Episode 51

Realizing that he had been a pawn in Ding Shui’s hand all along, 9th Prince quickly decides to send the dark sorcerers to kill Yuan Ling with the reasoning that without her son to ascend to the throne there would be nothing Ding Shui could do. Well aware of what 9th prince must be plotting now that he knows her true identity, Ding Shui confronts 9th Prince and gleefully admits that she chose him because of his ruthless personality. Nonchalantly waving off 9th Prince feeble attack, Ding Shui sneers and warns “You want to kill all of your brothers and I won’t stop you. In fact, I will even help you. However, you must not touch Yuan Ling. No matter where I am, I can kill you.”

Pleased that 9th Prince had already brought up the topic of Yuan Ling’s birth secret to the emperor (but the emperor just assumed 9th Prince was up to his old tricks), Imperial Concubine Yin promptly presents the palace physician (Ding Shui’s palace physician that was kidnapped by Yuan Zhan’s uncle before) to the emperor as proof that Yuan Ling really is not his son.

Stunned that he has been a fool for so long, the emperor grabs the cup that represents Yuan Ling and tosses it to the ground as he exclaims “This is the son I have raised so carefully the last 30 years. The God of War!” Not satisfied when the gold cup simply bounced a few times, the emperor then throws the cup that represents Qing Chen and yells “See, it shatters at my will!”


Deep in a discussion of how they should rescue the crown prince, Yuan Ling turns in mild surprise when Qing Chen suddenly appears. His mild expression finally cracks when Qing Chen nonchalantly mentions that she had sneaked into the enemy camp for a reconnaissance, Yuan Ling drags Qing Chen out and demands “Why did you come to the battlefield by yourself? Why didn’t you send a message to me first? Why didn’t you come find me first but instead sneaked into the enemy camp? Why…” Cutting off Yuan Ling’s seemingly never ending whys, Qing Chen replies quietly “Because of you.” All his questions silenced by Qing Chen’s reply, Yuan Ling says with a wry smile “Do you know some sort of sorcery? Why am I always hopeless when it comes to you?” Looking up at Yuan Ling with determination, Qing Chen says “I want to be like Duo Xia and fight by your side. To discuss battle strategies, to fight on the front lines together and not be stuck thousands of miles away, worrying alone, unable to sleep.” Taking Qing Chen’s hand then cupping her face gently, Yuan Ling asks “Don’t keep me in the dark. Tell me what happened at the capital. As one who is supposed to be by the emperor’s side, you would not have left so easily.” Unwilling to tell Yuan Ling about his mother just yet, Qing Chen instead glazes over Elder Mo’s arrest and says that they will find out more once she sees her master.

Breaking into a slow smile as he watches Qing Chen busy herself in packing his clothes, Yuan Ling meets Qing Chen’s questioning look with the reply “I just like seeing you helping me to fold my clothes.” Focused on folding, Qing Chen says “I too wish I could do this everyday.” Giving Qing Chen a confident smile, Yuan Ling replies “We will. We will have the chance.” Taking the opportunity of being alone with Yuan Ling, Qing Chen shows him the broken jade bracelet and confesses that she broke it. Taking the bracelet from Qing Chen’s hand, Yuan Ling comforts her “That’s alright. If you like them, then I will just make another one for you.” With a questioning look, Qing Chen asks “But this jade bracelet seems to be very special.” Staring into Qing Chen’s eyes with a playful expression, Yuan Ling replies “I can tell you what is special about this bracelet but only after you marry me. Oh, and there is also another condition. You have to tell me the secret in your heart as an exchange first.”

Looking away from Yuan Ling’s gaze, Qing Chen complains “If you don’t want to tell me then that’s fine. Why did you have to find so many excuses!” With a short laugh, Yuan Ling counters “Even if you refuse to say I know what you are thinking anyway.” Taking up Yuan Ling’s challenge, Qing Chen asks “Then tell me what I am thinking right now?” Confident, Yuan Ling replies “Tomorrow, when I leave for battle I must come back without harm.” Casting a look at a rather speechless Qing Chen, Yuan Ling continues “Don’t worry. For you, I will come back safely to stay by your side for the rest of my life.”

FINALLY reunited with her master, a teary Qing Chen bows to Elder Xi Xie and apologizes for her inability to protect Mingyi Tower, especially Elder Tao Yao. Reassuring Qing Chen that she should not blame herself, Elder Xi Xie then reveals that out of the two remaining sorcerer’s stone, one is probably in the dark sorcerer’s possession and the other stone, the hardest one to obtain out of all, will be created by the blood of one who is without fear.

