Drama: The Lady & The Liar

Synopsis: The heroine loses her memory in a train accident, and ends up falling into the hands of a mob boss who convinces her that she is his fiancee. In the mean time, a female thief decides to take over the heroine’s identity as the long lost heiress and tries to claim the heroine’s (who just recovered his eye sight) real fiancee as her own.

Quick Summary of Episode 1-5

Jiang Xin, a street magician saves the life of Shanghai’s powerful mob boss Bai Zheng Qing by chance and quickly becomes his love interest. Intimidated by Zheng Qing’s world and cruelty, Jiang Xin wants nothing to do with him. Furthermore, Jiang Xin is already in love with the gentle but blind Sheng Jie Wen.


True to his fierce nickname as “the wolf”, Zheng Qing uses threats to get Jiang Xin to agree to be his fiancee. However,when Jie Wen shows up to stop Zheng Qing from taking his girlfriend away, Zheng Qing surprisingly lets her go. Jie Wen turns out to be Zheng Qing’s half brother who Zheng Qing’s father specifically asked him to pay special care for.

The incident with Bai Zheng Qing convinces Jie Wen that he needs to recover his eye sight to truly protects Jiang Xin and he decides to leave for England to treat his eyes. Promising to wait for Jie Wen’s return to marry her, Jiang Xin sends him away.

Upon returning home, Jiang Xin finds out that she is actually the sole heiress to a wealthy family. Bidding her adoptive father goodbye with a promise to come back for him, Jiang Xin boards a train to go see her biological family.

In the mean time, a female thief, Duo Xiao Han, who is actually Jiang Xin’s neighbor escapes from prison and hides herself on the same train Jiang Xin is on.

While Xiao Han is trying to escape from the train officials, Jiang Xin rescues her at the last minute. Xiao Han is stunned by Jiang Xin’s sudden transformation into the long lost heiress of the wealthy Ye family and when the train derails killing the only man who knows what Jiang Xin looks like, Xiao Han has a sudden idea. Ignoring the pleading of Jiang Xin who tells her not to let her drop into the water because she can’t swim, Xiao Han takes Jiang Xin’s necklace and releases her grip on Jiang Xin’s hand.

At the medical center, thanks to Jiang Xin’s necklace, Xiao Han’s plan works without a hitch and she is soon escorted back to the Ye mansion as their long lost granddaughter. Unbeknownst to Xiao Han, Jiang Xin is also recovering in the same medical center, but due to her injuries is suffering from amnesia.

Unable to forget Jiang Xin even though he has already given her up to his step brother, Zheng Qing is informed of Jiang Xin’s train accident at the earliest opportunity. Luckily, Zheng Qing just happens to be in the same city as Jiang Xin due to a business trip so he was able to immediately drop everything to rush to the medical center. Feeling completely lost due to her amnesia, Jiang Xian looks up to see Zheng Qing nervously asking her if she is okay.

When Zhang Qing realizes Jiang Xian has lost all her memories, he quickly tells her that she is his fiancee. Seeing genuine concern on Zheng Qing’s face, Jiang Xian believes him.

In the mean time, Xiao Han’s is being doted on by Jiang Xian’s real mom who is overjoyed to finally find her daughter. Chairman Ye (Jiang Xian’s grandfather), however, is not so easily convinced and harbors doubts about Xiao Han’s identity.

Feeling lost because of her amnesia, Jiang Xian is eager to recover her memory… much to Zheng Qing’s reluctance. Knowing Jiang Xian’s past aversion to his “career choice”, Zheng Qing tells her that he is just a normal businessman. However, when Jiang Xian chance upon Zheng Qing making a deal with the Japanese to sell a potent street drug in Shanghai, the lie is quickly exposed.

Faced with Jiang Xian’s accusing eyes and declaration that she can never trust someone like him, Zheng Qing can only give a feeble reply “My love for you is true.” Not surprisingly, Zheng Qing’s love confession ended with a slammed door in his face. Turning to his man, Zheng Qing sighs “She still can’t accept my world after all.”


I love dramas set in this period of time (around the 30’s in China), and it doesn’t hurt that Hawick Lau is in it as well. I can’t say he is the best looking Chinese actor or even the most talented BUT I just love watching him on screen. This show is gorgeous to watch and the plot certainly move fast. I am a tad bit concerned with Hawick Lau’s character Zheng Qing though. I REALLY want Zheng Qing to be the hero who gets the girl at the end, but the fact any feeling Jiang Xian will develop for him will be based on a lie makes me quite nervous. Of course, Jiang Xian’s memory of her first love is also a time bomb.

Anyhow, awesome show. Despite my misgivings, I am addicted to it right now so I am hoping it all end well = exactly the way I wanted it to end.

Episode 6

Using the pretense that he is willing to sell drugs for the Japanese, Zheng Qing was able to destroy all the narcotics with fire. Teaming up with the Zheng Qing’s adoptive brother who has been wanting to kill him, the Japanese kidnaps Jiang Xin who ran away from home due to her belief that Zheng Qing is a mob boss without moral.

Knowing full well he is walking into a trap, Zheng Qing still shows up by himself to rescue Jiang Xin. When Zheng Qing’s adoptive brother tells him to stabs himself in the leg or he will kill Jiang Xin, Zheng Qing does it much to Jiang Xin’s horror.

Thanks to some quick thinking by his men, Zheng Qing was able to save Jiang Xin.

Realizing she misunderstood Zheng Qing about the drugs and moved by his obvious love for her, Jiang Xi embraces Zheng Qing and tells him that she understand now that in his world there are a lot of things that can’t be helped.

Knowing full well that Chairman Ye is suspicious of her, Xiao Han fakes an accident so she could fall right on some nails that would cause a scar to cover up the area she should’ve had a smallpox vaccine scar. (Because Jiang Xin has one) Totally fooled by Xiao Han, Chairman Ye chides himself for doubting her identity. It would be so ironic if she dies from smallpox. 
Episode 7

Jiang Xin comes back to Zheng Qing’s home in Shanghai and is quickly greeted by Yao Mei Er, a famous actress that is being touted as the current “Lady Bai” (Kinda like the 007 Bond Girls) Showing off how close she is to Zheng Qing, Mei Er tells Jiang Xin to get ready to leave the house since she is obviously not a match for someone like Zheng Qing.

In the mean time, Chairman Ye has also decided to move his whole family to Shanghai. On Xiao Han’s first day back in Shanghai, she runs into Jiang Xin’s adoptive father. Afraid that Jiang Xin’s adoptive father could spoil her plan, Xiao Han poisons him and sets fire to his house.

Zheng Qing comes home and senses something is wrong right way when he sees Jiang Xin cleaning his house with a rag. Understanding dawns right away when his man informs him of Mei Er’s visit. Zheng Qing is nevertheless a bit tongue tied when Jiang Xin tells him that she is trying to earn her own living to prepare for the day when the next Lady Bai shows up.

