Chinese Drama: My Ruby My Blood (一粒红尘)
Broadcast Date: June 11, 2017
Airs: Daily
Total Episodes: 42
Leads: Nicky Wu (Scarlet Heart) & Ying Er (Decoded)


Heroine: Ye Zhao Jue
Raised by her mother with much difficulty after her father abandons them to escape poverty, Zhao Jue grows up with a determination to make as much money as possible so no one else in her life would leave her for material goods.

Giving up a college education in order to lessen her mother’s burden and to support her boyfriend’s grandiose artist dream, Zhao Jue works tirelessly in the various part time jobs she could find.

Pleasantly surprised when our hero offers her a great position at his well known jewelry company, Zhao Jue eagerly jumps into her new career with all her might…which quickly creates a chasm between herself and her boyfriend.

Despite her increasingly bumpy relationship, Zhao Jue decides to listen to our hero’s encouragement and starts on her path to becoming a jewelry designer.




Hero: Qi Tang
The CEO and the chief designer of a top jewelry company, Qi Tang first hires our heroine as a favor to a childhood friend but quickly notices her talent in designing and begins to encourage her to become a jewelry designer. An OCD with germophobia, Qi Tang has spent most of his adult life chasing after a precious red ruby that is the key to opening his father’s will. With little time for anything other than work and tracking down the ruby, Qi Tang’s rather insipid life suddenly becomes colorful once Zhao Jue shows up. Attracted by Zhao Jue’s personality and tendency to give her all for those she loves, Qi Tang is unable to bridle his growing feeling for our heroine…even knowing that she already has a boyfriend.






Ninja’s First Impression:

This one has been my go to drama while waiting impatiently for the next episode of Princess Agents. Now, the show does have a few flaws including the puzzling tendency to drag some unimportant scenes way too long but I still find it a pretty easy watch anyway.

I rather enjoy Nicky Wu’s hero character that feels more like your typical perfect male second lead…but one that finally gets the girl for once. Since the heroine starts the show with a boyfriend of 10 years, it will take her quite a bit to fall in love with Qi Tang but I still thought the pacing of the two leads’ romance was pretty good.

Other than the two leads’ romance, the story also includes the relationships of the heroine’s two best friends.

Their romance is not perhaps the most interesting but they do act as a catalyst to put the three girls’ friendship through a refiner’s fire.  The fights between the three girls are quite spectacular, almost to the point that it is unrealistic any friendship could survive that sort of damage BUT I find myself very touched by their friendship anyway.


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