Taiwanese Drama: The Teenage Psychic (通靈少女)
Broadcast Date: 4/2/2017
Airs: Sundays
Total Episode: 6
Station: HBO Asia
Leads: Kuo Shu Yau & Cai Fan Xi


Burdened with the gift of psychic, our heroine, Xie Ya Zhen’s otherwise normal teenage school days are constantly interrupted by supernatural matters.

Resigned to her life’s calling as a “Psychic Goddess”, Ya Zhen’s seemingly monotonous existence suddenly brightens when our bright and warm hero transfers to her school.

Ninja’s First Impression:

I had been dying for this one to air and I am very excited to report that even with my high expectations I wasn’t disappointed. Despite the show’s name I wouldn’t go into this one expecting a heavy supernatural plot, especially not the Western kind. There was plenty ghost presence in the first episode but they were there more because the story follows the heroine around and since dealing with them is a big part of the heroine’s daily life then we got to see them as well. By the way, Kuo Shu Yau is such a brilliant cast for the heroine’s role!

Instead of thinking this as a psychic show, The Teenage Psychic is a coming of age story about our heroine who happens to be a psychic. Best friends, boring school lessons, first crushes, uncertainty about your self-worth and who you want to become… you know…all the great confusing stuff that comes with growing up.


I am the kind that usually likes the idea of coming of age story but seldom have patience for them. However, judging by the first episode of The Teenage Psychic there seems to be no doubt that this one is going to great. Plus, with the show only six episodes long, I think the plot will have no choice but to move extremely fast.


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