Pulling out his mother’s ring, Zheng Qing assures Jiang Xin that he will make sure that all of Shanghai knows that she is his fiancee. Pacified, Jiang Xin admits that she actually doesn’t doubt his feelings for her but is more worried about the gap in their status.

Episode 8

Zheng Qing’s man goes to find Jiang Xin’s adoptive father only to see that Jie Wen (heroine’s first love/hero’s half brother) is already there talking to the police about the fire that killed Jiang Xin’s adoptive father. His eye sight completely recovered, Jie Wen is puzzled as to why Jiang Xin would leave Shanghai. Walking around with Jiang Xin’s magic trick box, Jie Wen runs right into Jiang Xin but has no idea she is the one he is looking for.

Back tracking a bit, to appease Jiang Xin’s desire to go back to her old neighborhood, Zheng Qing does take her to a poverty stricken neighborhood that looks just like the one she used to live at, but since it is not actually the one she lived at so no one recognized her.    Zheng Qing’s tells his man to make sure Jiang Xin’s adoptive father receives a proper burial and decides to let his half brother leave the city in search of a girl he will never find.

Jumping on the opportunity to welcome the wealthy Ye family into Shanghai, Zheng Qing and Master Lei (head of another large family in Shanghai) soon present themselves to Chairman Ye. Showing her interest in Zheng Qing right away, Xiao Han is not shy to let her intentions known.

However, Xiao Han is not so confident once Zheng Qing presents Jiang Xin at a fund raising party as his fiancee. Dropping her glass in shock, Xiao Han runs away in fear.

Overwhelmed by the social gap between her and the party attendee, Jiang Xin sneaks away to the garden. Chairman Ye jumps in surprise when he sees Jiang Xin falling while climbing a tree. The Chairman and Jiang Xin spends time together as they discuss the different types of cicadas. When Chairman Ye starts to teach Jiang Xin a poem that he used to teach his grand-daughter, he couldn’t help but notice how much Jiang Xin reminds him of the little girl.
Episode 9
I am not sure what happened to episode 9, since some of this hour was a repeat of episode 8, but we do have some new stuff.

Convinced that she is about to be exposed, Xiao Han gets ready to run until she meets Mei Er (the actress that is letting everyone believe that she is Zheng Qing’s girlfriend) who complains loudly the ridiculousness of Zheng Qing choosing a woman who is of questionable background since she has lost all memories of her past.

A few close encounters with Jiang Xin assures Xiao Han that Jiang Xin really has no recollection of her and that her lies are still safe.

Xiao Han vows to chase Jiang Xin away as she watches Jiang Xin happily running towards Zheng Qing after he wins a game of polo for the fundraising. Side note: Zheng Qing wins the game despite Mr. Lei’s good for nothing son resorts to cheating and thus making Mr. Lei lose 10 times of the betting amount as they agreed.
Episode 10


Under the pretense of wanting to befriend Jiang Xin, Xiao Han takes her out to the garden and secretly makes her own necklace disappear so she can pretend that Jiang Xin lost her necklace while holding Xiao Han’s purse.
Despite Xiao Han’s effort, Chairman Ye still forms good opinion of Jiang Xin and even tells Mama Lan (Jiang Xin’s biological mom) about Jiang Xin.
Convinced of the vital importance of getting rid of Jiang Xin, Xiao Han goes to visit Jiang Xin at her house and tries to push her off the second floor balcony but is stopped with Jiang Xin’s monkey jumped to her rescue. (The monkey is her pet that used to help her with magic tricks and escaped from the fire that killed Jiang Xin’s adoptive father.)
Undaunted, Xiao Han poisons the food that Jiang Xin cooked for the factory worker. With all the factory worker in the hospital, Jiang Xin makes the daring decision to use villagers that have been in a feud with Master Lei.
While Jiang Xin’s action angered Master Lei but she did end up gaining the approval of an elderly uncle of Zheng Qing who before the incident had strongly disapprove of her.
Not one to forget a grudge, Master Lei pretends to extend a peaceful hand to the villagers when he is secretly planning to forcefully sell all the men to overseas.
Episode 11
Chairman Ye finds out that Xiao Han has been secretly going out at night and after searching the town, Chairman Ye finds a drunken Xiao Han in the arm of some strange man. Believing Xiao Han’s unsavory conduct is due to his neglect to teach his granddaughter, Chairman Ye encourages Xiao Han to make friends with Jiang Xin
It just so happens Jiang Xin also desires to learn from Chairman Ye so Chairman Ye happily suggests that both Jiang Xin and Xiao Han can learn from him together.


