Ode to Gallantry (Chinese Drama, New)

This one is based on the novel penned by the famous wuxia author Jin Young (the same author that wrote The Legend of Condor Hero, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer).

The original story is about a lowly beggar who through a series of mistaken identity (identical twin) coupled with his pure heart manages to become our unlikely hero. Judging by the first couple episodes, this TV version has made quite a few changes to the hero’s back story to the extent that I think the script writer has done away with the whole identical twin part of the story.

Out of Jin Young’s works, this one never really caught my interest so I don’t see myself following this one.




Boy Hood (Chinese Drama, New)

The Chinese boy band TFBOYS’s new drama centering around youthful aspiration, friendships and a bit of romance (among the teachers). I checked out the first two episodes and…felt way too old to be the target audience. Sigh… Granted, the teachers’ romance looks like it could be fun but I am probably not going to stick around to watch a show that makes me feel…um…mature.

The Eternal Love (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: The 8th Prince harbors no illusions about his soon to be wife, especially after she unsuccessfully tries to commit suicide over his eldest brother. Certain that our heroine must be a spy for his brother, the 8th prince shows little interest in his new wife…until her split personalities start to intrigue him. The heroine has two personalities because another soul from the modern world takes over her body from time to time (usually when she loses consciousness). The two souls are extremely different in personalities and makes for some pretty amusing situations. 

For those who are following Princess Agents you might be interested to know that the actor playing the hero in this show is the same actor that plays Yue Qi in Princess Agents (the hero’s right hand man).

I went into this one with really low expectations but was pleasantly surprised that it was a pretty easy watch after the first episode.

Boku Wa Mari No Naka (Japanese Drama, New)

I can’t decide if I find the premise of this show intriguing or creepy or disturbingly funny. Our hero is a college drop out whose soul somehow ends up in the body of a beautiful girl (Mari) he has been stalking for the past year. Completely confused and flustered, our hero goes to school in Mari’s body only to be caught immediately by the female second lead who via her rather unhealthy fixation on Mari, figures out that her precious Mari has been taken over by another soul. The two creepy stalkers team up to solve the puzzle of where the real Mari has gone and in the process discovers a few things about their goddess they never knew.

Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta (Japanese Drama, New)

Synopsis: As a middle aged divorcee, our hero has always been a quiet but diligent worker. Stunned but somewhat resigned when he finds out that he is on his company’s layoff list, our hero starts to wonder as one who is still stubbornly using a flip phone he is already an outdated model to the rest of the world. Frazzled when he wakes up one morning to suddenly discover that his body has not only turned into a human smartphone but that he now possesses the ability to see text balloons whenever someone near him communicates via their smartphones, our hero is soon reluctantly pushed into using his special ability to save his job.

A pretty funny premise especially since actor, Atsushi Ito does an awesome job portraying our very dull hero whose life is thrown into a complete chaos.

The Guardians (Korean Drama, Finished)

Sigh…this one didn’t quite end like I hoped but on a good note, congratulation to actress Lee Si Young who just announced that she is 14 weeks pregnant and will be getting married this fall in September! Apparently, Lee Si Young found out about her pregnancy during the shoot of The Guardians but had decided to keep quiet in order to finish the drama. Lee Si Young will be marrying a Korean business man who is in the food industry.

Suspicious Partner (Korean Drama, Finished)

Ahh…I am going to miss this cute couple. I wasn’t too enamored with the whole crazy serial killer part of the plot but the two leads’ romance is so cute I found myself loving the show nonetheless. I was REALLY happy with the ending and love the amount of time the writer devoted to wrapping up the two leads’ romance at the end.

Lost Love in Times (Chinese Drama, New)

I have been waiting impatiently for this one to air! Princess Agents is about to end soon, so I am hoping Lost Love in Times will be addicting enough to soothe my aching heart after saying goodbye to Princess Agents.

I will be writing a first impression on this one soon.




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