The Starry Night, The Starry Sea (Chinese Drama, New)

Synopsis: A merman possessing incredible power, our hero’s once immortal life is fast running out of time. Showing up at a small seaside village after finding out that an ordinary human girl holds the key to saving his life, our hero begins to use his power to solve our heroine’s various problems.

Sigh…I would normally be interested in a story such as this since it really feels like a cross between The Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin except…

after staring at Lee Min Ho…

Then Lee Dong Wook AND Gong Yoo…I just can’t muster up enough interest.

screenshot-2017-02-03-at-11-49-46-amTomorrow With You (Korean Drama, New)

Hmm…this drama takes on the very interesting premise of “If you know the exact day and time when you would die…what would you do to change it?” Our hero is a time traveler so that makes the answer that much more interesting.

I was pretty intrigued after checking out the first two episodes…not to the point of being wowed yet but enough to look forward to the next episode.

Chief Kim (Korean Drama)

The crazy wackiness of this show has finally gotten to me. I keep thinking “I am going to lose interest in this show anytime now”…then I keep laughing…and watching.

Ashita Kekkon Shimasu (Japanese Drama)

Synopsis: Holding onto her dream of getting married and becoming a full time mom, our heroine wants nothing to do with romances that doesn’t lead to marriage. Of course thanks to the great drama gods, what our heroine got instead was a hero who wants nothing to do with marriage.

I know the synopsis sounds like your typical every other J-romance but based on episode one I think this show might just have that special something to distinguish itself from the crowd.

The King of Romance (Taiwanese Drama)

Both me and Mama Ninja are still following this one faithfully. I am happy to report that the show has continued to be solid and cute.

Kimi Wa Petto 2017 (Japanese Drama, New)

This newest remake of Kimi Wa Petto was a much needed pleasant surprise this week.

I would’ve bet some good money that there is no way any remake of Kimi Wa Petta could surpass the Koyuki and Jun Matsumoto pairing…but I think this show might just accomplish the impossible.
Miss In Kiss (Taiwanese Drama)

Speaking of remakes accomplishing the impossible…  A few weeks ago I checked back in with Miss In Kiss on a lark and despite my initial negative first impression of this newest version I actually found myself changing my opinion. The acting all around has improved after the first few beginning episodes and this might be crazy talks but I think this version’s Kotoko might have a chance of becoming my favorite.


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