Haha Ni Narn (Japanese Drama, New)

Synopsis: Her blissful little family torn apart after losing her 3 year old son, our divorced heroine’s lonely but quiet life is suddenly interrupted with the most joyous news that her now 13 year old son has been found. Sobbing tears of joy as she embraces her long lost son, our heroine will soon realize that the years of separation from her beloved son will not be so easily overcome as she tries to figure out what being a mother means…again.

Whew, as you can expect from the synopsis, the first episode was heartbreaking but notwithstanding the rather depressing premise, the story seems to be pretty solid.

Reverse (Japanese Drama, New)

Synopsis:  A very common person living a very boring life, Kazuhisa Fukase’s insipid existence finally blossoms when he starts to date the girl of his dreams…until one day his girlfriend receives a note that says “Kazuhisa Fukase is a murder.” After losing his best friend Yoshiki during a snowboarding accident 10 years ago, Kazuhisa and his other college friends have since moved on with their respective lives but thanks to this mysterious note, our hero along with his old friends are pushed on a quest to figure what really happened 10 years ago. Lots of familiar faces in this one but unfortunately I am just not interested in this kind of story…

Lots of familiar faces in this one but unfortunately I am just not interested in this kind of story…

Ani ni Ai Saresugite Komattemasu (Japanese Drama, New)

Synopsis: As a high school girl who wants desperately to experience love, our heroine Setoka has confessed 12 times already…and rejected all 12 times as well. At first furious when she finds out that her brother Haruka was the reason behind all those rejections, Setoka’s anger fades once she realizes that her brother was just trying to protect her. Unbeknownst to our heroine, Haruka is actually not blood-related to her and his “protectiveness” soon soars to a whole new level when Setoka’s first love shows up in her life again.

This one is based on a manga of the same name and judging from the first episode the show tries pretty hard to give off the same fluffy girly manga feel as well. I wasn’t too impressed with the first episode and the story was just too fluffy for my taste so I won’t be following this one.

Koi ga Heta demo Ikitemasu (Japanese Drama, New)

Completely focused on her career, our heroine Misa Chigasaki has no time for romance and thus none of her relationships had ever lasted past two months. Thrilled when it looks like she is about to be promoted to become the director of her company, Misa allows herself to be intrigued by a man she met in the park…that is until he shows up at her work as the new director.

Hmm…episode one wasn’t bad but J-romance has been more miss than hit for me lately so I am going to need a few more episodes before I commit.

Hito wa Mitame Ga 100 Percent (Japanese Drama, New)

Having spent most of her life trying to do everything she can to be invisible, our heroine along with her two co-workers decide is time to use their professional research skills to figure out how to become attractive.

Episode one was kinda like a lesson on female fashion but it looks like episode two is when a romantic interest for our heroine will finally show up. I don’t have high expectation on this one but it looks like it could be an amusing…and educational light watch.

The Hypnotist (Chinese Drama, New)

Set in the early 1900s’ China, true to its name, the story focuses heavily on serval leads that are hypnotists and their almost supernatural use of their skills. I was intrigued by the premise but was quickly turned off when the hero keeps stressing that hypnosis is a science while using it like it is some sort of all powerful magic trick.

Star April (Chinese Drama, New)

Sigh…I had high hopes for this one based on the star power of Nicky Wu and Qi Wei but alas the first two episodes of Star April did not impress me. Qi Wei plays the young but successful news anchorwoman who despite her perfect image has a secret boyfriend (played by Nicky Wu) and hides an even bigger secret that she hopes would never be revealed. C-drama has spoiled me lately with a few refreshing city dramas so my patience for melo makjang has really shrunk.

By the way, Star April was actually not slated to be released at this time but because another show (Dear White Plain) was pulled unexpectedly after airing just the first episode (there are no official reasons given…and of course no press dared to speculate. The joy of watching C-dramas), Star April is put in at the last minute to fill the vacant spot.

Surgeons (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: A medical incident 29 years ago that resulted in the death of a patient and the subsequent tragedies involving two families changed many lives, including our two leads who are determined to figure out the truth.

I haven’t had time to check this one out yet but am planning to do so later this weekend.

Secret Romance (Korean Drama, New)

Synopsis: Horrified when she wakes up and realizes that she just had a one night stand, our heroine runs away thinking she would never see our hero again…that is until he shows up three years later as her boss.

A very cliche romance novel premise for a story but…hey, there is a reason cliches work. The first two episodes were spent on setting up the story but it looks like Secret Romance should be cute.

Fighter of the Destiny (Chinese Drama, New)

The drama adaptation of a popular web novel of the same name, Fighter of the Destiny follows the epic journey of our hero as he embarks on an adventure to save his own life and bring peace to the human world at the same time.  I checked out the first couple episodes of this one and was pleasantly surprise by it so I will be writing a first impression on Fighter of the Destiny soon.



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