Korean Drama: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순)
Release Date: February 2017
Airs: Fridays & Saturdays
Total Episodes: 16




Small in stature, our heroine Do Bong Soon seems like the least likely person to hide a secret of possessing superhuman strength. Feeling the need to keep her super strength a secret from the world, Bong Soon often has to force herself to look the other way when she sees injustice but of course that doesn’t always work.


After accidentally exposing her secret in front of the very successful and young game developer An Min Hyuk (hero…I think), our still jobless heroine is soon persuaded to become Min Hyuk’s personal bodyguard.

Harboring a secret crush on the straight-laced police detective In Kook Doo (Ji Soo), Bong Soon tries hard to be the willowy refined girl her crush seems to like despite her new job. However, things get complicated between our three leads when a serial kidnapper shows up around Bong Soon’s neighborhood and Bong Soon ends up moving into Min Hyuk’s house.

Ninja’s First Impression:


Cute and hilarious! Well…if you ignore the disturbing parts about the psycho criminal. I was quite pleased with the first two episodes especially with the laugh out loud comedy but it remains to be seen if the show could keep up the fun vibe.


For now, I am happy with watching our heroine oh, so casually out muscling anyone dared to cross her. It also looks like the chemistry between the two leads is quite good.

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