Episode 9-17  Quick Overview

First Couple, Oh Dong Hee & Han Sung Joon:
Surprised when he comes home to find out the girl he met in Taiwan is actually his sister-in-law’s little sister, Sung Joon and Dong Hee decide to keep their family relationship a secret at work. (Dong Hee had started to work at Sung Joon’s company to pay back the money her brother had scammed from them.)
At first trying to keep his interaction with Dong Hee business like, Sung Joon soon finds himself drawn to our heroine more and more.

Fully aware that her boss (female second lead, Mi Joo) sees Sung Joo as her own personal property, Dong Hee tries hard to ignore the increasing awareness between herself and Sung Joo…

Until our hero breaks their mutual denial with an unexpected kiss.

No less surprised than Dong Hee by the kiss, Sung Joo finally snaps out of his shock when Dong Hee runs off. Holding a hand to her pounding heart as Sung Joo knocks on her door urgently, Dong Hee is completely flustered and can’t figure out what to do other than to avoid Sung Joo like crazy.

Sung Joo’s increasing tendency to lose his perpetual calm anytime Dong Hee is near doesn’t go unnoticed by Mi Joo which of course just makes her do everything she can to remind Dong Hee that Sung Joo is already taken.

Making up her mind that she needs to focus on her dream of becoming a drama writer instead of a hopeless romance, Dong Hee tells Sung Joo her decision and he in return decides to respect her wish.

Firmly putting a pause on their budding feelings, Dong Hee and Sung Joo go back to being friends who cheer each other on. Taking Dong Hee’s dream seriously, Sung Joo becomes her strongest support…and critic much to our heroine’s frustration at times.

Despite fooling themselves that they could be just be friends, both of our leads are upset when Mi Joo shows up at the house unexpectedly and presents herself as Sung Joo’s fiancee.

Fed up with Mi Joo’s refusal to accept the fact that he is simply not interested in her, Sung Joo decides to resign from work in order to cut all ties with her.

Second Couple, Lee Hyun Woo and Han Jung Eun:
The show finally reveals a bit more about Hyun Woo’s past and his revenge plan. Blaming his father’s suicide on the neighborhood that had treated him and his little brother with disgust, Hyun Woo is determined to seek revenge on the whole neighborhood AND specifically Daddy Han.
There is also a lot of hints that Sung Joo is probably Hyun Woo’s long lost little brother he has been searching for desperately. 

Dismayed when the bohemian like Han Jung Eun (Daddy Han’s niece) recognized his true identity from their encounter three years ago in New York City, Hyun Woo tries to threaten Jung Eun only to be dumbfounded when she simply assumed he was too ashamed of being bankrupted to want anyone know of his glory past.

Impatient at first with the eccentric Jung Eun who starts to intrude on his life with increasing frequency, Hyun Woo eventually is resigned to her constant presence.

Despite his unlikely friendship with Jung Eun, Hyun Woo is not about to give up his revenge plan and quickly lays various traps for Daddy Han’s two oldest sons while presenting himself as their kind neighbor who will go above and beyond to help them.

Blissfully clueless that Hyun Woo is out to destroy her family, Jung Eun finds herself falling for Hyun Woo despite his rather grumpy attitude towards her.

Utterly innocent in love, Jung Eun couldn’t suppress her growing feelings and ended up blurting out her confession to Hyun Woo one night. Quite puzzled by Jung Eun’s confession, Hyun Woo asks “What do you like about me? Like you said I am mean and full of myself. Moreover, I don’t even have any money.” Thoroughly embarrassed, Jung Eun admits “I know, I am curious about that myself…”

A bit exasperated that Hyun Woo had just carried on business as usual after her confession, Jung Eun nonetheless gathers up her courage to invite him to a movie and waits excitedly at the theater for him. More focused on his next step to draw Daddy Lee’s eldest son into his trap than Jung Eun’s silly movie date, Hyun Woo seemingly has no intention of going to the theater. While pleased that Daddy Lee’s shallow son is eagerly walking into his trap, Hyun Woo is visibly distracted during an important dinner engagement and finally shows up at the theater to find Jung Eun still stubbornly waiting for him.

Making up his mind suddenly as a dejected Jung Eun looks at him with teary disappointed eyes, Hyun Woo grabs her hand and asks “Do you…want to date?”

Ninja’s Second Impression:

I am really glad that I decided to stick it out with this show. My first impression of Father, I’ll Take Care of You wasn’t great because the story felt so scattered and filled with uninteresting side plot lines to boot. HOWEVER, I am happy to report that the show just needed some time to set up its story and characters.

The writer had concentrated on Dong Hee and Sung Joon’s romance at first so the second couple’s story took a while to develop but now that Jung Eun has made her confession this couple’s romance is getting extremely addicting too.
To be honest, I was wondering for the longest time why the writer wasn’t utilizing a great actor such as Kim Jae Won to his full potential but now I realize she was just saving him for later episodes. 

Not only are the two couple’s romantic story super cute, what I thought were boring secondary plot lines have become very intriguing on their own as well.

As a mother who has devoted her life in making her son the top student at school, Hee Seok (Daddy Han’s second oldest son’s wife) is horrified when her doctor brother informs her that her perfect son is actually her nephew…while the overweight nephew whom she had always looked down upon is actually her real son. (I am guessing the doctor brother probably made up the whole baby switching story in order to save his nephew who was ready to commit suicide from the constant pressure his mother was piling on him.)

Like I said, in the beginning of the show I was pretty annoyed by how much screen time Daddy Han’s two sons’ family took but once the son switching occurred then I became pretty invested in these secondary characters. After all, what kid hasn’t angrily wished at one time or another that he/she could switch parents and this particular storyline give us the “what if” scenario.

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