Episode 5-8 Quick Recap

Episode 5

True to the break neck pacing of the first week, by the end of this episode, villain Yuan Zhan (7th prince, who controls the dark sorceress) has successfully raised a coup and Qing Chen (our heroine) is forced to activate the “BIG” spell to save the country from falling into the dark sorceress’ hand. The spell effectively freezes time and allows Qing Chen just a moment to say a tearful goodbye to Yuan Ling before she has to ascend into the time portal that opened up.

Touching an immobilized Yuan Ling’s face tenderly, Qing Chen admits sadly “I am the Sacred Sorceress after all and can never be part of the royal family. If I am granted another chance. I will not let you fall in love with me or let myself be the reason your empire is destroyed. This time, forget me.”

Episode 6

Qing Chen enters into the portal and is met by a stranger who tried to stop her then warns her that her action will mean: 1. In this past time line, she will be a stranger to everyone. Which means her friends and love ones could very well treat her like a foe. 2. If Qing Chen spends too much time in the past or if she tells anyone her true identity then it will bring total destruction.

Qing Chen wakes up to find herself in a seemingly desolate Mingyi Tower. Remembering her master’s words from the past, Qing Chen realizes that the cost of the spell might be the destruction of the place she once called home. (Qing Chen has gone back to in time to about a year ago.)

Venturing outside, Qing Chen is dismayed to find out that the emperor has declared Mingyi Tower to be traitors and every sorcerer are wanted fugitives. Encountering a group of sorceresses being hauled off as slaves, Qing Chen voluntarily let herself be captured so she could save her friends. While being locked up to be sold off as slaves, Qing Chen finally meets Yuan Ling once again but of course our hero doesn’t recognize her at all.

After a few close calls, Qing Chen and her friends are eventually rescued by Yuan Ling. Surprised by a sudden vision of Qing Chen’s men being attacked, Qing Chen tries to warn Yuan Ling but her warning goes unheeded. Praying that Yuan Ling would be safe, Qing Chen reminds herself that she is supposed to keep her distance from our hero anyway.

With her power as the Sacred Sorceress, Qing Chen manages to restore her fellow sorceresses’ power (they have been forced to drink a potion that seals their power). Weakened from helping her friends, Qing Chen could do nothing but sends her friends to go help Yuan Ling when she sees an army chasing after Yuan Ling to ambush him.

Episode 7

After losing all his men in the ambush our heroine had tried to warn him about, Yuan Ling and the 11th prince are left alone to fight off an army of men. Fortunately, the sorceresses arrive at the last moment to save the two brothers. Thanking the sorceresses for saving his life, Yuan Ling becomes suspicious when he finds out that Qing Chen, whom no one remembers from Mingyi Tower strangely had the ability to restore the sorceresses’ power.

In a hurry to save Yuan Ling, Qing Chen and another sorceress brace danger to get help for him. In a turn of bad luck, the young sorceress is captured by the enemy army and despite Qing Chen’s best attempt to save her, the young sorceress dies. Their own suspicion arose after talking to Yuan Ling, the sorceresses put Qing Chen in a bind when they meet her again and are unable to determine if our heroine is telling them the truth about how the young sorceress died.

Convinced that Qing Chen might very well be a spy from the enemy nation, Yuan Ling and the 11th Prince are amused when they find a helpless Qing Chen left behind by her friends.

Weakened by the poison in his body, Yuan Ling assures 11th Prince that he could still interrogate a tied up Qing Chen and sends his brother off to find medicine. Apparently over estimating his own health, Yuan Ling faints right in the middle of interrogating our heroine and Qing Chen had to save him and herself from the giant rock Yuan Ling was using to threaten her.

Episode 8

Waking up briefly to exchange a few bickering with Qing Chen, our hero promptly passes out.
Opening his eyes, Yuan Ling grabs Qing Chen’s arm and demands “What are you doing?!”

Reminding Yuan Ling that he can’t move or else the poison will spread through his body, Qing Chen smiles with mischief as she asks “There are just two of us here. Take a guess what I am thinking about doing.”

With a sneer, Yuan Ling replies “You are abominable. So there is no point guessing.”

Amused, Qing Chen counters “If you think I am so abominable then I shouldn’t disappoint you.”

Tracing a finger down Yuan Ling’s bare arm, Qing Chen sighs “If it wasn’t for the poison in you, I would’ve never found out that the fourth prince has such an impressive body.”

Turning his head away, Yuan Ling says “Just kill me.”

Leaning close with a bright smile, Qing Chen replies “I always repay evil with kindness. Don’t thank me too much.”

I wasn’t quite sure before how I felt about Liu Shi Shi being cast as the heroine in this one, but she has been awesome thus far, especially in portraying Qing Chen’s playful side. 