Turning the subject to another one that is weighing heavily on his mind, Elder Xi Xie confirms Qing Chen’s suspicion about Ding Shui then reminds her that this matter is going to be a source of future contention between herself and Yuan Ling especially since he will surely kill Ding Shui to avenge the blood of those who died. Worried about the dark sorcerers attacking Yuan Ling, Qing Chen convinces her master that Yuan Ling will surely be reasonable when he finds out about his mother and is much relieved to hear Elder Mo promising to protect Yuan Ling in secret.

Episode 52

After 30 years of pretense, Ding Shui finally reveals her deepest bitterness and fury when the emperor confronts her about who Yuan Ling’s real father is. Laughing triumphantly at the emperor’s sour expression once she gleefully exclaims “The previous emperor thank you for raising his son so well!”, Ding Shui challenges “Why don’t you just kill me?!” Calming down immediately upon hearing Ding Shui’s suggestion, the emperor replies “You want to die? No, I won’t allow that to happen. You are going to stay by my side and watch what I do with that son of yours.” Watching the emperor’s retreating back, Ding Shui mutters “You think everything is in your control? I will show you otherwise.”

Stunned when he is informed that Ding Shui had committed suicide the night before, the emperor bitterly exclaims that this was Ding Shui’s way of revenge then orders it be announced that HE was the one that had made the edict for her to be killed so it will prove “She is my woman and I control how she dies!” How many more nut jobs can a palace hold?? 

Any lingering grief over Ding Shui’s death promptly disappearing the moment he gets word of the crown prince in danger, a very flustered emperor quickly orders his army to be readied to go rescue his precious son. Surprised when the emperor suddenly shows up at his house, Yuan Zhan is dismayed once the emperor orders him to go replace Yuan Ling as the general.

Realizing something is very wrong when his protest is ignored and the emperor hands him a secret edict that he is supposed to open when he finally controls the army, Yuan Zhan listens with a sinking heart as the emperor lists off the many rewards (including an elusive promise that he might make Imperial Concubine Yin his empress) that will await him once he accomplishes the secret order. Pleased as Yuan Zhan obediently accepts his orders, the emperor reminds Yuan Zhan again that to be great he can’t let emotions such as kindness and sympathy rule him. Poor Yuan Zhan. He is so guarded against his own parents that the more the emperor is trying to play the doting father the more worried Yuan Zhan became.

Convinced by Qing Chen’s logic that Princess Duo Xia would be more useful in the battlefield then staying behind, Yuan Ling sets off with Princess Duo Xia to go rescue the crown prince. Unbeknownst to our hero, his little brother has once again decided to hide some important information from him. Apologetic as he tells Qing Chen that he was afraid Yuan Ling would hesitate to leave if he knew the whole picture, 11th Prince confesses that according to his military intelligence Mu Kesha will surely attack soon. With full intention of sending Ming Yan and Qing Chen away to safety right away, 11th Prince looks up with dismay when he and Qing Che are informed Mu Kesha’s army has already arrived.

Que lots of epic fighting scenes to show us that Qing Chen and 11th Prince have little hope of surviving Mu Kesha’s attack if additional help doesn’t arrive soon. Their expression grave when a near collapsing soldier tells them that Mu Kesha’s army has surrounded the town, Yuan Ling nods in agreement as Duo Xia suggests that their only choice is for Duo Xia to rush back with her army while Yuan Ling go on ahead to rescue the crown prince. Steeling her expression when Yuan Ling calls out to her and says “Duo Xia! Be careful. Wait for me to come back.”, Duo Xia smiles weakly and answers “You too.”

Unable to suppress her emotions anymore as Yuan Ling gets ready to leave, Duo Xia yells “Yuan Ling”, then throws her arms around our hero for a back hug. Pressing her head against Yuan Ling’s, Duo Xia wraps her arms tightly around our hero’s torso and whispers “I will wait for your triumphant return.” Turning his head slightly towards Duo Xia, Yuan Ling whispers back “I will.”

Waiting until the very last moment to confirm Mu Kesha really is not planning to keep their alliance, Xiao Ji orders his army to attack and capture the crown prince alive. With no way of winning against Xiao Ji’s army with his little band of men, the crown prince is about to give up hope until Yuan Ling shows up in the nick of time. What followed is a battle between Yuan Ling and Xiao Ji that fully showcases our hero’s fame of “God of War” and ends with Yuan Ling hanging  Xiao Ji on the town’s gate with a noose around his neck.



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