Where we left off last week: After much hard work, Mi Poong and Mama Kim’s dumplings are finally ready to be sold on TV. Getting word of Mi Poong’s plan to publicly search for her dad on television, Shin Ae orders her subordinate to do whatever it takes to stop the broadcast.


All their excitement turning to confused dismay when their show is suddenly cancelled, Mi Poong could hardly believe her eyes when the shopping channel producer shows her a video of clip of someone finding a bug in their dumpling. Refusing to listen to Mi Poong’s protest of innocence, the TV station demands restitution for all the money they have lost for the show’s cancellation.

The repercussion of the bogus video proves to be great as Mi Poong’s once loyal customers promptly becomes their biggest critic and they face losing everything they have built. screenshot-2017-02-11-at-11-23-52-am
With Grandfather Kim in a coma, Shin Ae quickly makes herself the acting chairman and promptly fires Jang Go after finding out that he has been digging into her misuse of company funds.

Already upset to hear from Mama Jo that her son had lost his job (Mama Jo of course blames it on Mi Poong as the cause), Mama Lee is horrified when she gets another shocking news that Grandmother Lee had allowed the TV station to use the house as a collateral for Mi Poong’s dumplings. With the TV station demanding compensation, the Lee family could lose the house that Jang Go’s father had left them.


More convinced than ever that any further association with Mi Poong will destroy her whole family, Mama Lee pleas with Mi Poong to end her marriage with her son. Stunned to find out the extend of misfortune she has caused Jang Go, Mi Poong tearfully promises Mama Lee that she will get a divorce.


With his mother threatening to commit suicide and Mi Poong asking for a divorce once again, our hero finally agrees to end the marriage as well.

Divorced and forced to close the dumpling store, Mi Poong is back to be completely alone as she struggles to support her family.


Satisfied that she has sufficiently made sure Mi Poong and her mother would no longer be a problem, Shin Ae turns her attention to getting rid of Daddy Kim. Distressed when Shin Ae brings up the subject of sending him overseas for “treatments”, Daddy Kim wisely records Shin Ae’s threats but then unwisely tells her about it. Flying into a rage, Shin Ae grabs Daddy Kim’s phone and furiously stumps on it. Stunned when he walks into the hospital room and catches Shin Ae in the act of destroying Daddy Kim’s phone, Daddy Jo’s mounting suspicion finally propels him to figure out what’s in the phone.

Listening with disbelief as Daddy Kim’s newly fixed phone reveals the ugly threats Shin Ae said in the hospital room, Daddy Jo wonders out loud if Shin Ae really is Daddy Kim’s daughter. Narrowing his eyes when he remembers his last conversation with Grandfather Kim where Grandfather Kim had repeatedly asked if he had not told his wife about the DNA test, Daddy Jo becomes suspicious enough that he decides to do another DNA test.


Finally confirming with the second DNA test that Shin Ae is indeed a fake, Daddy Jo wants nothing more than to toss Shin Ae out of the door but Grandfather Kim wakes up from his coma in time to stop Daddy Jo from revealing the truth.


Quickly figuring out between themselves that 1. Mama Jo is an accomplice to Shin Ae’s lies 2. Shin Ae must know Grandfather Kim’s real grand-daughter in order to pass the first DNA test, Grandfather Kim wisely warns Daddy Jo to not expose Shin Ae until they have found his real grand-daughter. Agreeing to Grandfather Kim’s concern that Shin Ae might hurt the real grand-daughter if she gets desperate, Daddy Jo nonetheless couldn’t control his anger and slaps his wife the moment he sees her in the hospital hallway. Dumbfounded, Mama Jo angrily demands an explanation but of course Daddy Jo, remembering his promise to Grandfather Kim could not offer any.


Hiring a private detective right away to track down Grandfather Kim’s real grad-daughter via digging into Shin Ae’s past, both Grandfather Kim and Daddy Jo are surprised when the private detective reports that Mi Poong’s family seems to be the only choice fitting their search. Shaking his head instinctively, Grandfather Kim tells the private detective that he knows Mi Poong and is sure that she can’t possibly be the one they are searching for. Not so quick to dismiss the private detective’s suggestion, Daddy Jo tells Grandfather Kim of a recent encounter with Mama Kim where she was desperate enough to borrow money from him and convinces Grandfather Kim to at least meet Mi Poong again for some questioning.


Unfortunately, Mi Poong and her family are in such a dire straits that by the time Daddy Jo tries to contact them, they are nowhere to be found. Chased by their debt collectors while trying to scrap enough money to pay for Yoo Sung’s (Mama Kim’s grandson and the reason she had to borrow money from Daddy Jo) unexpected hospital bills, our poor heroine doesn’t even have her trusty Jang Go oppa to lean on anymore.


Belatedly realizing that Daddy Kim’s real family might be searching for him as well, Grandfather Kim and Daddy Jo pay a visit to the government agency that deals with North Korea defectors. Stunned to be informed that Daddy Kim’s family really is actively searching for him, an overwhelmed Grandfather Kim sobs as he watches a video of Mi Poong and Mama Kim pleading to be reunited with his son.


While Grandfather Kim is busy searching for Mi Poong, our heroine is also slowly discovering the big conspiracy that has been shrouded around her family. At first surprised to suddenly see her “grandfather” showing up at her door step, Mi Poong widen her eyes in disbelief when the man confesses that he has been living in remorse ever since he was hired by two women to pretend to be Grandfather Kim. Apologizing sincerely, the man tells Mi Poong and Mama Kim that while he doesn’t know who those two women were but he had the phone number they contacted him with. Enraged that someone would actually go so far to deceive them, Mama Kim calls the number right away and is completely flabbergasted once she recognize the woman’s voice as none other than Mama Jo’s.

Ninja’s Thoughts


I probably should’ve figured out long before, but this show has been extended to end at episode 53. Whew, that makes a lot more sense. I was really tempted to ring the writer’s neck when I thought she was going to drag the “big reveal” until the very last episode. As it is I am still not too happy with how draggy this show got but I am hoping the writer will at least give us a decent wrap up with the last four episodes.


I was fairly surprised that the two leads actually got a divorced but then I guess that was unavoidable since the writer was obviously set on pushing our poor heroine to the depth of despair before giving her a triumph return. I have been pretty satisfied with our hero thus far so I am a bit torn between wanting to see Mama Lee suffer a bit once she realizes Mi Poong’s true identity and my desire to just see our two leads get their happy ending…

Speaking of happy ending, I sure hope the writer could work some magic to make little Yoo Jin, Hee Dong and Daddy Jo have their own happy endings…even if that really seem unlikely.

I didn’t find a good place to put Hee Dong’s story in the recap so here it is:


His heart already softening after Yoo Jin tearfully pleads with him to come home, Hee Dong finally relents after Yoo Jin runs away from home believing that as long as she goes back to the orphanage Hee Dong and her mother would be able to save their marriage. Shaking with relief when he finally finds Yoo Jin, Hee Dong promises an overjoyed Yoo Jin that he will move back home.


Dismayed by the thought of how hurt his son would be if he found out the truth about Shin Ae, Daddy Jo decides to simply advise Hee Dong to get a divorce without revealing Shin Ae’s lies. Flying off the handle when she overheard Daddy Jo’s conversation with her son, Mama Jo could see all her lovely money flying out the window and vehemently tells Hee Dong that he can’t get a divorce.


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