Unaware of Master Lei’s secret plan to sell all the villagers, Jiang Xin is happily praising Master Lei’s goodness and prepares to send the villagers off to work overseas with fanfare. Knowing full well that Master Lei is not someone that would forgive easily, Zheng Qing tries to prepare for the very worst.
The next day, knowing Jiang Xin is going to show up for her lesson, Xiao Han makes use of Mama Lan’s allergy to seafood to stop the mother and daughter from meeting.
Episode 12
Chairman Ye teach both girls how to play Chinese chess and after hearing Chairman Ye praising of how similarly Jiang Xin plays like Mama Lan, Xiao Han stays up through the night to work on her chess playing.
Confident in her ability after a night of hard work, Xiao Han tricks Jiang Xin into betting her engagement ring on a game of chess. Believing Xiao Han’s bet is only a joke, Jiang Xin nervously tries to get her ring back when Xiao Han refuses to return the ring. During the argument, Xiao Han tosses the ring into the swimming pool and taunts Jiang Xin. The water triggers Jiang Xin’s memory and she faints.
Worried about Jiang Xin, Chairman Ye personally stays by her bedside and is surprised when he finds out that Jiang Xin was also on the same train Xiao Han was on. Suspicious once more, Chairman Ye wonders if Jiang Xin is the real deal and Xiao Han is the fake one.
After gaining the villagers’ trust, Master Lei tricks them into a locked cell on a boat. One of the villagers narrowly escapes and runs to Jiang Xin for help. Faced with an angry Jiang Xin, Master Lei casually tells her that Jiang Xin has no right to interfere. Zheng Qing shows up to drag Jiang Xin away and that’s when Jiang Xin realizes that he knew all along Master Lei’s true intention.
I am getting rather tired of Xiao Han’s character. While I don’t necessary want Jiang Xin’s real fiancee to show up… I am kinda ready to see a new face.
Poor Zheng Qing. He is always getting misunderstood. This scene is where he is trying to get Master Lei to give up his revenge plan against the villagers by offering to give half of his business to Master Lei. Not swayed, Master Lei just tells Zheng Qing to not lose his wealth over a woman.
Episode 13
Really suspicious of Xiao Han’s identity now, Chairman Ye sends Secretary Wang to meet with the pawnshop owner that accepted Jiang Xin’s necklace. Apparently luck is STILL on the evil villain’s side, since Xiao Han chooses that very moment to hear Chairman Ye’s orders and kills the pawnshop owner before Secretary Wang shows up.
Determined to rescue the villagers even after Zheng Qing tells her a story where his rash decision to “serve justice” had caused many of Bai family’s lives when he was young, Jiang Xin decides to steal Master Lei’s jade identity token by herself in order not to involve the Bai family.
Master Lei’s son catches Jiang Xin in her lie and tries to force himself on her. Zheng Qing arrives in time to save both his girl and the villagers but as Zheng Qing turns to leave, Master Lei’s son holds up his gun. Thanks to some quick moves, Zheng Qing is able to pull Jiang Xin to safety but Master Lei’s son wasn’t so lucky when the bullet releases the mental boat anchor and kills him on impact.
Thanks to Zheng Qing’s tip off to the police, Master Lei’s home is also invaded by bunch of police trying to gather all his illegal evidences. Crazed by the death of his only son, Master Lei kills Zheng Qing’s elderly uncle who shows up to warn Master Lei to run away.
Watching a Zheng Qing who can’t even properly grief for his uncle due to his status as the head of Bai family, Jiang Xin finally understands the amount of weights that lies on Zheng Qing’s shoulders.
Episode 14
Chairman Ye tricks Xiao Han into believing that Mama Lan has smallpox. Convinced of his suspicion after observing Xiao Han’s fear of the smallpox and Jiang Xin’s willingness to offer help since she has the immunization, Chairman Ye confronts Xiao Han with her lies. Realizing she can’t talk her way out of this one, Xiao Han resolutely kills Chairman Ye by pushing him off the second floor balcony. I have a bad feeling about this… I was hoping the show would stop at killing Jiang Xin’s adoptive father… but this just might turn out to be one of those shows where almost every dies. 
Glorying in her status to have all of the Ye family wealthy within her grasp now, Xiao Han starts to show her true nature to the extent that even the servants are doubting her identity in secret.
Episode 15
Wanting to chase away all the bad things that happened, Zheng Qing decides to start the ball rolling on his wedding with Jiang Xin. Feeling embarrassed that she has pretty much just relied on Zheng Qing for everything, Jiang Xin convinces Zheng Qing to let her go out to work so she could earn enough money to buy his wedding ring with her own money.
Dressing up as a man, Jiang Xin has no luck in finding a job until she gets hired by a newspaper agency. Unbeknownst to Zheng Qing, the very agency he bribed the owner to hire Jiang Xin is also where Jie Wen (Jiang Xin’s real fiancee) works.
Just when Xiao Han is having a blast wielding her power as the head of Ye family, her worst nightmare, Detective Tong (of the prison where she was at) shows up to threaten her with his knowledge of her secret. Reluctantly, Xiao Han agrees to find a way to fire Secretary Wang so Detective Tong can take his place.
Episode 16
Jiang Xin ends up being assigned as Jie Wen’s assistant. Jie Wen hears Jiang Xin’s voice before seeing her and thought for sure his fiancee has come back to him. Soon, Jie Wen’s joy turns to distaste when he sees that Jiang Xin is a man (in her disguise). Bothered to hear his beloved’s voice on a man, Jie Wen tries to forbid Jiang Xin from speaking, but relents when she complaints loudly.
Mama Lan gives Secretary Wang some money b/c she feels so terrible about his departure.
Xiao Han successfully gets rid of Secretary Wang by falsely accusing him of embezzlement and puts Detective Tong in his place. Detective Tong wants Xiao Han to poison Mama Lan, but she hesitates.
The more Jie Wen spends time with Jiang Xin the more similarities he notices between her and his fiancee to the point he decides to arranges a meeting between Zheng Qing and Jiang Xin so he can prove once and for all who Jiang Xin really is. Jie Wen’s reasoning is that since Zheng Qing knows what his fiancee looks like then Zheng Qing is bond to recognize Jiang Xin if she really is the girl he has been searching for.  
Episode 17 
Unfortunately for Jie Wen, Jiang Xin and Zheng Qing has already agreed to pretend to be complete strangers when she interviews him so Jie Wen ends up missing the opportunity to find out Jiang Xin’s real identity.
Upon Zheng Qing’s departure, Jie Wen rips up Jiang Xin’s interview notes and takes her out on the street to show her how poorly the people thinks of the Bai family.
Determined to do some much needed public relation rescue for Zheng Qing, Jiang Xin convinces him to let her stay at the news agency until she finishes writing an article to correct the people’s view of him.
Mama Ye catches Detective Tong in the act of trying to slap one of the servant for criticizing him and Xiao Han. Unhappy to still have to keep up his pretense in front of Mama Ye, Detective Tong urges a still reluctant Xiao Han to poison her.
Episode 18 

During a stormy night, Zheng Qing watches Jiang Xin as she looks out the window and wonders to himself “All these things I have forced on her… is it really what she wants?”

The scene was deliberately fuzzy with our two leads on the bed in the background.
 Unsettled by his fear, Zheng Qing asks Jiang Xin if she will stay by him no matter what happens. Giving a slight smile, Jiang Xin answers yes. (and I think the two spends the night together here…)
Let’s all take a moment to feel really bad for Jie Wen who is frantically running around in his garden trying to shield Jiang Xin’s favorite floor from the storm while Jiang Xin is in Zheng Qing’s arms.

The next morning, Jiang Xin drags Zheng Qing and all of his men out to the streets so they can buy food and eat among the local vendors. Going one step further, Jiang Xin makes a surprise announcement that the Bai family will start a school for the local children for free.

 Sheepishly, Jiang Xin asks Zheng Qing if he is angry with her for making such a big announcement without talking to him, but Zheng Qing just thank her for all that she is doing for his family.

Xiao Han follows Zheng Qing to Jie Wen’s house just in time to see a blinded Jie Wen (b/c his eyes were wrapped up… I am assuming for medical purposes) embracing Jiang Xin when he hears her voice. Jiang Xin quickly tells Jie Wen that he has mistaken her for his fiancee.

Xiao Han tells Zheng Qing about Jiang Xin and Jie Wen’s embrace. Zheng Qing calmly asks Jiang Xin about the embrace to which Jiang Xin asks him about Jie Wen’s assertion that he once resorted to threats to keep a girl with him. Ha, I can’t wait until she remembers that the girl was herself. Of course, all these things finally clues Zheng Qing in that Jiang Xin’s picky editor is none other than his half brother Jie Wen. Worried about Jie Wen’s presence, Zheng Qing decides to move the wedding date up.
Episode 19

Jiang Xin and Zheng Qing visit Mama Lan to personally ask her to be their wedding witness. Mama Lan happily agrees and even makes herself Jiang Xin’s godmother. Unable to really find a good reason to oppose Mama Lan’s suggestion, Xiao Han can only pout.

