Episode 2-3 Quick Overview

The second episode introduced a brilliant twist!  Believing he has been given a second chance to not only change his past but to also wipe out his night of “mistake” with Kai Jia (heroine), our hero Zhao Yu begin to use his 2017 knowledge to breeze through 2007.

Despite being busy chasing after the school beauty (Ruo Bi, the one that jumped off the building in 2017) and getting an early start on his career, Zhao Yu begins to notice that our heroine Kai Jia is no longer the good-tempered “little sister” he remembered. Unbeknownst to Zhao Yu, he is not the only one that was given a chance for a do-over. Confused to suddenly find herself transported back to 2007, Kai Jia wonders if this is her opportunity to live a different life…one where she stop chasing after Zhao Yu.

Trying hard to let go of her feelings for Zhao Yu but her effort seems to be futile when one look at our clueless hero takes her right back to their passionate night and the heartbreak after it. Blissfully ignorant of our heroine’s inner turmoils, Zhao Yu reverts back to treating Kai Jia like a little sister even if the memories of that fateful night invades his thoughts from time to time too.

Worried about Kai Jia when she stubbornly insisted on joining in on a haunted house school activity, Zhao Yu shows up just in time to save our heroine from a scary “ghost”. Getting into a nagging mood after he settles the extremely frightened Kai Jia down, Zhao Yu starts to list off the various things she needs to do to protect herself since he can’t always be there to save her…or he could very well be the one to hurt her one day.

Mesmerized by Zhao Yu’s soft voice and intense stare just like that fateful night, Kai Jia listens as Zhao Yu tells her “Boys, sometimes can’t control themselves. So remember, be weary of any boy that gets close to you. Especially those that are drunk.”  Her eyes widening in shock as Zhao Yu bends down toward her wrist and tenderly kisses her scar- the very same action that started their night of passion, a seemingly impossible thought finally dawns on our heroine. Not realizing what he did had just betrayed his knowledge of the night they shared in 2017, Zhao Yu finishes his warning by saying “Remember, if one day someone does this to you, you must stop him.” Freezing in shock when Kai Jia mutters “You…you traveled back in time from 2017.” our hero belatedly figures out that he is not the only time traveler around.

After getting over their initial shock, our two leads are glad to have each other to share their incredible time traveling experience with one another, but the tension from that fateful night is also brought to the forefront that can no longer be ignored. Still stuck in the “How could I’ve slept with the girl I always thought of as a little sister!!!” conundrum, Zhao Yu tries to convince Kai Jia to just forget their night together…even as his awareness of her continues to intensify. Her anger and resentment towards Zhao Yu slowly melting away as their time in 2007 begins to bring back many precious memories they once shared, Kai Jia decides that it is time to give up on her hopeless crush.

Ninja’s Second Impression:

WOW! I liked the first episode well enough but episode 2 and 3 were so awesome that I dare to hope that we just might have an addicting drama on our hands! I LOVE the twist of having the heroine travel back in time since this instantly put our two leads on an equal footing. Our hero could bumble around all he wants but he will now do so knowing full well that the girl who had always chased after him has also been given a second chance to forget him.

I have also been very impressed with the two leads’ great acting thus far. I was not familiar with Nick Chou before this show but his heart melting stare has certainly made sure that I am going to remember him from now on. As for Summer Meng who plays the heroine, I have to admit that she really didn’t make too big of an impression on me back in Aim High (2014 with Lego Lee) but I quite like her in Love, Timeless.

I should mention that while I didn’t bring up the male and female second leads in the overview, the writer is doing a great job with them. There is obviously a mystery surrounding Ruo Bi concerning what exactly drove her to commit suicide 10 years later especially because she appears to have the whole world in her hands right now. Even Ruo Bi’s no good husband, Li Jun Ren is turning out to be quite intriguing since he seems to be a decent guy in college so there is another mystery of why he became such a jerk. By the way, I had initially assumed that both Zhao Yu and Kai Jia would remember Ruo Bi attempting to commit suicide but episode three makes it obvious that their memories are fuzzy about that part of their past.

My only concern right now is that the plot is moving at a neck breaking pace. What I thought would take at least a couple episodes to get to the writer is already letting it all out in the first three episodes so where do we go from here? Oh, well. I am totally invested in Zhao Yu and Kai Jia’s story now so let’s hope the writer will keep up the great work!


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