Taiwanese Daily: Just For You (只為你停留)
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Airs: Monday-Friday
Station: SET


An extremely capable lawyer with an icy personality, Qiao Xi Ming is used to winning every court case…until the sight of his ex-girlfriend sends him running out of the courtroom. Losing all memories of his past after a traumatic experience 10 years ago, Xi Ming has lived a solitary life treating his loving mother and older brother as strangers.

Unsure why seeing his ex-girlfriend would suddenly trigger all his memories to come rushing back, Xi Ming is nonetheless grateful to recover the happy and loving memories of his family. Surprised but overjoyed to see her youngest son finally regaining his once warm and happy personality, Mama Qiao smiles through her tears as Xi Ming promises to move back home.

Running into the girl from the courtroom again soon after he moved back home, Xi Ming is stunned once he figures out that the girl is actually not his ex but her twin. Puzzled when Xu Bao Qi, our heroine tells him that she has no clue where her twin sister is, Xi Ming press further and discovers the unexpected truth that all those years ago, it was really Bao Qi not his ex-girlfriend that was the girl he fell in love with at first sight.

Reluctant to talk about her twin who ran away from home at sixteen to get married to some unknown stranger, Bao Qi would rather not see Xi Ming again but the drama gods intervene and Bao Qi is soon calling Xi Ming for some lawyer advice when her workplace get into some legal trouble.

Patrick Lee plays the older brother and boy, is he perfect for this hilarious yet completely endearing role. Giving up his dream of becoming a national athlete after his father committed suicide, Qiao Jie Teng ends up working as a plumber in order to provide for his mother and little brother.  A serious bodybuilder, Jie Teng has no problem flirting like crazy with all the ladies with words but promptly turns into a deer in the headlight the moment things gets serious.

Speechless once he figures out his older brother has fallen head over heels for Persecutor Su Liang Yun (someone he had several unpleasant court battles with), Xi Ming tries to warn Jie Teng that single female persecutors are a very picky and boring breed but alas Jie Teng just takes Xi Ming’s words as encouragements.

Ninja’s First Impression:

I am trying really hard to not get too excited about this one…but it sure is hard when it looks so promising! Lots of mysteries right off the bat with what exactly drove the hero’s dad to commit suicide, what was so traumatic that caused Xi Ming’s amnesia and finally, what’s up with the mysterious ex-girlfriend. It is obvious the ex-girlfriend was no angel since she had purposefully hidden the fact she was a twin knowing full well that her sister was the one that Xi Ming was interested in.

While the mysteries are mildly intriguing, what I love is how thoroughly charming Jolin Chien and Patrick Lee’s characters are. Both brothers’ romance promises to be fun but I am also looking forward to the bromance between the two male leads as well. The female leads’ character are not quite as catchy…especially since Bao Qi’s character still looks more like a young girl than the 26-year-old full grown woman she is supposed to be but I am hoping as the story get going the female leads will start to shine as well.

All in all, I am pretty excited to finally have a T-daily to possibly add to my watch list!


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