Where we left off last week: Grandfather Kim finally finds out that Mi Poong is his real granddaughter.


Tracking Mi Poong to her last known address, any remaining doubts that might’ve lingered in Grandfather Kim’s mind are completely gone when he sees the flyers that clearly show Mi Poong and Mama Kim had never given up their search for his son. Holding the flyers close, Grandfather Kim cries with bitter regret as he remembers the terrible manner he had treated Mama Kim and Mi Poong before.

Screenshot 2017-02-18 at 12.07.57 PM.png
Clueless that her long lost grandfather is desperately searching for her, Mi Poong is busy surviving…and forcing herself to act normal when she accidentally runs into Jang Go. Having lost all avenue of contacting Mi Poong, Jang Go asks for Mi Poong’s new phone number but was pointedly rejected on the grounds that there is no reason for them to stay in touch.

Already surprised when Grandfather Kim showed up at his house unexpectedly to ask about Mi Poong’s whereabouts one night, Jang Go is even more stunned once Grandfather Kim reinstates his job the next morning. Feeling the necessity to warn Grandfather Kim that he is determined to figure out Shin Ae’s involvement in Mi Poong’s unfair firing, Jang Go is puzzled when Grandfather Kim seemingly have no problem with him going after his grand-daughter.

screenshot-2017-02-18-at-12-33-20-pmFrustrated to hear from Mama Jo that Mama Kim had recognized her voice on the phone and realized Mama Jo was one of the two women that hired someone to impersonate her husband’s father, Shin Ae quickly orders her hired hands to make Mi Poong disappear.

With no protectors to save them anymore, Mi Poong and her family are dragged off by their debt collectors (secretly working for Shin Ae) under the pretense of watching them closely to make sure they pay back the money. Extremely frightened, especially after the thugs tried to force Mi Poong into working as the nightclub hostess, Mi Poong and her family attempt to run away but was promptly captured.

Shaken when a panicking Mama Jo tells her that Mama Lee had mentioned Grandfather Kim had shown up asking about Mi Poong, Shin Ae decides that sending Mi Poong and her family out of Korea is the safest thing.

Reassuring herself that there is no way Grandfather Kim would still be so calm if he knows the truth, Shin Ae rushes over to where Mi Poong is with full confidence that this time there is no way our heroine will turn down her “help”. Apparently still naive as ever, Mama Kim is overjoyed when Shin Ae shows up as their savior but thankfully our heroine is wise enough to be suspicious.

Listening to his grandmother and aunt discussing Shin Ae’s visit with half of an ear, Yoo Sung nonechalently mentions seeing a ring similar to Mama Kim’s at Shin Ae’s house. Realizing that they have missed something very important, Mi Poong and Mama Kim questions Yoo Sung in detail. Looking at each other in disbelief as they come to the realization that Shin Ae’s long lost grandfather might very well be Mi Poong’s, the mother and daughter speedily agree that they must meet Grandfather Kim in person.

Sneaking out of the nightclub on their second attempt of escape, Mi Poong, Mama Kim and Yoo Sung were unfortunately caught by the thugs soon after they made it out to the street.

Afraid that the thugs would beat her mother like the last time they were caught, Mi Poong pleads with the men pitifully while huddling in fear with Mama Kim and Yoo Sung. Just when things seem hopeless, Grandfather Kim arrives with his army of security to save the day. (Grandfather Kim had someone following Shin Ae’s every move so it didn’t take long for him to get word of Mi Poong’s location after Shin Ae’s visit.)

Too stunned at first to register what just happened even as Grandfather Kim stumbles toward her yelling her name, Mi Poong finally snaps out of her shock and runs to her long lost grandfather. Cue tearful heartbreaking reunion between the grandfather and our heroine.

Blissfully ignorant of the happy reunion between Grandfather Kim and his real granddaughter, Shin Ae is busy celebrating her little daughter’s birthday with Daddy Kim. Innocently believing Shin Ae’s declaration that she will be a perfect daughter to him now, Daddy Kim promptly forgets his father’s warning to not be alone with Shin Ae.

Running into Daddy Kim by accident at a buffet restaurant, Mama Lee widens her eyes in disbelief when she recognizes Daddy Kim as Mi Poong’s father. Mama Lee becomes even more confused once she hears Shin Ae calling Daddy Kim “Father”, and starts to wonder if Shin Ae could really be fake. Equally stunned to hear Mama Lee’s suspicion, Grandmother Lee calls Jang Go right away and tells him about what happened.

Jerked out of her dream of living a rich happily ever after, Shin Ae stares with horror when she sees a smiling Mi Poong standing right outside of her house with Mama Kim. Realizing that all her lies have been exposed, a terrified Shin Ae drives off as fast as she could.

