Ubai Ai Fuyu (Japanese Drama, New)
Synopsis: Losing her smile after suffering a devastating break up with her first love, our heroine finally learns to be happy again when she meets a new love (Shohei Miura). Engaged to a man who dotes on her, our heroine’s blissful life is thrown into chaos the moment her first love shows up again.

Lots of crazies in this show! If you like stories that explore the darker side of human relationships then this one should be worth checking out.

Honjitsu wa Ohigara mo Yoku (Japanese Drama, New)

With a famous poet grandmother, our heroine regrettably grows up to be an ordinary office worker who has just found out that her best friend, the man she had always thought she would marry one day is going to marry another woman. Swallowing her disappointment, our heroine attends her best friend’s wedding and ends up meeting a professional speaker who will not only inspire her but change her life.

I had no clue what to expect when I checked this one out but was greatly intrigued once I realized it was a story about our heroine’s path to become a great political speech writer. This one might be worth checking out if you, like me have always been curious about the talented writers behind all those famous political speeches.

Quartet (Japanese Drama, New)
I am having a hard time coming up with words to describe this show. Wacky, funny, disturbing, sexy, weird, scary… are all the words coming to mind but they don’t really do justice to the show either.

Synopsis: After a fated meeting, four musicians decide to form a quartet in order to pursue their dream together. Living in the same house, our four characters start to get to know one another…and discover each other’s secret.

Sigh…I am not doing a good job introducing this show but let’s just say I spent the first episode swaying between laughing and feeling disturbed.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (Korean Drama, Finished last week)
I was pretty behind on this one but I did manage to catch up and finished it last weekend. Overall, I was fairly happy with Romantic Doctor and found the ending to be quite satisfying. The only tiny thing I would change was to decrease the amount of hospital power struggle in the story…but then I guess that just comes with the territory when it comes to medical dramas.

Goblin (Korean Drama, Finished)
Sigh…I am sad to see this one end even if the show’s length felt perfect. I know I probably could find some flaws in Goblin if my brain worked hard enough but alas the darn thing had melted into a puddle anytime our two male leads showed off their super cute bromance.

Defendant (Korean Drama, New)
Synopsis: Going to sleep after celebrating his little daughter’s birthday, the next thing our hero Prosecutor Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) knows is waking up in a prison cell. Confused, Jung Woo stares at his cellmate in stunned horror as they inform him that three months has passed and he in prison for killing his family.

This one is super tense and the acting is great all around. Uhm Ki Joon’s villain is especially scary and Ji Sung is of course great as always. There is a heroine in the story but given the hero’s back story I don’t expect much if any romance in this one.

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