Long Distance Relationship (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: Despite being the town’s beauty, our heroine is nonetheless a 30 year old woman that has never had a boyfriend until one day, our very refined but extremely cold hero shows up. As you can guess from the title, the two leads’ romance will eventually end up being a long distance relationship and the story will revolve around the challenges that would follow for them.

I can’t tell if this show is purposefully funny…or just funny because of the bad acting. I am not trying to be facetious, I honestly am not sure. Certain scenes would make me grimace but then I wonder, “Wait, did the show did that on purpose??”

Blind Date (Chinese Drama, New),

Blessed/cursed with having a beautiful little sister who is a direct contrast to her rather plain and boring self, our heroine, Summer, is constantly nagged by her mother about her lack of a boyfriend at the ripe age of 30. The frequent battle between mother and daughter finally comes to a head when Summer unwisely makes a bet with her mother that before her little sister gets married (in 278 days) she will lose weight, start wearing clothes other than black and most importantly, find a boyfriend.

This one’s pacing is a bit slow on the romance (the hero has a girlfriend and the heroine has a crush on another guy right now) but I rather like the heroine’s spunk and the comedic moments works for me.
Love Actually (Chinese Drama)

Yeah! The hero finally got a divorce! Whew, maybe the romance will finally start now?? I was about to give up on this one but now that the hero is finally single, I am going to stick around for another week.

When We Were Young (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: Confused when a random stranger suddenly insists that she is the runaway teen pictured on a missing person’s flyer, our orphan heroine gets dragged back to her very rich “family” and promptly sent back to school where she has to unravel the mystery of what really happened to girl she replaced… and date the said girl’s boyfriend at the same time of course.

I kinda expected this one to be a light teen school romance but turns out, the story has a surprisingly amount of mystery in it. I gave this one about three episodes but it just didn’t keep my attention.

Ito-Kun A to E (Japanese Drama)

Synopsis: A well known author who desperately needs some inspiration for her next novel, our heroine is intrigued when she realizes the four women who have been seeking her advice on relationship troubles are all dating a guy named Seijiro Ito.

Kinda of a raunchy take on human relationships…so not my type of show.

Let’s Shake It (Chinese Drama)

This one is getting more and more hilarious by the episode. For a web drama, the show’s quality is really impressive, the costuming creative and the acting is great as well. I am itching to do some write ups on this show…however, the best part about this show is its random laugh out loud moments that no words can do their justice so I am still waffling. Sigh, I am supposed to be working on my recap posts…but I keep getting distracted by this one.

Detective Dee (Chinese Drama, New)

Young Sherlock of the ancient China…

I liked the first three episodes and it even looks like we might get some solid romance out of it. I am completely swamped on my watch list though…so I will be passing on this one.

















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