Note: I will be traveling for the next few days so the bad news is that I won’t have time/or stable internet connection to do my usual full recap but I will still do short bullet recaps and fill some details scenes between our two leads in the next couple days. Also, pictures will be inserted into the post later when I have better internet connection. 

Episode 21

  • Attacked by an unknown assailant who is obviously a sorcerer, Qin Chen is intrigued when Ming Yan (12 Prince’s bodyguard) points out that the jade pendant she had picked up from the attacker belongs to the 12th Prince.

  • Not buying the “long lost daughter” story at all, Yuan Ling confronts Qing Chen and accuses “You not only used 7th brother but you used 9th brother as well.” Calmly, Qing Chen looks up at Yuan Ling and challenges him to explain how she has the golden butterfly on her wrist or explain who her parents are. Not bothering to answer Qing Chen’s questions, Yuan Ling replies “How can the second daughter of the Feng family be a sorceress? The sorcerers want revenge. Therefore, they have to form a connection to Prime Minister Feng in order to get close to the emperor…allowing you to better seek your revenge.” Unfazed by Yuan Ling’s words, Qing Chen coldly explains that she had planned everything (to become the prime minister’s daughter) to elevate her status so that she could marry Yuan Zhan as his Princess Consort.

  • Her mask gone the moment Yuan Ling walks off, Qing Chen mutters “Don’t be good to me, even a little bit. If you do, I won’t be able to keep pretending and your fate will never be changed.”
  • Knowing how dangerous the Prime Minister is, Yuan Ling is determined to stop Qin Chen from entering into the Feng household. Equally determined to investigate the Prime Minister’s house no matter the cost, Qin Chen asks Yuan Zhan to help her be “reunited with her family”.

  • Smiling slightly when his man asks if he really believes Qin Chen is the Prime Minister’s daughter, Yuan Zhen replies that he knows the one Qin Chen has in her heart is his 4th brother, but since Yuan Ling chooses to treat Qin Chen with distrust then he will do the opposite and trusts her instead. (In hopes that will help him get the girl.)
  • Thanks to Yuan Zhan’s help, Qin Chen successfully evades our hero’s attempt to keep her safe and has the epic teary reunion with her “newfound” father and little sister. After seeing Qing Chen’s golden butterfly tattoo, Prime Minister Feng tearfully proclaims our heroine to be his long lost daughter. Playing the part of an orphan finally reunited with her family perfectly, an equally teary Qing Chen allows her new father to take her home.

  • As Yuan Ling keeps saying to our heroine, the Prime Minister is no doting father, overjoyed to reclaim his daughter. Instead, Prime Minister Feng doesn’t really care who Qin Chen is but is more concerned that: 1. How Qin Chen’s impressive ability to make TWO prince (well, three now, adding the 9th prince) crazy about her could be used to his own benefit. 2. Keeping Qin Chen close so he could figure out what her real purpose is.
  • Qin Chen has an audience with the emperor and is granted the new title of Princess Qing Ping. (So obviously not the same status as a REAL princess fathered by the emperor but just an honorary title that gives her some superficial status.)

  • Yuan Ling meets Qing Chen in the palace. Yuan Ling asks “I have always wanted to know something. What could make a person so fearless?” Looking up at Yuan Ling with an unwavering determination, Qing Chen replies “When a person really wants to help someone accomplish something, then what does it matter if the cost is death.”  (Qing Chen is obviously referring to Yuan Ling but he, of course, has no idea.)


Episode 22

  • Qing Chen asks Ming Yan to investigate the 12th Prince but other than his sudden recovery from a life long mental condition there seems to be nothing suspicious about 12th Prince.

  • The 11th Prince finally gets his own love line with Yuan Zhan’s little sister, Yin Cai Qian. (I will probably skip over this couple’s storyline like I do of the 12th prince and Ming Yan, so do post a question if you have one in regards to these two couples.)

  • Yuan Ling meets with Princess Duo Xia to formally make it clear that not only does he already have someone he likes but he also dislikes having his marriage to be controlled by someone else. Impressed by Princess Duo Xia when she accepts his rejection graciously, Yuan Ling declares her to be someone worthy to be a friend and promises to help if her country is ever in danger. Refusing Yuan Ling’s vow to help, Princess Duo Xia asks that he simply promise to make sure his country doesn’t add fuel to fire if ever her country was attacked by another.

  • Impassive when Yuan Ling informs her that he had turned down the marriage to Princess Duo Xia, Qing Chen coolly laments “Princess Duo Xia only has eyes for the general yet you rejected the marriage. It is such a shame. It would’ve been a blissful sight to watch you and Princess Duo Xia ride off into the sunset.”  Hurt by Qing Chen’s words, Yuan Ling asks “A shame. You feel it would be a shame?!” Impatient with Qing Chen’s quick but seemingly insincere apology for saying the wrong thing, Yuan Ling declares “The Princess Consort I want is right in front of me.” Not missing a beat, Qing Chen replies “But the one standing in front of you already has someone else in her heart. There is no more room for another.”

  • Qing Chen discovers that Luan Fei is secretly working for the 9th Prince.
  • Beginning to gather pieces to her puzzle, Qing Chen finds out about “Elder Ding Shi” who the Mingyi Tower had thought to be long dead but resurfaced in a letter the dead Empress had left to Qing Chen’s master. Qing Chen suspects that this mysterious Elder Ding Shi is somehow connected to the death of both the Empress and Feng Xian Wu (9th Prince’s wife).


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