Cheese in the Trap (Korean Drama, New)
This show is based on a webtoon of the same name and boy, I love the character set ups in this one.
Synopsis: A hard working student who is barely making enough to stay in collage, our heroine’s life becomes difficult when she gloriously becomes the first person in her school to see past the smiling mask of our hero. Knowing full well that the popular sunbae everyone flocks to is the very one that has been strategically making her school life unbearable, our heroine is thoroughly confused when the hero suddenly starts to be suspiciously friendly towards her.
I am loving Park Hae Jin’s character in this one, (let’s all agree to ignore why in heaven I find such a scary hero interesting) and after watching the first two episodes I have great hopes that this one would turn out to be a winner.

 Witch’s Castle (Korean Daily)
I am caught up to episode 14 on this one…

and the heroine still has pitifully small amount of interaction with the hero but I am hoping once the story is completely set up maybe the romance would get going in earnest.

 Be With Me (Taiwanese Drama)
I keep meaning to write a first impression on this one! This show has a talent in transporting the viewers back into those memorable boyband days but the story is made even more intriguing since it is told from the band members point of views.

Go Princess Go (Chinese Web Drama)
Warning: Really wacky BUT surprisingly addicting.

Oh My Venus (Korean Drama, Just Finished)
Awe, I am really sad to say goodbye to this cute drama. It didn’t quite make it into the addicting territory for me but the the two leads were so extremely cute together that I could just keep watching them.

The two ending episodes had more flashbacks than I preferred but it was such a satisfying wrap up that I could ignore the one minor imperfection.

Beautiful Secret (Chinese Drama)
I am extremely behind on this one (I am only at ep. 11) but the chemistry between the two leads are great so I am planning to stick with this one.

Oldies but Goodies

I find it funny that Park Hae Jin’s recent drama image in K-drama has been more along the line of psychological derange characters because thanks to his old C-dramas I have a hard time thinking of him as anything but your warm and senstive hero. That’s not to say Park Hae Jin doesn’t do a great job in portraying the more intriguing characters (like in Bad Guys and his current one Cheese in the Trap) because he certainly has the acting chop to pull it off, but I guess since C-drama is where I first took real notice of him the image just stuck.

Park Hae Jin has done several C-dramas but Qian Duo Duo (2011) and Love’s Relativity (2013) are the two I remember the most.

Both shows are fairly similar since the plot is more or less about how Park Hae Jin’s character ends up in noona romance with the successful BUT single heroine .

Out of the two shows though, I would recommend Love’s Relativity over Qian Duo Duo since I found Love’s Relativity a lot less draggy and has a more interesting set up. In Love’s Relativity, Park Hae Jin plays a poor photographer who tries to pay back his debt to the heroine by pretending to be her boyfriend. Of course the pretending soon turns to the real thing and our two leads have to figure out if a happy ending could really be possible for them.