Korean Drama: Tomorrow With You (내일 그대와)
Station: tvN
Release Date: Feb 3, 2017
Airs: Fridays & Saturdays
Total Episodes: 16
Leads: Shin Min A & Lee Je Hoon


A well known child star back in her glory days, all Song Ma Rin wants now is to become a professional photographer…and for the reporters to stop posting embarrassing pictures of her online.

Flattered mixed in with a heavy dose of suspicion when a complete stranger approaches her claiming to be interested in her, our heroine nonetheless finds herself intrigued as the stranger keeps popping up in her life.

Unbeknownst to Ma Rin, the stranger, Yoo So Joon is not only a successful real estate tycoon but a time traveler as well. Stunned when he traveled to the future of March 25, 2019 and witnessed his own death, So Joon takes the advice of a fellow time traveler to figure out how Ma Rin, the woman who died at the exact same time and place as him is connected to his fate.

Ninja’s First Impression:


What an intriguing story. I was expecting a fairy tale sort of romance but what we have instead is a story that dives into the difference facets of human experiences with  a heavy dose of super natural. There is still plenty of romance though so don’t worry. 

After watching the first four episodes, I wouldn’t exactly call this one a solid winner just yet but I do love the character depth the writer has already given the two leads. I particularly have a soft spot for Shin Min A’s heroine who struggles so hard to shed her past and live a normal life. Our hero is a lot more complex of a character to understand…and maybe less easy to love than the heroine but then he is also the character that makes this story interesting.


All in all, a very promising start to Tomorrow With You. For those of you who liked Lee Je Hoon’s last drama Signal (2016), this one have just enough of a similar vibe I think it would be worth checking out.