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These babies are the first thing I made after I bought my Takoyaki pan. Obviously not what a Takoyaki pan is for … but they worked very well for the egg puffs.

I started craving these after watching an old episode of Chef Nic (a food program with Nicholas Tse 12道鋒味).  In 2014, Nicholas Tse broke set the world record by gathering 3,000 people together to make the iconic Hong Kong street food “Egg puffs”.

For my egg puffs I used the recipe found on ginger and scotch. Since I used my Takoyaki pan instead of a waffle pan especially made for these egg puffs (aka egg waffles) I had to turn my puffs with a wooden skewer. The first batch looked a bit… not round, but the second batched turned out much better.

My batter
I dusted my egg puffs with powder sugar

By the way, for those of you who can’t find custard powder I am wonder if substituting 1 tbs of custard powder with 1/2 tbs of vanilla pudding (the kind you need to cook) might work as well. I did find a online recipe for making your own custard powder HERE, but since most of my recipes only call for small amount of custard powder I probably would just try to cheat by using vanilla pudding.