Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (Korean Drama, New)
This one looks like a whole lot of fun with two eye candy heroes and a heroine who possesses super human strength. Episode one was fairly promising so I am crossing my fingers that this one will be a winner.

Detective Samoyeds (Chinese Drama, New)

As you can guess from the name, this is a new C-detective drama that is set in ancient China. I wasn’t too impressed with the first crime case but the show does have lots of fun wacky characters so the detective part might not be as important to the plot.

For those who had watched the 2015 J-drama, Dating: What’s It Like To Be In Love, you might be interested to know that C-drama has decided to make a remake of that show renamed Dating High.

It is usually pretty difficult to reproduce the wackiness of J-dramas so it would be interesting to see if Dating High could live up to the original.

Blow Breeze (Korean Drama, Last 2 episodes airing this weekend)

For those who didn’t have the patience to wade through all the makjang plots but wanted to check back in once the villains get their just reward…it’s time! Blow Breeze did get pretty draggy and repetitive but I am looking forward to how this one will wrap up anyway.

Tomorrow With You (Korean Drama)

I am torn about this one. We are six episodes into the show and the mystery has my full attention…but the pacing feels extremely slow for some strange reason.

Father, I’ll Take Care Of You (Korean Drama)

The good news: The story of the four leads are really picking up and I love it!
The bad news: I am so eager for the scenes with the four leads that I am REALLY tempted to skip all the secondary characters’.

ps. I managed to convince Mama Ninja to be patient during the first few slow set up episodes and I am proud to report that she is now following this one faithfully!

I got a bit jumpy while waiting for new episodes of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms…so I decided to finish watching Journey of Flower (2015). I know, I know, I can’t believe I didn’t finish watching Journey of Flower. I can’t even remember what show distracted me back in 2015. 
I meant to finish Journey of Flower slowly…THAT obviously didn’t happen. After finishing the whole thing in one night and crying my eyes out (My eyes were so swollen I could hardly open them the next day.) I unwisely thought “Hey! I should read the novel!”. I cried my eyes out yet again as I was reading the novel, so as you would expect my poor eyes stayed swollen for like three days.

There are pretty solid rumors about Journey of Flower 2 but it sounds like Zhao Li Ying due to a conflict of schedule will not be reprising her role as the heroine. Wallace Huo should still be the hero though. The TV version of Journey of Flower didn’t finish the last few chapters of the novel (my favorite part!) so I imagine the Journey of Flower 2 will finish the story between the two leads.


I thought the TV version did a good job portraying the novel but the novel was still better. The interaction between the two leads were just more…sexy and tortured in the book. I also love the fact that both leads’ character and their relationship with one another were more complicated as well. For example, in the novel the hero is not above using the heroine’s love for him to get her to do stuff that in his view are the “right” thing to do. As for the heroine, while crazy in love is not naive and has no trouble seeing through our hero…well, except the part that he is also in love with her… THAT surprised both of them.


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