Jojo’s World (Taiwanese Drama, New)

As one who has long given up on love, our heroine is completely devoted to her career…until she suddenly finds out that she has premature ovarian failure and now she has to figure out from the four men in her life who will be her baby’s father.

The first episode wasn’t bad just a tad bit slow but hopefully, once the story gets going the pacing will pick up as well.  I will probably check back on this one in a few more weeks.

Memory Love (Taiwanese Drama, New)

Synopsis: Suffering from amnesia after a tragic car accident, our heroine is clueless that her best friend has stolen her identity and is hoping desperately that she would not remember her past…or the boyfriend that died in the car accident. Having had an unpleasant first meeting with our heroine, our hero, who is a talented dessert chef nonetheless jumps in to save our heroine from a burning building on their second meeting. Ignoring the mutual strange awareness they have of one another, our two leads do not realize that our hero is the heart transplant recipient of the heroine’s deceased boyfriend.

The first episode moved at an extremely fast pace and by the end of the hour all the back story has been set up. The premise does seem a bit overused, but I am going to give this one another couple weeks before I decide if it is worth sticking with or not.

Aino Kekkon Soudanjo or Aino’Matchmaking Agency (Japanese Drama, New)

A matchmaking agency that boasts on having 100% success rate = some rather unconventional method by our two leads (one of them an innocent nun) which usually involve digging into not what their customer says they want but what they really need.

I usually like wacky J comedies but unfortunately, I am not feeling this one. The story wasn’t bad per say, the comedic moments just fell flat for me.

Strongest Deliveryman (Korean Drama, New)

The first week of Strongest Deliveryman was spent on the story set up but there were already lots of emotional depth to almost all four leads. The synopsis had simply said it was a story about how our hero went from being a delivery man to a successful CEO but judging by the first two episodes, this one is going to be pretty heavy on emotional turmoil with some fun comedy thrown into the mix.

Save Me (Korean Drama, New)

Synopsis: Four jobless young men are pulled into a horrifying situation when they respond to our heroine’s desperate plea to rescue her from a religious cult.

I checked out the first two episodes. Lots of familiar faces with solid acting all around…but too tense and creepy for me. However, definitely worth checking out if you are not a chicken like me.

Let’s Shake It (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: Narrowingly surviving a crash to earth, our heroine, an alien from outer space is unfortunately stabbed to death (almost) by our hero who thought she had killed his sister. Left with no choice but to take over the hero’s dead sister’s body, our heroine embarks on a long journey of trying to find a way home…and to survive ancient China.

This one is HILARIOUS! Kudos to a show that manages to mash together a scifi comedy with a rather serious Chinese palace intrigue so flawlessly. Cute leads, good romantic chemistry, wacky premise and most importantly, laugh out loud comedy = I am sold.

This one is a web drama from Youku so subs might be hard to come by.

Love Timeless (Taiwanese Drama, Finished)

I wasn’t too faithful in following this one but was still intrigued enough by the time traveling premise to marathon it once it ended. Ignoring some plot holes, I thought the writer was pretty clever and creative in the various time travel elements used in the show. While I was mildly disappointed that our two leads’ romance didn’t get as much as time I wished but still found the ending satisfying enough.


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