Korean Drama: Into The New World (다시 만난 세계)
Broadcast Date: 7/19/2017
Airs: Wednesday & Thursdays (35 minutes each/ 2 episode per day)
Total Episodes: 32
Leads: Yeo Jin Goo & Lee Yeon Hee

Synopsis: Very brief overview of the first two episodes:

Waking up to find himself on the school rooftop, our hero Sung Hae Sung is utterly confused when his once familiar school ground is filled with unfamiliar faces asking why he is wearing the school’s old uniform. Flustered, Hae Sung runs out of the school only to find out that the year is no longer 2005 but has somehow become 2017.

Alone in a somewhat familiar yet completely changed world, Hae Sung is overjoyed to finally find an old classmate…who promptly faints the moment he sees our hero. After yet another old classmate screams then faint at the sight of him, it finally hit home for Hae Sung that he died 12 years ago.

Worried when he finds out by chance that his high school sweet heart is being chased by debt collectors, Hae Sung rushes over to her house only to get beat up by debt collector thugs right in front of our heroine’s house. Running home in the rain, our heroine Jung Jung Won finds Hae Sung unconscious and bleeding in front of her apartment. Patching up the stranger the best she could, Jung Won couldn’t ignore the striking resemblance between the stranger and the boy she loved in her youth. Convincing herself that the young stranger can’t possibly be her dead high school sweet heart, Jung Won leaves home the next morning only to go running back when she hears from her old schoolmate about Hae Sung suddenly coming back from the dead.

Our two leads finally meet…Hae Sung is still the same 19 year old boy but Jung Won is no longer the young girl in his memory but is a 31 year old woman who has carried the trauma of his untimely death for the last 12 years.


Ninja’s First Impression

Wow, this one looks very promising! In two short hours, Into The New World not only managed to set up most of the background story but also gave the leads amazing amount of emotional depth. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I haven’t paid too much attention to Yeo Jin Goo in the past, but his big infectious smile sure caught my attention this time and makes him oh, so perfect for the hero’s character. As for our heroine, Lee Yeon Hee is also doing an impressive job portraying a 31 year old woman whose naturally bright personality has been overshadowed by her guilt over her belief that she caused the death of the man she loved.

My only fear at this point is that while the leads’ romance looks like it will be super cute but there is that unavoidable age difference which makes it much more realistic for the heroine to end up with the male second lead (her chef owner at her work). Of course, the hero obviously is not human anymore (alien? what do you guys think?) so maybe he could magically age with the heroine?

Wait, I lied. I actually do have another fear. One of the hero’s schoolmate died on the same day he did 12 years ago and everyone assumed our hero was the one that killed his schoolmate so I am sure part of the story would be to clear our hero’s name. I am all for clearing our hero’s name of course but I would hate if chasing after the real culprit takes too much of the plot line.

Despite a few minor fears though, I am still pretty excited for this one and have high hopes that Into The New World will end up on my watch list.



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