Korean Drama: The Guardians/Lookout (파수꾼)
Broadcast Date: May 22, 2017
Airs: Mondays & Tuesdays
Total Episodes: 32 (35 minutes long episodes)
Leads: Lee Si Young & Kim Young Kwang

As a single mother working as a busy detective, our heroine, Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) often finds herself sacrificing the time with her young daughter for the sake of her work. Keenly aware of how much her daughter worships her, Soo Ji refuses to be the kind of detective that would look the other way for the rich and the powerful.

Increasingly frustrated when a greedy prosecutor (our hero, Jang Do Han played by Kim Young Kwang) keeps popping up in front of her as the corrupted higher ups’ obedient minion, our heroine reluctantly decides to miss her daughter’s school event in order to gather some much needed evidence so she could push forward a case everyone has been trying to get her to drop.

Tragically, Soo Ji’s decision soon proves to be one she will come to regret for the rest of her life. Wondering away during the school event by herself, Soo Ji’s little daughter is rushed to the hospital after she was pushed off the rooftop of a building. Overwhelmed with grief because of her daughter’s death, Soo Ji is determined to bring the killer to justice…but unfortunately, Prosecutor Jang Do Han shows up once again to block her way since the killer is the son of an influential prosecutor.

Furious when the law she once believed in proved to be useless in the face of corruption, Soo Ji holds a gun to the killer’s head but in the end couldn’t bring herself to pull the trigger and is arrested by her co-workers.

While our heroine is going through a hell no parent should ever experience, an underground group has been watching her futile struggle with increasing interest. Realizing a disillusioned detective would make a perfect recruit, the mysterious group decides to intervene as Soo Ji is being transported to the police station in handcuffs.

Ninja’s First Impression:

Boy, the first four episodes were really difficult to watch without melting into a blubbering mess. The show’s synopsis made no secret our heroine would lose her daughter…but I was still hoping for a miracle.

The Guardians is off to a great start and I am already fascinated with the lead characters. I especially love the hero who appears to everyone around him as a man willing to sell his soul for money when in reality he is also a victim of the world’s injustice and has made it his life’s mission to bring down the very people everyone thinks he is in cahoots with.

Lee Si Young of course is doing a great job as well… I probably would never tire of seeing her beating people up.

I am assuming in the next couple episodes we will see the “team” come together so I am pretty excited.  We only had a few brief glances of the secondary characters thus far but they were just enough to intrigue. I was especially delighted to see actress Kim Seul Gi (Queen of the Ring, Oh My Ghostess) as part of The Guardians’ cast. Kim Seul Gi’s character is an agroaphobia (someone who is afraid to leave the house) who despite never setting a foot out of the house can “see” everything through security cameras that are ever present everywhere.

Anyhow, a promising start for The Guardians! This is probably too much to ask given that our heroine is a grieving mother…but…I am still crossing my fingers for some romance between the two leads.



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