That night, still bothered how enamored Mama Lan is with Jiang Xin, Xiao Han goes out drinking and almost gets hit by a man. Showing up just in time to save Xiao Han, Jie Wen is surprised by how much Xiao Han seems to genuinely care about Mama Lan.

Feeling increasingly unsettled, Zheng Qing asks Jiang Xin one more time if she promises to never leave him. Smiling, Jiang Xin reassures Zheng Qing totally unaware Jie Wen is on his way to reveal the truth.
Episode 20

Despite having suffered a motorcycle accident on the way there, Jie Wen ignores his wounds and storms into the Bai mansion to show Jiang Xin a picture of two of them dancing together. (That was also how he finally confirmed that Jiang Xin is his fiancee.)

Stunned by Jie Wen’s words, Jiang Xin demands answers from Zheng Qing. Knowing there is no way to hide the truth anymore, Zheng Qing confesses his lies, including the death of Jiang Xin’s adoptive father.
Episode 21

Unmoved by Zheng Qing’s plea for her to stay, Jiang Xin leaves with Jie Wen. Jie Wen shows Jiang Xin her magic box but unknowingly stops her from finding the letter her adoptive father left for her.

Chun Hua (Jiang Xin’s maid at the Bai household) shows up at Jie Wen’s house professing her loyalty and determination to support Jie Wen as Jiang Xin’s true love. Really there on a mission to turn Jiang Xin back to Zheng Qing, Chun Hua nonchalantly mentions how desolate Zheng Qing is and how he is still holding the wedding like they planned. Hearing Chun Hua’s words and seeing the perfume Zheng Qing bought for her, Jiang Xin’s spirit falls as she thinks back to Zheng Qing’s romantic proposal to her.

The next day, Jiang Xin visits her adoptive father’s grave and is moved when she finds out that Zheng Qing has been showing up at the grave site at least once a month. When Jiang Xin wondered why Zheng Qing would go to such an extent, the care taker replies that Zheng Qing has once referred to Jiang Xin’s adoptive father as the man who he has wronged the most.

Sitting with Chun Hua, Jiang Xin admits that she can’t seem to forget Zheng Qing and she doesn’t have the confidence that she could remember her love for Jie Wen either.

Episode 22 
Chun Hua tricks Jiang Xin by telling her that she has accidentally lost Jiang Xin’s engagement ring from Zheng Qing and that a nice passerby has arranged for them to pick it from him the next day.

Trying to do anything to help Jiang Xin remember him, Jie Wen takes her to the same cafe where the two of them danced together. Before Jie Wen can dance with Jiang Xin again though, Chun Hua shows up to whisk Jiang Xin away to pick up her ring.

An unsuspecting Jiang Xin tells the kind stranger (his back is to her so she couldn’t see who it was) that the ring is very important to her because it was her engagement ring from her fiancee. Zheng Qing turns around and begs her to come back to him since it is obvious from her words that she still cares for him. Stunned to hear Zheng Qing’s willingness to give up his position within the Bai family for her, Jiang Xin can’t help but starts to waver. Unfortunately, Jie Wen shows up as well and gets into a fight with Zheng Qing. Angry that Zheng Qing would punch Jie Wen, Jiang Xin leaves with Jie Wen.

Unable to shake Zheng Qing’s words that Jiang Xin only feels pity for him, Jie Wen gets into an argument with Jiang Xin and yells that if she really can’t forget Zheng Qing then she might as well marry him the next day.

Hurt and confused, Jiang Xin slowly goes through the books in Jie Wen’s library that are suppose to be her favorites. As Jiang Xin looks through each book she is deeply moved by the notes Jie Wen has written in each of them to remind himself what she thought of them.

The next morning Jie Wen gets up to find Jiang Xin gone, and an angry Jie Wen assums Jiang Xin has decided to marry Zheng Qing after all.

Episode 23

With increasing anxiousness Zheng Qing’s men watch as the famous actress, Mei Er (the girl who has a crush on him) brings a crowds of reporters to witness a wedding that is sure to make their boss a laughing stock. However, it doesn’t take long for Zheng Qing’s right hand man to figure out that Zheng Qing invited Mei Er for the expressed purpose to punish himself for what he did to Jiang Xin.

Uncaring of the jeering words of Mei Er, Zheng Qing snaps to attention when Jiang Xin shows up. While Zheng Qing’s gesture of self punishment is not lost on Jiang Xin, she nonetheless is only there to return the engagement ring and to end things for good.

Not surprised by Jiang Xin’s decision, Zheng Qing watches rather hopelessly as Jiang Xin walks away with Jie Wen … again.

Naive to the nth degree, Jiang Xin accepts Xiao Han’s offer of employment at Yu family’s clothing factory and housing at its dormitory. Determined to get rid of Jiang Xin once and for all, Detective Tong orders the clothing factory team leader to do his (and Xiao Han’s) dirty work.

Episode 24

Glad to do Detective Tong’s bidding for personal gain, the cloth factory team leader – Team Leader Diao pulls out all stops to make Jiang Xin’s life at the factory one of hell. Worried that Team Leader Diao is punishing all the other workers because of her, Jiang Xin works night and day without eating. Jiang Xin finally buckles under the work load and faints. Over joyed, Team Leader Diao locks Jiang Xin in a small room and purposefully puts rats in there to scare her.

Both Jie Wen and Chun Hua try to visit Jiang Xin but are both turned away by Team Leader Diao’s lies.

Ha, I love this scene where Zheng Qing’s men is holding a “broken heart” intervention meeting for him.

In the mean time, without Jiang Xin’s around Zheng Qing has resort to working none stop in order to numb himself. Worried about Zheng Qing, Chun Hua and Rock (one of Zheng Qing’s trusted man) decides to take matters into their own hands when they hear the news that Mama Lan has been checked into a hospital.

Chun Hua adding “something special” to Zheng Qing’s drink
Chun Hua smiling while saying “Oh, No, the boss is sick!”

Chun Hua decides to put some strong laxatives into Zheng Qing’s drink so they will have an excuse to send him to the hospital, thus putting him in the same place as Jiang Xin when she goes to visit Mama Lan. Unsuspecting of those closest to him, Zheng Qing is soon holding his stomach in pain while Chun Hua and Rock exchange excited looks.

Episode 25
The next morning, Team Leader Diao is furious when she finds Jiang Xin calmly making friends with the rats that were suppose to scare her. However, Team Leader Diao’s fury had to wait when Mama Lan’s maid shows up to personally escort Jiang Xin to the hospital to visit Mama Lan.

Worried about Jiang Xin developing the common lung illness associated with working in a clothing factory, Jie Wen asks Xiao Han to get a special kind of medication to Jiang Xin once he buys them from the black market. Xiao Han warns Jie Wen that buying from the black market is not an easy task, but Jie Wen is determined.

