For Ninja’s first impression and synopsis: Surgeons- First Impression

Plot Overview:

With the secret mission of exonerating his mother’s name, our hero, Zhuang Shu has no intention of involving himself in our heroine’s unfair demotion to the emergency room. However, not blind to Chen Xi’s (heroine) obvious talent and strong capability as a surgeon Zhuang Shu soon finds himself sticking up for her constantly. Puzzled at first by Zhuang Shu’s willingness to stand up for her, Chen Xi eventually is forced to admit that as opposed to her hot temper way of handling things, our hero’s patient focused way of solving problems seem to be much more effective.

After several rude awakening to her own personal shortcomings and of those who she used to idolize, Chen Xi learns to appreciate Zhuang Shu’s unfailing support as her mentor. Their feeling of comradery quickly changing into something more as they each come to understand the other better through various challenging situations at the hospital, it soon becomes apparent to our two leads’ friends what they themselves have been trying to ignore.

Urged by her best friend to not let Zhuang Shu get away, Chen Xi in her trademark straightforward personality promptly decides to follow her feelings. While our heroine is trying to figure out a way to get her man, our poor conflicted hero is busy battling his growing love for her while knowing full well that with his big secret in the way, a relationship between the two of them will just bring heartache to everyone involved.

Confused and puzzled when Zhuang Shu gives all the signals of being interest in her but then locks his door when she knocks on his bedroom door wearing a lingerie, Chen Xi decides to solve the issue head on by confronting Zhuang Shu. Flustered by Chen Xi’s matter of fact question of “Why didn’t you open the door last night?” Zhuang Shu tries to pass the issue by saying he was asleep but of course our heroine would have none of it. Without a clue of what else to say, Zhuang Shu mutters weakly “I am not prepared yet.”

Marching right up to Zhuang Shu, Chen Xi demands “Are you prepared now?”
Zhuang Shu “Um, not yet.”
Chen Xi “Do you have problems in that area?”
Widening his eyes, Zhuang Shu quickly answers “No!”
Chen Xi “Then you don’t like me?!”
Wincing, Zhuang Shu replies “No.”
Chen Xi “Ok, I know now.”
Alarmed, Zhuang Shu asks “What do you know?”
Chen Xi “You like being the passive one!”
Zhuang Shu “Uh?”

Without giving Zhuang Shu any more time, Chen Xi swoops in and plants a kiss on our hero.

Unable to deny his own feelings anymore, Zhuang Shu admits to Chen Xi “I like you. From this point on, we will meet some unique challenges, but I hope you know that it will not affect how I feel about you.”

Smiling sweetly during Zhuang Shu’s long awaited confession, Chen Xi has no idea what awaits her and is understandably devastated when our hero finally tells her (about 10 more episodes down the line) that he is the son of the nurse that supposedly killed her father. Unable to see a happy ending to their love, Chen Xi and Zhuang Shu agree to break up but thankfully the writer doesn’t keep our two leads apart for too long.

 Ninja’s Ending and Overall Review: 

Judging by my drama viewing history, medical drama seems to be a very difficult genre to get right. The balance between romance, episodic patient stories, and the mandatory hospital power struggle is just something most shows fail to get right. Up to this point, contenders in the medical genre have mostly come from Japanese and Korean dramas, so I really didn’t think Surgeons would have much of a chance of capturing my attention when so many other much more experienced production has failed in the past. However, to my great surprise, after a slowish start, Surgeons completely shocked me with its solid story and acting.

Surgeons had all the elements one would expect in a respectable medical drama but the writer was able to keep all three elements (romance, patient stories, even hospital power struggle) intriguing from start to end and THAT is one impressive feat. I was a little worried at first that the hot-tempered heroine would get tiring after a while, but I worried needlessly since the writer was able to make the heroine endearing while keeping her growth realistic to her character.

You guys probably could tell from the overview, I really liked the romance between the two leads. As expected in a medical drama, the love line does take a back seat at times but overall the show was great at keeping the romance progressing.

All in all, I highly recommend Surgeons. The romance was addicting, the patient stories intriguing, and I even find myself liking the hospital power struggle! The ending did felt a tad bit rushed (it probably could’ve used at least one more episode) but I still liked the wrap up quite a bit and was left very satisfied.


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