Taiwanese Drama: The Masked Lover (我的愛情不平凡)
Airs: Sundays
Broadcast Date: 3/26/2017
Station: SET
Total Episodes: 18
Leads: Mini Tsai & Weber Yang

First Episode Overview:

Worried about the safety of his undercover friend working in the Yi Qing Group – the biggest mob organization, Detective Gu Le Jun rushes out the moment his terrified friend calls him.

Arriving just in time as the Yi Qing’s mob boss Wu Ping An is about to have his friend toss into the sea, Le Jun promptly intervenes but finds Ping An a formidable fighter. In the chaos of fighting, Le Jun’s friend is pushed into the sea by one of Ping An’s man and despite Le Jun’s effort to save him, his friend dies.

Carrying the guilt of his failure to save his friend, Le Jun vows to lock up Ping An for good even if it requires him to go against his boss’ orders and resign from the police force. Knowing full well that he can’t change Le Jun’s mind especially since Le Jun has a long record of going against his orders anyway, Le Jun’s boss decides to order our hero to infiltrate the Yi Qing Group in hopes that they could eventually get enough evidence to bring down the whole organization.

Unbeknownst to our hero, the Yi Qing Group that he wants to destroy is already shaking at its core. Falling into a coma after someone tries to kill her in the guise of a traffic accident, Ping An’s mother knows that without her daughter the group would quickly be taken over by the many people that want to be the next mob boss.

Left without a choice, Mama Wu decisively calls back Ping An’s twin sister, Ping Fan from overseas. The extreme opposite in personality of her twin sister, our heroine Ping Fan is a soft, bumbling architectural designer who is as far as you could get from a mob boss.

Rushing back on her mother’s orders, Ping Fan is shaken and dismayed to learn that her mother wants her to take over her twin sister’s identity. With no time to waste, Ping Fan is soon sent out on an important business negotiation with another mob boss which promptly turned dangerous. Getting word of “Ping An’s” whereabouts, Le Jun shows up just in time to see Ping Fan cowering at the corner in the middle of all the fighting. Only having a moment to wonder why someone so good at fighting would be shaking helplessly, Le Jun ends up saves Ping Fan and exacts a promise from her to allow him to start working for her organization.

Ninja’s First Impression:

Dang, T-drama is sure on a roll lately! After such a long drought it looks like my watch list is finally going to be filled with T-dramas once again. Now, The Masked Lover’s plot does feel a bit predictable and is it bad that I kinda wish the mob boss sister is the heroine instead? Still, I am liking the chemistry between the two leads right from the start and the romance certainly feels like it should be plenty cute.

Based on all the promos, there should be another love line that will be showing up soon. The second love line will be between the man that is second in command in the mob group and the hero’s sister who is a nurse. Le Jun’s sister sounds pretty spunky and fiery from the show’s description so I am looking forward to this couple’s romance as well.


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