Quick Ending Overview:

With his brother’s (Hyun Woo) help, our hero Sung Joon was able to save Dong Hee and her grandmother from President Bang’s imprisonment. In retaliation against Sung Joon, President Bang promptly frames Sung Joon and has him arrested. Worried about his little brother but fully understanding of how much Sung Joon loves Dong Hee, Hyun Woo helps Dong Hee’s grandmother to regain control of her company which of course meant exposing everything President Bang did and sending him to prison. Even with President Bang in prison though, there was still no way to clear Sung Joon’s name and eventually Hyun Woo resorts to setting himself up as the scapegoat in order to free his little brother.

Touched by the Han family’s unwavering love for Sung Joon despite knowing that his older brother was the source of all their trials, Hyun Woo finally lets go of his hatred towards Daddy Han and even asks Daddy Han to take care of Sung Joon for him.

Suddenly released from prison, Sung Joon and the Han family’s excitement quickly turn to dismay once they realize Hyun Woo had sacrificed himsef. Feeling terrible for Hyun Woo’s sake, the Han family is reluctant to accept Hyun Woo’s return of their family home but Sung Joon was able to convince them to accept his older brother’s show of good will.

Even with the best team of lawyers, Hyun Woo was still sentenced to over 2 years of prison time. Knowing well that President Bang is too full of resentment to confess his crime in order to clear Hyun Woo’s name, Dong Hee nonetheless decides to forgive her uncle and tells a disbelieving President Bang that she will watch out for his daughter (her cousin that had a crush on Hyun Woo). Perhaps moved by Dong Hee’s forgiveness and his mother’s apology for not being a good parent to him, President Bang eventually confesses his crime and Hyun Woo is released from prison.

Walking out of prison to be greeted by Sung Joon AND a very excited Han family, Hyun Woo celebrates his release in the very home he had once vowed to destroy. With Hyun Woo out of prison, our show can finally have its perfect happy ending!

Thanks to the success of her drama, Dong Hee has finally achieved her dream of becoming a drama writer. Pleasantly surprised when Sung Joon proposes to her on the rooftop, promising to never be an annoyance to her while she writes, Dong Hee happily accepts Sung Joon’s proposal.

Reunited with his beloved little brother and the weight of his bitter resentment lifted, Hyun Woo finally has the opportunity to live his own life. Showing up at Jung Eun’s coffee shop after his release from prison, Hyun Woo freely admits to Jung Eun that he had missed and yearned for her while he was locked up. Still huffy at Hyun Woo for leaving without a word, Jung Eun tries to stay angry but Hyun Woo just smilingly points out that not only is she wearing their couple ring on her hand but she is also wearing his ring around her neck.

Away from his company way too long, Hyun Woo only has time to attend his little brother’s wedding before needing to rush back to the US. Looking at Sung Joon and Dong Hee’s happy face with just a tad bit of envy, Hyun Woo smiles forlornly when his trusty secretary teases him for being dumped by Jung Eun. Apparently, Hyun Woo had asked Jung Eun to go with him to the US but was rejected.

Sitting by his lonely self in first class on a plane heading to the US, Hyun Woo frowns slightly when he hears a very unladylike passenger snoring rather loudly in her sleep. His eyes opening wide in shock as the sleeping passenger flung away the blanket covering her face, Hyun Woo stares in disbelief as Jung Eun nonchalantly asks “How much longer until we are there?”

His face breaking into a slow smile, Hyun Woo asks “You dumped me. You said you weren’t coming?” Leaning close to Hyun Woo, Jung Eun laughingly replies “I changed my mind when Mr. Cho (his secretary) bought me a business class ticket!” Her smile turning to a pout, Jung Eun adds “This is a hundred times better than being left behind without a word. You only had to suffer for a few days!” His heart melting at the sight of Jung Eun’s bright smile, Hyun Woo ignores her protest and pulls her close for a tight embrace and mutters “What’s the big deal? (At her protest to his embrace) Aren’t you coming to New York to fall in love and marry me?”

Life is also finally working out for all of the Han kids now that Hyun Woo has stopped his revenge plans and reversed what he could of the damage he did to their careers before.

Grateful to everything Grandmother Oh has done for her grand-daughter (Dong Hee), Dong Hee’s biological grandmother gives Grandmother Oh a house. Promptly deeding the house to her granddaughter (Daddy Han’s eldest daughter-in-law), Daddy Han’s eldest son finally can move his whole family out of his parent’s house.

All of his bad reputation cleared up, Daddy Han’s second son also gets hired as a lawyer for a big company. After some really rough patches, Daddy Han’s second eldest daughter-in-law finally talks things out with her son and the fake “baby switched at birth” fiasco ends on a positive note with lessons learned on all sides.

Daddy Han’s youngest daughter remain just as spoiled as ever but did manage to get hired on at a tv station.

With the house emptied of all her kids, Mama Han FINALLY gets the lovely retirement she has been waiting for for…that is until all three kids suddenly show up one day begging to move back home!

The End!

Ninja’s Overall Review:

Whew, okay, that was kinda a LONG quick overview of the ending. I really did try to be concise… it just didn’t work out that way. As far as the ending was concerned, I was quite satisfied with how the story wrapped up. Sure, it was a little unrealistic how perfectly everything worked out…but then that’s usually how I like my K-family drama to end anyway.

My biggest regret for Father, I’ll Take Care of You is how little amount of time the writer spent on the romance between Hyun Woo and Jung Eun. There was no doubt that Sung Joon and Dong Hee’s romance was super cute but they were the innocent pure sweet kinda of love.

Hyun Woo and Jung Eun’s relationship, on the other hand, was a lot more complicated but thanks to Jung Eun’s eccentric personality, quite hilarious at times as well. For me personally, I would’ve been completely happy if the show had cut out Dong Hee’s birth secret story line and gave that time to Hyun Woo’s romance instead. I probably could’ve done with a little less time spent on the Han siblings’ individual stories too but that’s kinda par for the course when it comes to K-family dramas.

Anyhow, overall, I enjoyed Father, I’ll Take Care of You. While the story did get draggy a bit in the middle but it was obviously never bad enough that I lost interest entirely. One of the best thing going for Father, I’ll Take Care of You is that it really did portrayal a strong sense of what it means to be a family while at the same time showing that families are often made up of very imperfect people.



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