Chinese Drama: The Fox’s Summer (狐狸的夏天)
Broadcast Date: 4/5/2017
Total Episodes: 46 (Split into two seasons)
Leads: Jo Jiang & Tan Song Yun


The CEO of the well known Gu department store, our hero Gu Cheng Ze has always been keenly aware that as the adopted son of the Gu family, his sole responsibility is to help the playboy Gu family heir (Gu Jin Yun) to one day takes over the family empire. Unfortunately, no matter what anyone does, the Gu family’s rebellious heir is seemingly uninterested in interrupting his play with work.

Intrigued when he finds out the chronic liar (our heroine Li Yan Shu) he had a few unpleasant run ins before is actually Jin Yu’s first love, Cheng Ze decides that hiring Yan Shu to be his secretary might be the perfect thing to finally lure the rebellious Gu family heir back to work.

Secretly hiding a condition that makes him physically sick when someone lies, Cheng Ze is not exactly thrilled to have a chronic liar so close to him and becomes even more flustered once he realizes that for some strange reason, our heroine’s lies affect him more than anyone else.

Ninja’s First Impression:

This one is super cute! The show does employ several cliches that C-modern drama likes so much – namely, birth secrets, annoying step sister, persistent first loves. Still, cliches aside, the two leads does have great chemistry together and Tan Song Yun is super endearing in her role as the chronic liar heroine. I wouldn’t call this show a comedy but there are plenty of amusing scenes so overall the tone of the story is fairly light. The hero’s “lie detector” condition also adds a fun twist to the plot and obviously allows for some pretty entertaining scenes between the leads.

I have checked out the first five episodes thus far and is definitely planning to put this one on my watch list…except for one little catch- This show is split into two seasons. The first season only goes to episode 21 and according to the online rumor, season two will air sometime in May. Sigh…I am starting to dislike this new C-drama trend to split their shows into seasons. Anyhow, if I can control myself, I will wait until season two starts before I go back and finish the first season of The Fox’s Summer.


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