Watching their boss who is laying on the hospital bed as weak as a new born babe, Chun Hua and Rock are both feeling a tad bit guilty. The doctor proscribes a strong medicine for Zheng Qing, but warns Chun Hua and Rock that the medicine has a strong side effect. Soon, Chuna Hua is smiling in personal enjoyment of the side effect when Zheng Qing starts to hallucinating and hugs her while calling Jiang Xin’s name. Unfortunately for Chuna Hua, Zheng Qing snaps out of his hallucinating long enough to realize who he really is holding and orders them out.

In cahoots with Chun Hua, Mama Lan sends Jiang Xin to Zheng Qing’s room so Chun Hua can locks Jiang Xin in. At first hiding from sight, Jiang Xin couldn’t help herself when she sees Zheng Qing falls from trying to get his medication.

Thinking Jiang Xin is just another one of his hallucination, Zheng Qing confesses his most vulnerable feelings to her. Listening to Zheng Qing’s heart felt confession, Jiang Xin is moved to tears.

Zheng Qing wakes up to find Jiang Xin sleeping by his bedside. Zheng Qing’s joy quickly turns to concern when he realizes Jiang Xin’s body is burning up. The hospital doctor once again proscribes Jiang Xin with a strong medicine… one that has a different side effect. (I love Zheng Qing’s reaction of “What’s wrong with this hospital’s meds that they all have side effects!) 

Thanks to the med’s side effect, Jiang Xin is soon yelling every inner thoughts and swearing in between. Not knowing how to stop Jiang Xin, Zheng Qing finally stops her none stop talking by kissing her. So interesting that one of the things Jiang Xin keeps repeating during her side effect induced talking is that “I like you, I really like you.”. 

Episode 26

Jie Wen shows up at the hospital just to see Jiang Xin bidding Zheng Qing farewell in his hospital room. Furious that Jiang Xin stayed the whole night with Zheng Qing, Jie Wen storms out refusing to listen to her explanation. Frustrated, Jiang Xin yells at Jie Wen that she is no longer the same girl he used to know. Admitting the truth of Jiang Xin’s words, Jie Wen thrusts the medicine he bought for her and leaves without another word.

Frustrated after his argument with Jiang Xin, Jie Wen gets into a fight with two Japanese soldiers when he sees the two men picking on a little girl. Knowing that beating the Japanese soldiers only means trouble, Xiao Han takes Jie Wen away.

Staying by Jie Wen’s side while he drinks in the bar, Xiao Han couldn’t help but be moved by Jie Wen’s love for Jiang Xin and vows to take her place in Jie Wen’s heart one day.

In the mean time, happy to have Jiang Xin in her clutches again, Team Leader Diao uses one of Jiang Xin’s co-worker, Chao Yua to trick her and blames Jiang Xin for stealing.

Episode 27

After getting a personal invitation to the Bai mansion to be personally told by Zheng Qing about the importance of keeping Jiang Xin happy, Detective Tong is really worried what Zheng Qing will do to him once they kill Jiang Xin. Despite Xiao Han’s halfhearted assurance that he will be safe, Detective Tong decides that the only way to truly be safe is if he marries Xiao Han so he will become a member of the Ye family.

Locked up in a room that is fully sealed with no light and no food, Jiang Xin’s situation seems hopeless until Chao Yua (the one that betrayed her) secretly delivers food and water to her. However, Chao Yua soon receives the bad news her mother had died in the hospital since Team Leader Diao had refused to give the workers their due wages and commits suicide. After hearing Chao Yua’s suicide attempt, Jiang Xin convinces another co-worker to sneak two letters out, one to Mama Lan and one to the police.

Jiang Xin is saved when she tricks Team Leader Diao into confessing her crime while the police is waiting to the side. Jiang Xin was even able to oust Detective Tong when Jie Wen shows up with Chao Yua as a witness. Unbeknownst to Jiang Xin, everything she did would’ve been for nothing if it wasn’t for the fact Zheng Qing personally asked a high ranking police director to show up to make sure Detective Tong’s friend in the station doesn’t sweep the whole thing under the rug.

Episode 28
Mrs. Lee (Mama Lan’s personal maid) chance upon Detective Tong pushing Xiao Han to finish poisoning Mama Lan. Suspicious right away, Mrs. Lee asks Secretary Wong to go find Mama Lan’s trusted doctor from their old home town.

After planting a kiss on Jiang Xin and telling her that he is not going to wait for her anymore, Jie Wen is surprised to wake up the next morning to find Jiang Xin in his house as his temporary maid. Unable to get rid of Jiang Xin, Jie Wen tries to make her leave by nip picking on everything she does. Undaunted, Jiang Xin stubbornly stays put even when Jie Wen gets her to take off his cloth for a bath. Seeing Jie Wen asleep in the bath tub, Jiang Xin tearfully apologizes to him and asks him to give her a little more time. Opening his eyes, Jie Wen tells Jiang Xin that he forgives her.

Zheng Qing is dismayed when he finds Jiang Xin’s flower knot broken. Even more nervous after Chun Hua tells him that the broken knot means an end of fate between him and Jiang Xin, Zheng Qing shows up bright and early at a temple where Jiang Xin bought the flower knot from to get the knot fixed. At first insistent that he doesn’t need any other “miracle flower knot” than the one he already has, Zheng Qing’s decision starts to waver when the fortune teller keeps stressing how Zheng Qing’s love would come back to him if he just buys the whole set of the flower knot. Waiting patiently for his flower knot to be fixed, Zheng Qing is surprised when Jiang Xin suddenly shows up.

Episode 29
Jiang Xin asks the fortune teller who to choose between Zheng Qing and Jie Wen. Seeing the generous donation Zheng Qing keeps putting in the flower vase from where he is hiding out of Jiang Xin’s sight, the fortune teller strongly encourages Jiang Xin to choose Zheng Qing over Jie Wen. Unfortunately, Jiang Xin tells the fortune teller that Zheng Qing hurt her too much for them to ever be together. Dejected to hear that Jiang Xin is still determine to go back to Jie Wen, Zheng Qing leaves the temple after the fortune teller tells him that his newly purchase box of flower knots will surly work miracles.

Detective Tong overhears the Ye family doctor proclaim that despite the fact Mama Lan’s medication had some poison in it but it’s actually beneficial combined with all the other stuff Xiao Han has included in it. Furious, Detective Tong gives Xiao Han a beating and gives her an ultimatum to marry him.

Xiao Han meets with Jie Wen on a rooftop and tells him many things about herself including her fears. Jie Wen encourages Xiao Han to become someone she wants to be.

