Chinese Drama: Across The Ocean To See You (漂洋过海来看你)
Broadcast Date: 4/2/2017
Total Episodes: 44
Leads: Wang Li Kun & Zhu Ya Wen

Episode 1-4 Quick Overview:

Passionate about his job as a hotel reviewer, our hero Zheng Chu is constantly in trouble with his boss due to his propensity to offend all their clients due to his high standard. With his job in jeopardy, Zheng Chu console himself with the cheerful thought that he is about to propose to his girlfriend of five years. Unfortunately, Zheng Chu’s dream of marital bliss is dashed to pieces when his girlfriend rejects his proposal and tells him bluntly that she wants a man who can provide her with a good life.

While our hero is dealing with a broken heart, our heroine Su Meng is also busy dealing with her own crisis. Giving in to her mother-in-law’s plea to secretly have an in-vitro via an unknown sperm donor because of her husband’s infertility, Su Meng’s sacrifice is all for naught when her husband finds out what she did and bitterly demands a divorce. Dismayed when the in-vitro treatment was actually successful, Su Meng decides to make the best of what life has given her and raise the baby on her own.

Flying to a beach resort for a much needed vacation before she heads back to China for a new job, Su Mang has her very first run in with our hero. Determined to finish up his last assignment before handing in his resignation, Zheng Chu shows up at the same beach resort and is about relax in his hotel room after a long day…until he looks up to see Su Mang in a bathrobe. After a moment of panic from both of our leads, Zheng Chu finally convinces Su Mang that he is not some pervert but it was just a simple mistake that resulted in the rather embarrassing situation. Her temper soothed eventually, Su Mang’s interest in Zheng Chu is piqued once she realizes he is actually one of her soon to be subordinates.

Clueless that he has just met his new boss, the easy going Zheng Chu soon forgets their unpleasant first meeting and helps out Su Mang whenever he could during her vacation. Impressed with Zheng Chu’s kindness and obvious passion for his job, Su Mang promptly decides to do what she can to keep Zheng Chu from leaving her company.

Finished with what he assumed was his last assignment, Zheng Chu heads back to work ready to meet the new boss all his co-workers are calling the “Black Widow”. Flabbergasted once he sees Su Mang in her new office, Zheng Chu laughs with amusement until Su Mang threatens to withhold all his co-workers’ yearly bonus unless he stays to correct the mess his co-workers had made before.

Ninja’s First Impression:

I went into this one without knowing what to expect so it was a pleasant surprise to find it a really easy watch. As a C-city drama goes, Across The Ocean To See You does avoid most of the soap opera pitfalls that particular genre likes so much. The story itself is pretty predictable but then the show is very up front about that. Case in point, the mysterious sperm donor is most likely our hero but instead of trying to prolong the “mystery” the show just went ahead and dropped obvious hints right from the start. The fact the show gives the attitude of “yes, I am predictable so what?” actually strangely makes me alright with it as well.

Anyhow, while it is too early to know if this one will earn a spot on my watch list yet but there are two things that I love about this show already. 1. The fun chemistry between the two leads. 2. The fact the hero character is not your typical cold genius but actually a nice guy through and through.



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