The Perfect Match Episode 2-3 Quick Overview:

Harboring deep regret after the untimely death of his little sister, Ting En (Chris Wu) can’t help but start acting like an overprotective big brother towards Fen Qing (Ivy Shao) who reminds him of his sister so much.

Unfortunately, for all of Ting En’s overflowing brotherly love, our spunky heroine is only interested in learning cooking from Ting En in the next seven days and makes our hero chase after her every time she does something “dangerous”. Sighing in resignation when Fen Qing rushes off to rescue someone from a group of gangsters, Ting En stuns everyone by impressing the gang boss with a show of super fast Five Finger Fillet and successfully solves the crisis without violence.

Begrudgingly won over by Ting En’s cooking skills AND his puzzling tendency to worry about her needlessly, Fen Qing starts to develop an unlikely friendship with our hero…albeit that doesn’t seem to stop their constant bickering.

Confident that his only interest in Fen Qing is to help her achieve her full potential as a chef so she will not waste her life in the useless night market like his little sister did, Ting En assures our heroine’s childhood friend (whom Ting En falsely believes to be Fen Qing’s boyfriend. The guy does have a crush on Ting En but it is obvious that our heroine only sees her friend as her good buddy.) that he is not a competition to him.

Of course, our hero is bound to eat his words….since his heart is already starting to pound every time Fen Qing gets too close…even if his mind still believes that she is nothing but a little sister to him.

Ninja’s Second Impression:

Squeal!!! I do believe we have a winner! I have always liked Chris Wu but I do think this is the show that will make me fall in love with him. Ivy Shao is also on top of her game as well. I have always had a soft spot for heroines that could beat up the hero but Ivy Shao has been able to make Fen Qing spunky AND endearing at the same time.

It also helps of course that the show has done an extraordinarily good job at creating heart thumping moments between the two leads every episode. Any show that can make me squeal and sigh like a fool is worth its weight in gold.

It probably wasn’t apparent in the overview but the show is also quite good in its comedic timing. The show is not necessairly comedy filled but the director has been great at inserting hilarious sitiuations just when I least expected.

All in all, as you can tell I am super excited about The Pefect Match. It feels like it has been a long time since my last addicting T-drama so it is great that 2017 is finally delivering a few very promising canidates.


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