Jie Wen complains when Jiang Xin is not jealous over seeing him with a woman’s handkerchief. Protesting, Jiang Xin tells Jie Wen that she is just not the jealous type. However, Jiang Xin’s jealous side comes out with vengeance that night when she goes to a restaurant to deliver something for Mama Lan and find Zheng Qing sitting with two girls especially called by the police chief to lift his mood.

Episode 30
Taking courage after hearing Jie Wen’s words, Xiao Han drugs Detective Tong and sets him on fire. Freed with Detective Tong’s death, Xiao Han laughs “I am reborn!” Umm… that’s probably not what Jie Wen meant. 

Detective Tong’s body is found by a local hunter and Jie Wen is quickly suspicious when he realizes Jiang Xin’s adoptive father’s death seems eerily similar to how Detective Tong died.
Zheng Qing’s trusted man, Rock takes the things they found by Detective Tong’s body back to Zheng Qing and he quickly recognizes the metal necklace as the same one he once seen on Jiang Xin. After some digging around and a meeting with Secretary Wang, Zheng Qing connects all the dots and realizes Xiao Han has stolen Jiang Xin’s identity as the Ye family’s lost daughter.
Knowing that Mama Lan and Xiao Han is planning to leave Shanghai the next day, Secretary Wang uses excuse to bring Mama Lan to meet with Zheng Qing. Laying out everything they have found, Zheng Qing and Jie Wen try to convince Mama Lan to be careful of Xiao Han but Mama Lan refuses to believe what she hears.

Episode 31
Seeing that Mama Lan refuses to accept his offer of body guards, Zheng Qing gives her a mini handgun just in case. After leaving the Bai mansion, Mama Lan decides to pay Jiang Xin a visit at the factory. While waiting in the office, Mama Lan happens to see an accounting book that Xiao Han has made a mistake of writing her real name in once. Recognizing the name right away from her conversation with Zheng Qing, Mama Lan finally confirms for herself that Jiang Xin, not Xiao Han is her real daughter.

Mama Lan confronts Xiao Han with her false identity and tries to get her to turn herself in. Crazed by the realization that she has been caught and has just lost her new mom, Xiao Han kidnaps Jiang Xin and Mama Lan at gun point.

Holding on with all her might, Mama Lan struggles as she tries to keep Jiang Xin from falling off the tall building they are on. Xiao Han coolly tells Mama Lan to just let her daughter go, but Mama Lan vows to protect Jiang Xin with her own life.

In the mean time, Zheng Qing and Jie Wen finds Jiang Xin’s adoptive father’s letter that has been hidden in her magic box and proves what they have been suspecting all along.

Episode 32
Mama Lan almost falls over the rails herself but is saved by Xiao Han at the last minute and manages to pull Jiang Xin to safety. Jiang Xin recovers her memory and cries as Mama Lan hugs her. Xiao Han points her gun at Jiang Xin and pulls the trigger. Throwing herself in front of Jiang Xin, Mama Lan is shot instead and dies while pleading with Xiao Han to spare her daughter’s life. Stunned by Mama Lan’s death, Xiao Han raises the gun once again but Zheng Qing arrives just in time to put a bullet through her hand.

Her memories back, Jiang Xin turns all her anger at Mama Lan’s death towards Zheng Qing and points a gun at him.  Jiang Xin pulls the trigger and shoots Zheng Qing right in the chest since he never bothered avoiding her shot. Falling down on his knees as blood starting to stain his shirt, Zheng Qing stares at at Jaing Xin and whispers “It’s okay, It’s okay, don’t be afraid.”

Chaos surrounds the Bai mansion as the doctor tries to save Zheng Qing’s life. Before passing out, Zheng Qing uses his last strength to order his men not to do anything to Jiang Xin. Fortunately, Jiang Xin’s bullet barely missed the vital organs and Zheng Qing’s life is not in danger.

Not giving herself time to grieve for her mother’s death, Jiang Xin throws herself into the seemingly impossible job of saving the Ye family fortune after the mess Xiao Han and Detective Tong left.

Episode 33
Late one night Zheng Qing shows up at the temple once again and asks the fortune teller to help him answer a question. “There is a debt I owe to someone. Can someone like me be allow to repay it?” After receiving an answer of “repay it”, Zheng Qing sighs that “my method of helping her is still going to hurt her.”

With everyone wanting a piece of the Ye family fortune, Jiang Xin is hitting dead end not matter where she turns for help. Seeing how coldly Zheng Qing ignored Jiang Xin, the president of the local banking group offers his help if Jiang Xin would sleep with him.

Faced with impending bankruptcy the very next day and knowing Jie Wen has even sold his family mansion just to help her, Jiang Xin shows up at the hotel ready to accept Chao Long’s terms. However, at the last minute Jiang Xin couldn’t go through with it and tries to back out. Unwilling to let Jiang Xin go, Chao Long tries to force himself on her only to be stopped when Zheng Qing shows up to save Jiang Xin once again.

Coldly, Zheng Qing tells Jiang Xin that he wants to be the one to have the Ye family fortune and is willing to marry Jiang Xin for it. Zheng Qing gives Jiang Xin until the end of the next day to make her decision.

The next morning Jie Wen wakes up to see a smiling Jiang Xin who assures him that all of the Ye family trouble has been solved and she has earmarked the whole day just to spend with him.

Episode 34
Ignorant of the fact that their date is their last, Jie Wen is immersed in his happiness to have a romantic outing with Jiang Xin. Looking at a sleeping Jie Wen, Jiang Xin tells him to stop looking for her from now on. Jiang Xin bids everyone at the Ye family goodbye and tells Secretary Wang to sell the house to repay Jie Wen for his own family mansion.

Jie Wen wakes up to see Secretary Wang packing up the Ye family and is told of Jiang Xin’s decision to marry Zheng Qing in order to save Ye family from bankruptcy.

Jie Wen storms into the Bai mansion and yells for Jiang Xin to go home with him, but Jiang Xin orders Jie Wen to be taken away as the Bai family’s new lady.

Episode 35
The next morning, Zheng Qing shows up at the breakfast table with lipstick marks from other woman. Ignoring Zheng Qing, Jiang Xin tries to leave, but Zheng Qing picks on her at every turn and warns her that her only use is to make the Ye factory profitable for him again.

Despite Zheng Qing’s cold exterior though, when his driver suddenly steps on the break to avoid hitting a little girl, the first thing Zheng Qing does is to protect Jiang Xin.

Furious that Zheng Qing used the Bai family money, the Bai family elders order Zheng Qing to write a promissory note that he will resign as the head of the family if he fails to repay the money he used to save Ye family in a month’s time.

In the mean time, a depressed Jie Wen walks aimlessly on the street and is shot when he unluckily meets the Japanese soldiers he beat up before.

Episode 36
Knowing that payday is just around the corner, Jiang Xin resorts to selling the factory’s existing fabric on the street. After a successful day selling on the street, Jiang Xin’s hope is dashed when Zheng Qing shows her that all her customers were only there because of Rock’s bidding.

