Forest of Secrets Plot Overview:

Due to a brain operation in his youth, our hero Hwang Shi Mok grows up to be an extremely rational prosecutor that can’t feel emotions. As opposed to our hero who can’t seem to muster up basic human empathy due to his unique condition, our heroine Han Yeo Jin is a passionate police detective with a very warm disposition.

Meeting each other through a seemingly simple robbery-homicide case, Yeo Jin slowly comes to trust our hero despite the many instances when it would be logical to doubt him. As for our hero, who is usually extremely cool and aloof to everyone around him, Yeo Jin has become a partner he could rely on especially as the murder case quickly turns in a big conspiracy involving his own coworkers and boss.

Ninja’s Mid Point Review:


I am really liking this one…despite the plot. Don’t get me wrong, the story is great but as much as I want to be one of those brainiacs that love to follow super complex conspiracy based dramas…I am usually too shallow to last all the way through.

Still, Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na are so awesome as the leads that I am obediently watching every minute of each episode just to see them on my screen.

The plot is pretty focused on the murder case and the corruption puzzle the leads are trying to figure out but despite the pitiful little amount of time the two leads are together, I am very satisfied with the pacing of their relationship.

Our hero Shi Mok’s lack of ability to feel basic emotions such as love and fear makes any little progress with our heroine (like a small smile after 8 episodes) feel like a momentous feat…and completely swoon worthy. To be honest,

I am not too sure if we are even going to get a solid romance from this show but I love the two leads’ characters so much that I will probably be okay if they just end up being life long friends.

All in all, Forest of Secrets is one solid drama with fascinating characters (even the secondary characters are quite interesting). As one who is only mildly interested in complex corruption stories, I am finding this one holding my attention all the way.


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