General and I (Chinese Drama, New)

Wallace Chung and Angelababy’s new historical C-drama. Swearing vengeance after her master’s family was wiped out by the combined conspiracy of the king and Chu Bei Jei (their enemy nation’s general), our heroine Ping Ting obviously wants nothing less than to get rid of our hero Bei Jei. Knowing full well that as the wise strategist who had managed to defeat him on the battle field, Ping Ting must be a formidable foe, yet that doesn’t stop Bei Jei from falling in love with her at first sight…even if that love might cost him his life.

Episode one was a bit slow with its long drawn out battle scenes but the pace picked up considerably once the two leads’ romance gets going. I wasn’t holding out a lot of hope for this one but judging by how engaging this show has been thus far I think this one might just be a pleasant surprise.

Magic Star (Chinese Drama, New)
It took a bit for me to get used to this C-fantasy drama’s heavy comedic feel but once I was accustomed to its wacky vibe this one actually seems fairly promising.

Synopsis: According to the legend, whenever the world has fallen into chaos the heavens will sent five stars to the human realm to restore order. Set out to find the five elusive stars, our five main characters will have to battle through various dangers and villains to finally restore peace to their world. FYI, it looks like there will at least be two romantic pairings. 

Love & Life & Lie (Chinese Drama, New)
I really didn’t expect much from this one especially once I realized it was based on the rather overused premise of two girls switched at birth (one rich and one poor of course). However, much to be utter surprise this one is actually looking pretty decent! I want to give it a couple more episodes but if it continues to be good then I will take the time to do a first impression on it.

Stay With Me (Chinese Drama, Just Finished)
Sigh… this one had so much promise but even the lovely two leads couldn’t hold my interest once the plot got draggy.

Behind Your Smile (Taiwanese Drama)
This T-drama has continued to deliver a solid performance both in terms of acting and story. My only complaint if one could call it that, it’s watching the hero falling in love with the heroine is kinda like watching a train wreck about to happen. Not that the two leads’ romance are bad at all, in fact, it’s excellent but since this is a revenge drama after all things are about to get very painful before it gets better…hopefully.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen (Chinese Drama, New)
I already wrote a first impression post on this She Was Pretty C-remake but I thought it might interest some to know that my very hard to please Mama Ninja has actually taken a liking to this show as well.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Korean Drama, Finishing next week)
Ahh!!! I am SO behind on this one! I need another Christmas vacation to let me play catch up. I have been too busy with C-drama lately but I am hoping to get to Weightlifting Fairy eventually. Anyone following this one faithfully?