Burning all of the left over fabric, Zheng Qing forces Jiang Xin to blaze a new path of survival for the Ye family. Taking up Zheng Qing’s challenge, Jiang Xin develops a brand new fabric that her grandfather was working on before he died.

Knowing the only way for Jiang Xin’s fabric to truly succeed it needs to be approved by the rich socialites, Zheng Qing takes Jiang Xin to a party. Wearing the dress that is made from the Ye family’s special fabric, Jiang Xin wows everyone while Zheng Qing twirls her around as they dance.

Episode 37
Still greedy over the Ye family fortune, Chao Long (the one who tried to force himself on Jiang Xin) decides to offer high wages to get Jiang Xin’s factory worker to go work for him instead. Thanks to Zheng Qing, the factory has several large contracts but without the necessary workers Jiang Xin can only pin her hopes on buying new machines that will increase the factory output. Unfortunately, Mr. Liang, the one man who has the necessary machine refuses to sell to Jiang Xin due to his long standing feud with her grandpa.

Jie Wen wakes up to find himself blinded once again and yells at his life saver “why didn’t you just let me die?!” Unbeknownst to Jie Wen, Xiao Han is actually the one who saved him.

Zheng Qing finds out that Mei Er is actually Mr. Liang’s god-daughter and shows up at her makeup room with gifts. Jiang Xin fumes when she comes home to find Zheng Qing drinking wine with Mei Er right in their living room in a rather intimate manner. Sitting alone with Zheng Qing in front of the piano after Jiang Xin stamps away, Mei Er tells Zheng Qing that she wants him to put on a show of proposing to her in front of reporters and she will publicly refuse him. Without any hesitation, Zheng Qing agrees.

Episode 38
Xiao Han takes great care of Jie Wen but refuses to speak in front of him in fear that he would recognize her from her voice.

Chun Hua gets up late at night to find both Rock and Shi Guan (Zheng Qing’s right hand man) sneaking up to the fortune teller temple to ask about their love fate. Rock and Shi Guan both likes Chun Hua but are unwilling to admit it because of their friendship. Chun Hua shows up at the temple and asks the fortune teller about her own Mr. Right and is told that she is about to fall into a rather complex three way romance.

Thanks to Mei Er, Zheng Qing is able to meet with Mr. Liang. Chastising Mei Er, Mr. Liang points out that Zheng Qing is only being nice to her for the sake of helping Jiang Xing. Mr. Liang tells Zheng Qing that the only way he will sell his machine is if Zheng Qing kneels in front of Mei Er and publicly apologizes to her on newspaper. Jiang Xin shows up at the nick of time to stop Zheng Qing after she finds out the real reason why he is being so nice to Mei Er. Jiang Xin tries to take Zheng Qing away, but he decides to stay after Mei Er asks him to spend the night with her.

Episode 39
While Jiang Xin stands out in the cold praying that Zheng Qing wouldn’t really spend the night with Mei Er, Zheng Qing tells Mei Er that he only stayed to apologize to her. Mei Er tells Zheng Qing that the only thing she hopes for is a place in the Bai family besides him (as a 2nd wife that is more like a mistress in status) but Zheng Qing tells her that there is nothing he can give her.

Putting his coat around a frozen Jiang Xin, Zheng Qing tells her that he has decided to trust her and to work together to save the Ye factory together.

Chun Hua finally confirms her feeling and chooses Rock as her Mr. Right even though the fortune teller has predicated that her choice might put her life in danger. Despite being disappointed, Shi Guan’s friendship wins out and he sincerely wishes Rock and Chun Hua well.

After recovering his eye sight, Jie Wen confronts Xiao Han since he already guessed from several clues that she is the one that saved him. Xiao Han agrees to turn herself in but she has three conditions. The first two being 1. Jie Wen would accompany her to the police station. 2. She would like to do one last thing for Jiang Xin.

By chance Xiao Han overhears Chao Long’s plot to add poison to the Ye factory fabric and takes the necessary photo evidence to send to Jiang Xin. Thanks to Xiao Han’s mystery phone call and photo evidence, Jiang Xin was able to get rid of Chao Long for good.

Episode 40
To keep his promise to repay all the Bai family money he used to help the Ye family, Zheng Qing decides to make the risky move of stealing gold bars from the Japanese. However, knowing that he will be stealing from his old nemesis, Mastumoto (the Japanese that kidnapped Jiang Xin before) Zheng Qing decides to divorce Jiang Xin in order to protect her.

Walking together after their celebration that the Ye family is finally operating in the black, Zheng Qing tells Jiang Xin while he fell in love with the bright girl she was, he is afraid he might have personally destroyed the girl he loved. Assuring Zheng Qing that her experiences has made her stronger, Jiang Xin tells him to stop blaming himself now.

The next morning Jiang Xin is stunned when she finds out from the morning newspaper that Zheng Qing has put a notice announcing their divorce in it. In disbelief, Jiang Xin waits in the snow for Zheng Qing to be done with his meeting. Putting his coat around Jiang Xin, Zheng Qing tells her “this is the last time I will do this for you.”
Left alone in the street, Jiang Xin faints.

Jie Wen walks Xiao Han to the police station and asks what her third wish is. Shyly, Xiao Han replies “In the next life, can I be your Angela?” That’s her pseudo name while she was taking care of him. Xiao Han’s face lights up with happiness when Jie Wen kisses her forehead as his answer.

Jiang Xin wakes up to find Jie Wen sitting by her. After exchanging their respective news, Jiang Xin remarks that Jie Wen has changed. Jie Wen smiles and replies that he changed because of a girl name Angela.

Episode 41
Jie Wen tells Jiang Xin about Xiao Han secretly helping her and asks Jiang Xin to go see Xiao Han one last time before she is executed.

Jiang Xin visits Xiao Han in the prison and asks Xiao Han to tell her about what it was like living with Mama Lan and her grandpa. Before Jiang Xin leaves she gives Xiao Han the scarf Mama Lan has knitted for her. On the day of Xiao Han’s execution she dies while wearing Mama Lan’s scarf.

Zheng Qing successfully robs the gold bars from the Japanese, thanks to Rock who pretended to be a kitchen staff within the Japanese storage building. Looking at a wounded Rock, Zheng Qing promises to marry him and Chun Hua personally.

Two of the Bai elders come to check on the gold that Zheng Qing promised and is stunned when they find drugs hiding underneath the gold. Before Zheng Qing and the Bai elders can react to the sudden turn of events, the police has shown up to arrest Zheng Qing.

Episode 42
The Bai elders tells Zheng Qing to run away and Zheng Qing promises to figure out the truth. It didn’t take much for the two Bai elders to pin point that there is a mole within the Bai family and to prove them right the next moment a mystery person guns down both of the elders.

