Chinese Drama: Fall in Love with You Again
Aired: Feb 2015
Total Episodes: 32
Synopsis: Choi Si Won’s new C-drama. It has a really interesting premise where the heroine is given a second chance at life by going back to her 20’s (she was in her late thirties). The heroine wants to avoid the unhappy life she had by avoiding falling in love with her husband again… but will that be so easily accomplished… especially if he looks like Si Won?? 

Our heroine Li Ming Yu, a 36 years old homemaker who wishes she never married her husband, Chen Xi (Choi Si Won). A nice guy to a fault, all of Chen Xi’s good points has become Ming Yu’s life frustration. After a morning where Chen Xi is once again giving away their hard earned money to his buddie and Ming Yu’s sister (who she has a really bad relationship with), Ming Yu runs into the street following an argument with Chen Xi.

Ming Yu is hit by a car and ends up in a vegetative state in the hospital. With her remaining consciousness Ming Yu wishes that she could go back in time and not make the same mistakes.

Ming Yu wakes up to find herself back in the body of her 22 year old self. Stunned by her second chance at life, Ming Yu decides that she will realize her dream of working in the advertising field and to stay away from Chen Xi.

Ming Yu meets Yu Chu Hao, son of a rich family who just happens to own an advertising company. Despite getting off on the wrong foot, where Ming Yu assumes Chu Hao is a pervert, Ming Yu ends up getting a job in Chu Hao’s company.

Taking steps to make sure her life doesn’t end up in regret like it did before, Ming Yu’s new life seems to be progressing nicely. However, some old habit dies hard for Ming Yu especially when it comes to Chen Xi.

Sneaking a glimpse of Chen Xi, Ming Yu couldn’t help herself but jumps out when Chen Xi’s buddie is again asking him for money. Nagging like she had done for so many years, Ming Yu warns Chen Xi from lending out money that he has no hope of ever getting back.

To complicate things, Ming Yu’s second chance at life has a butterfly effect on those around her… especially her best friend who is starting to fall for Chen Xi.


I find this premise of this show really intriguing, since most of us probably have a few things we would like to do differently if we could relive our lives. Going back in time is a pretty common premise in Chinese novels but I haven’t seen it used as much in dramas so I find myself interested in this one right away.

The writer does a good job at making the 22 year old Ming Yu who has all the regret and baggage of a 36 year old talk and act very differently from what one would expect from a young woman. I especially love the fact that Ming Yu pretty much turns right back into a 36 year old nagging woman whenever she sees Chen Xi.

Si Won is doing a good job at portraying a sunshine boy who is just all around a good guy. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the show gives him plenty of chance to show off his abs since Si Won’s character works at a beach resort and is an avid surfer.

I would highly recommend this one if the premise sounds interesting to you and/or if you are Si Won’s fan.


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