Full Love (Chinese Drama, New)

I was interested in this one because it has Hawick Lau in it, but unfortunately the premise of a modern day couple trying to raise their child while working just can’t keep my attention.

Long For You (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: Gifted/cursed with immortality after an accident a thousand years ago, our heroine has lived a lonely life missing her first love. Finally finding a man, an aspiring idol who looks like her first love, our heroine does everything she can to stay by him.

Lots of mystery and dark intrigue in this one. The pacing is a tad bit slow for my taste, but I do like our enigmatic heroine who doesn’t bother to be nice to those who dare to cross her.

A Life (Japanese Drama)

I am still following this one faithfully since it does have Kimura in it after all. As far as J-medical drama goes, A Life is probably not the best there it but I am impressed with the amount of character depth the writer has injected to all the characters in the show so still worth checking out even if you are not a stout Kimura fan.

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Chinese Drama)

My current addiction! The story does get a tiny bit draggy but that hasn’t stopped me from following it everyday.

Saimdang Lights Diary (Korean Drama)

Sigh…I had so much hope for this show but after eight episodes I am just not feeling it. Now, Song Seung Heon is actually doing great and lights up the screen every time he shows up but even his charm is not saving this show for me.

My issue I think is because my expectation of the story is so drastically different than what the plot has turned out to be. Based on the first two episodes, I had thought we might have some time traveling element or at the very least the mashing of the modern time line and the heroine’s past life. However, what we have instead are two stories, albeit connected but progressing independently of the other. So, it seems like I am watching a historical court intrigue drama mostly but switching to the modern day every twenty minutes or so. As much as I am sorely tempted to just give up on Saimdang entirely I do like Song Seung Heon’s hero enough that I will probably at least stick around for another week or two in hopes the meandering plot will finally find a focus.

Star of the Universe (Korean Drama, Finished)

Mama Ninja has been really interested in short dramas lately so this one and the one below are two she has been watching. Star of the Universe has a fun premise of the heroine being an angel of death who wants to save her idol from dying…except the gods are also a big fan of her idol and would really like his presence in heaven.

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me (Chinese Drama, Finished)

Because of the name and the promo poster, I had mistakenly thought this one is a remake of Mike He and Rainie Yang’s 2005 drama Devil Beside You, but nope, this one is actually based on a novel of the same name.

I haven’t watched this one but the synopsis reminds me a bit of Hana Yori Dango. One thing that did pique my interest though, the hero possesses a condition where he is allergic to kisses but of course our heroine is an exception.

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me did just “finish”, however, that was only season one and season two will start on March 14, 2017.


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