Master Lei who has partnered with Mastumoto shows up at the Bai mansion to forcefully take it over. In the chaos, Rock escapes and runs right into Zheng Qing. Rock tells Zheng Qing everything that has been going on and takes him to go see the bodies of the two Bai elders.

While Zheng Qing is examining the bodies for clues, Master Lei shows up and it is soon apparent to Zheng Qing who the mole is when Rock points his gun at him.

Rock explains that he has been harboring a revenge plan all these time after his family was torn apart by Zheng Qing 10 years ago. (Zheng Qing had been the one to reveal Rock’s family’s unsavory business practices, causing his parents to commit suicide.) Threatened with the lives of those that are dear to him, Zheng Qing has no choice but to confess to the crime of killing the two Bai elders. (Rock is the one who actually killed them.)

Episode 43
Chun Hua tries to convince Rock to stop his revenge plan against Zheng Qing but Rock is determined to carry his plan through.

Jiang Xin and Shi Guan comes up with a plan to save Zheng Qing but it requires for Zheng Qing to have a head cover on while the fire squad gets ready for his execution. Mei Er volunteers herself to go plea Zheng Qing’s case in front of Rock and Master Lei.

Unfortunately Rock is not moved by Mei Er’s words even when she confesses a past incident where Zheng Qing willingly stabs himself in order to protect Rock. To Meir Er’s shock, Rock stabs himself to show that he is not going to owe Zheng Qing anything. Master Lei shows up and suggests that he is willing to help Zheng Qing if Mei Er is willing to sleep with him. Desperate to help Zheng Qing, Mei Er agrees to Master Lei’s suggestion.

A beat up Mei Er is taken to the prison to see Zheng Qing. Not surprisingly Master Lei reneges on his promise to Mei Er and ends up shooting Mei Er right in front of Zheng Qing. With her last strength, Mei Er holds Zheng Qing’s hand and pleas with Rock to allow Zheng Qing to wear a head cover during the execution.
This episode really made me feel bad for Mei Er. Such a tragic character.

In a rather happy mood, Master Lei goes back to the Bai mansion only to find Mastumoto waiting for him. Mastumoto and Master Lei argue over Mastumoto’s plan to bring in bio-poisons to use on the Shanghai residents. Unfortunately for Master Lei, Mastumoto has already bribed all of his men and Master Lei was shot to death by his own people. Shocked by Master Lei’s death, Rock is starting to wonder about the wisdom of working with Mastumoto.

On the day of Zheng Qing’s public execution, Rock personally puts a head cover on Zheng Qing telling him that he is doing it to satisfy Mei Er’s dying wish.

Episode 44
Using a slight of hands, Zheng Qing is replace with Shi Guan who is also wearing a head cover. Shi Guan runs away from the execution stage and unsuspecting that a switcharoo has taken place, Rock lead the police on a chase after Shi Guan. Knowing that Rock will not give up his revenge plan unless Zheng Qing dies, Shi Guan kills himself with a hand grenade in front of Rock. Not far away, Zheng Qing struggles against Jie Wen and his men as they held him down to ground to prevent him from rushing to Shi Guan.

That night, under the cover of the night Zheng Qing shows up at the site where Shi Guan killed himself and pays his respect. After Zheng Qing leaves, Rock stumbles over to the same place and sobs over the death of his best friend. Rock found out the truth after receiving a letter from Shi Guan asking Rock to consider his death as the fulfillment of his revenge. 

Zheng Qing receives pictures detailing the bio-poison tests the Japanese has conducted elsewhere. Moved by the suffering of their people, Zheng Qing and Jiang Xin agree that they have the duty protect their country from the Japanese.

In the mean time, Rock is also having serious issue over Mastumoto’s plan to kill his own people with the Japanese newly developed poisons. Mastumoto tries entice Rock with promises of power but when that fails, Mastumoto’s men brings out Chun Hua. Rushing to Chun Hua’s side, Rock pulls her against him in a protective stance.

Episode 45

Zheng Qing sneaks into the Japanese poison making factory to figure out what the Japanese are actually planning and sees Mastumoto threatening to throw Rock into the poison chamber when Rock refuses to be help them. Zheng Qing jumps out to save Rock and in the middle of their fight Zheng Qing’s mask slips.

Stunned to see Zheng Qing is still alive, Mastumoto kidnaps Chun Hua and threatens to administer the poison on her if Rock doesn’t bring Zheng Qing to them.

Knowing they have to destroy all the bio-poisons Zheng Qing and his men decides to draw paper slips to determine who will go on a suicide mission with bombs straps to their body. Thanks to a slight of hand trick he learned from Jiang Xin, Zheng Qing makes himself the one to go on the suicide mission. Watching from the window, Jiang Xin realizes why Zheng Qing was so eager to learn her magic the night before and covers her mouth so her sobs wouldn’t escape.

Episode 46 (The end)

Rock comes to Zheng Qing to confess to him about Mastumoto’s threat and pleas with Zheng Qing to help him rescue Chun Hua. Zheng Qing readily agrees to Rock’s request but tells Rock that he also wants to rescue all the other people the Japanese has kidnapped as well (to use as test subjects).

That night, Zheng Qing watches with tears in his eyes as Jiang Xin stands in front of all of her family’s pictures and pours out her fear of losing Zheng Qing. The next morning, Zheng Qing bids Jiang Xin goodbye and they agrees to meet at the temple after Zheng Qing finishes his mission.

Jie Wen and the rest of the men sends Zheng Qing off to his suicide mission. After finding out a few things he didn’t know before, Jie Wen realizes how much Zheng Qing cherishes him as a brother and finally calls Zheng Qing “brother” that morning.

Zheng Qing and Rock successfully free the prisoners but end up in a desperate gun fight with the Japanese. With bombs strapped to his body as well, Rock wrestles with Mastumoto to the ground. Mastumoto mortally wounds Rock with a gun during their struggle. Knowing he doesn’t have much time left, Rock begs Chun Hua to quickly use a grenade to help Zheng Qing. Kneeling before Rock, Chun Hua smiles and pulls the grenade killing herself and Mastumoto at the same time.

Watching the factory going up in explosion, Jie Wen is restrained by his men as he tries to rush in to rescue Zheng Qing. Kneeling in the temple praying, Jiang Xin falls into anguish when she sees Jie Wen coming towards her with sorrow. Clutching the flower knot (Jiang Xin’s flower knot that Zheng Qing has been keeping with him), Jiang Xin sobs out “He lied. He told me he will come back to me safely.”  Jiang Xin’s sob suddenly stops when Zheng Qing’s voice sounds “Who said I lied?” Turns out, during the fight Rock had secretly cut the cord to Zheng Qing’s bomb and that was how he was able to survive.
The last scene: Zheng Qing walks onto a balcony and smiles when he sees Jiang Xin persuading their daughter to come find him.
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