I woke up this morning to the devastating e-mail from blogger that my blog at ninjareflection.com has been deleted by them. For the last several weeks, some jerk has been systematically submitting complaints to blogger about my site. The complaints has no grounds, and when I finally realized this is not just some innocent complainer mistaking my site as an illegal streaming site I filed a counter complaint to blogger which blogger quickly reinstated some of my posts. Unfortunately I foolishly thought blogger’s system would figure out that the complaints were malicious in nature since they had obviously agreed my counter complaint were valid. What happened instead was that blogger or rather the system automatically assumed since someone had been complaining about my site (at the rate of 2 random posts every two days) it must mean my site needed to be deleted.

As you can imagine I am pretty upset that over two years of countless hours of work has been wiped out. In fact, I was depressed enough that I contemplated just giving up drama blogging all together. I thought to myself “Think of all the time you would free up!” I can’t speak for other drama blogs, but as far as my little wee blog was concerned the small amount of advertising dollars I received barely covered the upkeep of the blog so money was never the reason why I had stuck with website. I had started writing a drama blog on a whim and it had surprisingly been my saving grace when I went through some hard time in my personal life. Now that I have calmed down some, I realize the last thing I want is to quit drama writing because of some faceless jerk. (Plus  I have to finish recapping that darn last four episode of Blow Breeze for the 10 people that had stuck with me this long!) It has been a pleasure to write and share my passion with others so as sad as it is that I probably lost all of my readers who were my driving force to continue blogging, I am ready to keep going with the hope that they will find me again…ironically probably thru google.


So up date… I got an e-mail (forwarded by Blogger no less) from the said jerk. Turns out the guy (still a jerk in my book by the way) was working for some company that tries to shut down illegal streaming sites, had put in all these complaints about my website without obviously once bothering to actually visit my blog.

Here is what his e-mail said: Korean dramas are some of the most pirated media on the planet. Sorry for the issue, I will get the domain white listed.

That e-mail came on the day Blogger deleted my blog. Where is my shake fist at the heavens emoji?

ps. I am in the process of trying to move some of my old posts (Thanks again, Rachel! Your comment really saved me!) to this new blog, so excuse the mess for a while.