Episode 6-14 Overview:
Qiao Jie Teng’s Story (Older Brother):

Falling in love with Persecutor Su Liang Yun at first sight, Jie Teng’s excitement wanes just a tiny bit when everyone around him seems to believe that he would have no chance of at all of getting his dream girl. Knowing full well that his older brother is the sort of person that will not change his mind once he falls in love, Xi Ming (Jie Teng’s younger brother) tries to help but Jie Teng is determined to win Liang Yu’s heart by his own effort.

Picking up on Jie Teng’s feelings…since he keeps following her around like a puppy eager to please, Liang Yu tries to ignore Jie Teng hoping he would get the message that she is not interested. Harboring a secret wound from the past, Liang Yu is determined to live her life only for her mother and keeps her distance from everyone else.

Getting Liang Yu’s disinterest message loud and clear, Jie Teng nonetheless continues to do everything he could for her. Increasingly frustrated by Jie Teng’s stubbornness especially when she starts to find herself softening, Liang Yu decides that ignoring Jie Teng is not enough anymore and tells him point blank she has no intention of accepting him…or anyone else for that matter.

Accepting Liang Yu’s rejection Jie Teng finally stops popping up as her knight in shining armor…at least when she could see him. Frustrated and touched once she finds out all the things Jie Teng has been doing for her in secret, Liang Yu tries to tell Jie Teng to stop but knows him well enough that it will be no use.

Qiao Xi Ming’s Story:

With his memory recovered and back in the arms of his loving family, Xi Ming reclaims his smiles once again, especially in Bao Qi’s (heroine) presence. Shedding much of her initial awkwardness with Xi Ming after he first helps her company avoid a crisis then saves her dad from a sticky legal trouble, Bao Qi soon becomes fast friends with Xi Ming…even if he seems to take immense pleasure in teasing her mercilessly.

Grateful to finally have one person she can talk to about her twin sister, our innocent heroine is completely clueless of her own growing feeling towards her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Too naive to know of her own feelings, Bao Qi frowns with puzzlement when she feels a prick of something when she learns that Xi Ming’s beautiful intern is pursuing him earnestly. Harboring a crush on Xi Ming even though he has been nothing but cold to her, Xi Ming’s intern angrily demands to know if he is quitting the law firm because of Bao Qi. Excited to hear the intern’s question, Bao Qi’s friends eagerly ask Xi Ming “Are you extra nice to our Bao Qi?” Always forthright, Xi Ming answers “Yes” which of course sends his intern running away in distraught. So, Bao Qi friends actually asked two questions, the other one being if Xi Ming is romantically interested in Bao Qi but Xi Ming only answered the first question…unless that single yes was to both questions. 

Utterly embarrassed by her friends’ gleeful teasings, Bao Qi FINALLY figures out why her heart is beginning to pound when Xi Ming is around.

Ninja’s Second Impression:

This one has officially made it on my watch list! Just For You’s pacing has been extremely fast and mostly focused on the main two couples, so it has been a wonderfully easy daily to follow. Now, since this is a daily there are a few secondary plots but thus far they have been relatively painless…and I am crossing my fingers earnestly that it will remain that way.

I had mentioned in my first impression the two female leads’ character were not as interesting as the two brothers’. I am happy to report that while I wouldn’t say the two ladies has overtaken the male leads, their characters are starting to hold their own. One of my previous complaints has been that Bao Qi character looks so much like a little kid but her character has really grown on me. I love the fact the writer has given Bao Qi’s character a few really fun quirks such as her tendency to always get lost and unconsciously mutters out loud her thoughts which of course are both hilariously constantly used by Xi Ming to tease her. Bao Qi and Xi Ming’s chemistry might not be the sizzling kind (yet!) but there is no doubt this couple is extremely cute together.

My current favorite is Xi Ming’s love line but I also find Jie Teng’s budding romance with Liang Yun great as well. After all who can resist a guy that is willing to do everything to make a girl happy while knowing full well that his feeling might never be returned.

All in all, Just For You is shaping up to be a great T-daily. Not an addicting drama by any means but one of those rare ones that make you happy just watching it.


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