Waking up the second time to find himself in bed, Yuan Ling jumps up and pulls his sword on a sleeping Qing Chen.

Unafraid of Yuan Ling’s threat to kill her, Qing Chen casually demonstrates to Yuan Ling that she has used the golden butterflies to tie their lives together. In short, as Qing Chen gleefully informs Yuan Ling “Your life is mine. And my life is yours.”

Not about to let Qing Chen keep having the upper hand, Yuan Ling starts to disrobe and leans towards a dismayed Qing Chen as he declares “Since we are already one…” Unfortunately, this little interplay is disrupted when Qing Chen gets another vision. Qing Chen tries to warn Yuan Ling to be careful of the 5th Prince (who orchestrated the ambush before on our hero), but Yuan Ling is still distrustful of Qing Chen and tells her that she is just trying to cause contention between him and his brother.

Waking up the third time to find himself sitting in the hot spring, an expression of “Why am I not surprised” flashes acrosses Yuan Ling’s face when he looks down to find himself stripped down to his inner garments.

Yuan Ling “Why am I here?” At Qing Chen’s silence, Yuan Ling demands again “Why are you not talking?”
Finally answering, Qing Chen replies “I was just using the hot spring to clean out some of the left over poison in your body.”

Looking down at his clothes, Yuan Ling asks “Cleansing my poison… Does that require taking off my clothes?”
Unrepentant, Qing Chen replies “It was a sudden situation. Even if it might have a hint of impropriety but to you it was still an act of saving your life.” Rolling her eyes, Qing Chen continues in a huffy voice “Moreover, as a girl what could I do to you?”

Yelping when Yuan Ling suddenly drags her into the hot spring, a drenched Qing Chen promptly starts a splash fight with Yuan Ling until they both break out in laughter…which quickly fades as the intense awareness of each other settle over them. The 11th Prince barges in to see the unexpected sight of his brother in the hot spring having a staring contest with their prisoner, and could only stare dumbfounded at Yuan Ling as a red-faced Qing Chen scrambles out of the water.

Focused on discussing business with the 11th Prince, Yuan Ling ignores Qing Chen reminder to put on some medicine on his wounds. Displeased, Qing Chen reminds Yuan Ling, “One death takes two lives” which sends a stunned 11th Prince spinning around to stare at Qing Chen’s stomach, thinking our heroine is hinting at herself being pregnant.

Fixated on trying to get the salve to stay on Yuan Ling’s wound without it falling off, Qing Chen doesn’t see Yuan Ling’s small smile as he watches her completely engrossed on the task at hand without realizing she had just personally moved his hand so it ended right on her knee. Embarrassed once Yuan Ling teasingly suggests that she seems to find ways to disrobe him, Qing Chen starts to bicker back and fourth with Yuan Ling.

My favorite part here is when Yuan Ling chastises Qing Chen for thinking dirty thoughts THEN rubs her knee with the hand that was resting there. This scene is not only humorous but it shows Yuan Ling is opening himself up to our heroine. I also love how it reveals Qing Chen’s unconscious acceptance of intimacy between herself and Yuan Ling. As much as she is supposed to act like a stranger to Yuan Ling, Qing Chen can’t hide the fact that she is used to being physically close with Yuan Ling. 

Informing Yuan Ling that the poison in his body didn’t come from an external wound but was something he ingested, a thoughtful Yuan Ling remembers the wine that the 5th Prince had given him a short while ago. Offering a pill to Yuan Ling, Qing Chen playfully asks “This is poison to combat the poison in your body. Do you dare to take it?” Without hesitating, Yuan Ling promptly eats half of the pill then offer the other half to Qing Chen since she is also poisoned (from transferring some of Yuan Ling’s poison to herself). Surprised by Yuan Ling’s show of utmost trust towards Qing Chen,the 11th Prince wonders out loud “What happened between you guys in the two days I was gone? Something is definitely going on here.”

Before the 11th Prince’s can get an answer to his question, a bunch of assassins show up and Yuan Ling pushes Qing Chen on the bed at the sound of shooting arrows.

Looking up at Yuan Ling, Qing Chen whispers “Too many people, run!”
Giving our heroine a smile, Yuan Ling whispers back “To run away without fighting is not my style” Holy cow, that tone he whispered that in…I melt.

By the time the boys fight off the assassins, they return to the shack to find Qing Chen gone. Taken by the enemy country’s general, Xiao Ji, Qing Chen promises to write a letter to lure Yuan Ling to the camp so Xiao Ji could kill him. Wisely discerning from Qing Chen’s letter the coded message within, Yuan Ling decides to trust Qing Chen is not leading him into a trap.

Last scene of episode 8: Qing Chen watches quietly as General Xiao Ji kills Yuan Ling right before her eyes.



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