grant his eldest brother’s wish.

Both stunned when a soldier runs in to report that Princess Duo Xia has publically ended all of her association with Yuan Ling and is to be married to Mu Kesha in three days, Yuan Ling first response is “That’s not possible! She would not do such a thing. There must be something we don’t know.” Nodding as Yuan Ling declares that he is going to head out right away, Yuan Zhan says “Yes, you must go. Go find 11th brother and Qing Chen as well.” Releasing a sigh as he watches Yuan Ling hurries out, Yuan Zhan thinks to himself “Father wanted me to take control of the army. But how could I with the current situation?”

Coughing out a mouthful of blood when he is finally informed of 9th prince’s death, 11th Prince’s disappearance, then finally the crown prince’s death, the emperor shakily asks “Am I going to end up like that sorceress Qing Chen said? Alone in my old age, abandoned by all my families?”

Episode 54

While his father is mourning for him and our hero is bowing to his grave, the very much alive crown prince is finally freed from his shackles. Expressing his regret of the unavoidable hardship Yuan Ling will suffer because of his “death” at the emperor’s hand, the crown prince nonetheless perks up at his faithful servant’s (now his brother and trusted friend) mention of the many places they will go and explore.

Jumping up with joy to see Qing Chen showing up in her room, Princess Duo Xia tells Qing Chen frankly of her plan to kill Mu Kesha on their wedding night. Concerned about Duo Xia’s safety, Qing Chen promises to come and help her.

With no hope in sight of finding another way to save 11th Prince’s life, Qing Chen tricks Ming Yan into leaving so she could use the sorcerer’s stone to transfer her life energy to 11th Prince. Realizing belatedly what Qing Chen is up to, Ming Yan rushes back but is unable to break through Qing Chen’s shield until Qing Chen finishes with the transfer and faints. Waking up with 11th Prince’s wellbeing as her first thought, Qing Chen sends Ming Yan off to check on him then thinks to herself “Yuan Ling, I can’t stay by your side in this life. So I can only protect those who can protect you.”

The three days pass quickly and with no sight of Yuan Ling’s army, Duo Xia has no choice but to marry Mu Kesha. Sitting stiffly as a slightly drunk Mu Kesha walks in, Duo Xia listens silently as Mu Kesha gives a long speech of how it is thanks to her, he has learned that one has to bravely take what one loves. Furious to hear Mu Kesha attributing everything he had done as the proof of his love for her, Duo Xia angrily declares “The moment you betrayed our country, you have lost the right to have a place in my heart. Mu Kesha, tonight we will end this. I might not be able to win you but I will die trying.”

As she promised Duo Xia, Qing Chen sneaks into the city after forcefully using one of the sorcerer’s stone to temporarily strengthen her power. Successfully walking past all the drunken soldiers, Qing Chen is about to go help Duo Xia but is prevented from doing so when Ding Shui suddenly showed up. Luring Qing Chen away with the words of “If you want to save Yuan Ling’s life then come with me.” Ding Shui keeps our heroine occupied until it is too late for her to go save Duo Xia. Filled with foreboding after Ding Shui says “With Duo Xia’s brave heart you will find another sorcerer’s stone. You should thank me.” Qing Chen rushes back only to see Duo Xia’s room engulfed in flame.

Holding out a shaky hand to the red glowing sorcerer’s stone that is coming towards her, Qing Chen cries tears of sadness as she mutters “Duo Xia. Formed by blood, like the noonday sun. The blood sorcerer’s stone.” Struggling to stand up as Yuan Ling comes towards her asking “What happened?”, Qing Chen tearfully explained that Duo Xia had sacrificed her own life to kill Mu Kesha. Dropping his sword in shock, Yuan Ling instinctively starts heading towards the burning building but stops when Qing Chen grabs his arm and pleads “It’s no use, Yuan Ling. It’s too late.” Breaking down in sobs as she watches Yuan Ling slowly stumbles away, Qing Chen’s already weakened body finally faints.

Leaning against a wall to support himself, Yuan Ling’s mind is filled with Elder Mo’s warning of “Your mother wants to use Qing Chen to open the portal to change the past. She is also the only one who knows the location of the black sorcerer’s stone (so the last remaining stone). Your mother has used the dark sorcery to kill too many innocent people and will eventually attempt to do something even worse. Moreover, if Qing Chen doesn’t go back in time, she will die as well.” Filled with dread, Yuan Ling says silently “Qing Chen, you can’t stay by my side any longer. Or else, my own mother will kill you. You have suffered so much for me. This time, I will not allow you to be in danger again.”

His mind perpetually on Qing Chen’s safety, Yuan Zhan urgently tells Yuan Ling that he has sent his men out searching for Qing Chen and 11th Prince. Finally catching Yuan Ling’s meaningful gaze when our hero puts a firm hand on his arm and says “You don’t have to search anymore.” the second time, Yuan Zhan nods with understanding as both brothers turn their attention to the emperor’s orders Yuan Zhan is holding in his hand. Rattled when Yuan Zhan confesses that the emperor had ordered Ding Shui to be killed, Yuan Ling promptly demands to know what the other secret order from the emperor is. After listening to Yuan Zhan’s quick explanation of how the emperor had ordered him to take over the army and to summon Yuan Ling back to the palace, Yuan Ling yells “Why didn’t you say something earlier?!” With a grave expression, Yuan Zhan replies “With everything that has happened at the palace, none of us know what father is planning to do. I want to hand this matter over to 4th brother.” Taking a deep breath, Yuan Ling says calmly “Xiao Ji is dead. Mu Kesha is dead as well. The enemy army has retreated. I think 7th brother can handle the situation from this point on. Take care of the army. If I am supposed to go see the emperor then I will go.” Holding the army insignia (that’s the token that allows whoever holding it to command the army) Yuan Ling had so readily placed in his hand, Yuan Zhan says silently “4th brother, father’s secret edict was for me to take control of the army then put you under arrest before transporting you back to the capital. The only thing I can help you now, is this.” I am assuming what Yuan Zhan is referring to is that instead of arresting Yuan Ling he had instead let Yuan Ling go back to the capital on his own terms. 

The last scene in this episode is of poor Cai Qian being told that 11th Prince has died in battle.



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