Unaware that the Daddy Kim they so desperately wanted to see has just been kidnapped by Shin Ae, Mi Poong and Mama Kim are busy confronting Mama Jo. Utterly shocked to see Mi Poong and her family walking in, a terrified Mama Jo tries to protest innocence but quickly confess everything under Grandfather Kim and her husband’s angry stares.

All his pant up fury could finally be let out, Daddy Jo drags his screaming wife out of the house and towards the river. Collapsing to the ground in fear when Daddy Jo declares “Let’s die together!!”, Mama Jo pleads with her husband for forgiveness but Daddy Jo would hear none of it and tells Mama Jo that it’s the end for two of them.

Jang Go’s unceasing pursuit of Mi Poong’s case finally pays off. Shaking his head in puzzlement when the police show him a video clip that proves Shin Ae is the one that had hit Mama Kim over the head and stolen her ring before, Jang Go mutters “What’s the reason for her (Shin Ae) to go this far?” All his puzzlement suddenly answered the moment Grandmother Lee calls him to tell him that Shin Ae could be a fake, Jang Go rushes over to Grandfather Kim’s to show them the video.

Shaking with anger as they realize the extent of Shin Ae’s evil doings, Grandfather Kim sternly tells Jang Go that he wants Shin Ae to pay for all the tears his precious granddaughter and daughter-in-law have shed.

Knowing Grandfather Kim’s personality well enough to guess that there will be no forgiveness for herself this time, Shin Ae holds onto the hope that the secret funds she has been able to embezzle will allow her to escape overseas with her daughter. Sinking to her knees in despair once her once faithful minion angrily tells her that not only are the money all gone but that they are both fugitives.

Desperate, Shin Ae calls Grandfather Kim and demands a ransom for Daddy Kim’s safe return. Unfortunately for Shin Ae, even in his childlike state Daddy Kim is smart enough to figure out that Shin Ae is acting strangely and manages to escape at the earliest opportunity.

Without Daddy Kim as her shield, Shin Ae still sets out to the ransom location hoping for the best …only to run away the moment she sees the undercover cops coming her way.


Worried sick to know that his precious son is in Shin Ae’s hands, Grandfather Kim, Mi Poong and her family are elated when Daddy Kim suddenly comes home by himself. Eager to show off to his father that he was smart enough to come home by taxi, Daddy Kim’s busy chatter turns to confusion once Grandfather Kim introduces the teary strangers staring at him as his real long lost family.

Trusting his father’s words especially after he spots the ring on Mama Kim’s hand, Daddy Kim promises Grandfather Kim that he will treat Mi Poong and her family as his own.

With Shin Ae on the run and everything back in its rightful place, Jang Go shows up for work one morning to find a brightly smiling Mi Poong happily informing him that she got her job back!

Ninja’s Thoughts:

Whew, FINALLY!!! That took a WHOLE LOT longer than I thought but better late than never.

Here are a few satisfying scenes I didn’t find a place to put in the recap.

Screenshot 2017-02-20 at 11.32.22 AM.png
Scene 1: With nowhere to go after she was tossed out by her husband, Mama Jo shows up at Mama Lee’s house cold and hungry. Too ashamed to admit her wrong doings, Mama Jo avoids her daughter and Mama Lee’s questions as she shoves spoon full of food into her mouth as fast as possible.

Rushing out of the room to pepper Jang Go with questions when he walks into the door, Mama Lee gaps in shock once Jang Go confirms the suspicion she had refused to believe to be true. Only taking a few moments to figure out that if Mama Jo was an accomplice to Shin Ae’s lies then Mama Jo must’ve been purposefully pushing her to be mean to Mi Poong to protect Shin Ae’s evil purpose, Mama Lee screams angrily at Mama Jo to get out of her house. No less angry then Mama Lee especially after thinking about her poor grandson that was forced to get a divorce because of his mother, Grandmother Lee kick both Mama Jo and Mama Lee out. Ha! I love Grandmother Lee. 

Scene 2: Finally reunited with Grandfather Kim and immensely grateful to Jang Go who obviously has never given up on clearing her name, Mi Poong allows herself a moment of weakness as she leans her head on his shoulder.

I don’t imagine Mi Poong is thinking about getting back together with Jang Go just yet though… 

Scene 3: Not really a satisfying scene but it was nice to see that Daddy Jo could genuinely be happy for Mama Jo to be reunited with her husband.

Speaking of Daddy Jo I should also bring up that poor Hee Dong is still refusing to believe the woman he loves could be so evil… even if deep down in his heart he knows that everything his father had told him was probably true.