Plot and Ending Overview:
First couple’s story (Xi Ming & Bao Qi)
This couple’s romance was quite cute in the beginning but unfortunately, it got draggy the moment the heroine’s evil twin sister showed up.

So overjoyed to see her long lost sister, the unsuspecting Bai Qi naively agrees to her twin, Dai Qi’s request to switch places with her. Having skillfully tricked her little sister into revealing everything about herself and those around her, Dai Qi successfully fools everyone… including our hero into believing that she is Bai Qi. Realizing much too late that Dai Qi has no intention of ever switching back, Bai Qi tries to stop her sister’s plan but falls into a coma after she was hit by a motorcycle while attempting to escape from Bai Qi.

Thankfully, our hero’s usually extremely sharp sense FINALLY started working again and begins to suspect his girlfriend’s true identity. Enlisting help from Bao Qi’s trusty friends, Xi Ming soon gathers enough evidence to prove that the one laying in the hospital is not the long lost Dai Qi but his beloved Bai Qi instead.

Unsettled when Bai Qi suddenly disappeared from the hospital, Dai Qi decides to push ahead with her marriage to Xi Ming. Knowing full well the reason for Dai Qi’s urgency, Xi Ming patiently goes along with Dai Qi’s plan until he can reveal the real Bai Qi at the wedding. Angry and ashamed once all her lies are exposed, Dai Qi runs away once again.

Positive that Bao Qi is the one for him after almost losing her, Xi Ming decides to not let all the wedding planning go to waste and marries our heroine right after Dai Qi runs off.

Unfortunately…or fortunately, depending on how annoyed you were with Dai Qi’s character, Bai Qi’s twin sister is whitewashed at the very end and was able to go back into her family’s eager embrace.

Second Couple’s Story (Jie Teng & Liang Yun)

Falling in love with the aloof prosecutor Lian Yun at first sight, Jie Teng knows logically that as a plumber he has no chance with someone so out of his league but his heart refuses to listen to reason. With no intention of ever letting anyone into her heart after watching her mother’s traumatic divorce from her abusive father, Lian Yun firmly rejects Jie Teng’s confession. Unable to stop himself from wanting to be good to Lian Yun even after her rejection, Jie Teng stubbornly and shyly infiltrates Lian Yun’s life until she slowly opens her heart to him.

Feeling like he is on top of the whole world after Liang Yun publically declares that he is her man, Jie Teng vows to himself that he will protect and love Liang Yu no matter what happens.

However, the love Jie Teng thought that would never waver is shaken to its core when Liang Yun’s estranged father suddenly shows up and the two brothers find out that Daddy Su (Liang Yun’s father) not only framed their father  years ago but accidentally killed him as well.

Overwhelmed with pain and anger for everything his poor father suffered without his knowledge, Jie Teng is at a loss of how his relationship with Liang Yun could go on.

Horrified by her father’s confession, Liang Yun could see no hope for her doomed romance and voluntarily breaks up with Jie Teng.

No less tortured than Liang Yun by the thought of breaking up, Jie Teng struggles endlessly with his chaotic emotions until his father’s spirit pays him a visit in his dream and tells him to stop letting the past hinder his future. Finally wrapping his mind around the whole mess especially once he realizes that Liang Yun’s father is truly willing to accept his punishment for everything he has done, Jie Teng tells a tearful Liang Yun that he is still committed to his promise of protecting and loving her forever.

Ninja’s Ending & Overall Impression: Whew! Happy ending all around! Not that there was ever a doubt we wouldn’t get one…but I was still glad the ending was a fairly satisfying one.


Now, time for some gripping. Just For You started off really cute and warm but the plot took a definite dive once the evil twin storyline took over. It really frustrates me when writers assume that just because they have a twin in the plot then they could toss one of the twins (often the heroine) to the side as long as the viewer could see the same actress playing the other twin in each episode. Hello?! Don’t expect me as the viewer to treat both twins the same when you as the writer has worked so hard to drive home that they are completely different individuals. In Just For You, Dai Qi’s character was obviously not likable at all for 99.9% of the story so it was rather tiring when the nice twin disappears for too many episodes and we had to watch the evil twin acting all lovey dovey with our hero.

Going off topic for a moment. For those who might’ve watched I Summon You Gold (2013 K-drama with Yeon Jeong-Hun) , that particular drama was the start of my pet peeve about twins. I remember being completely speechless when the writer just willy nilly made the heroine character (the nice twin of course) disappear and the not so nice twin, who was ignored for most of the show suddenly shows up at the very end to become the star of the story.

Random venting done, back to our show. In contrast to the annoying evil twin storyline, I was pleasantly surprised by the continual depth to Jie Teng and Liang Yun’s romance. Granted, the resolution of the “big” conflict was a bit unrealistic but at least I felt Jie Teng and Liang Yun’s story was able to keep my interest.

All in all, Just For You was a show that started off really promising, kinda stalled in the middle but managed to pick up steam at the end. One thing worth mentioning is that I thought Partick Lee (the actor that played Kai Teng) did an exceptional job in this one so I hope he will finally get a lead role next time!


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