At first unwilling to believe that the cuff link really belongs to Daddy Wu, Zi Feng soon realizes that he has no choice but to face the truth.



Walking into the temple where he once sworn brotherhood with his two best friends, Daddy Wu takes one look at the all too familiar faces and quickly catches on that he or rather Han Sheng’s crime has been found out.

Not mincing words, Daddy Wu readily confesses to killing Qing Yang’s parents and harming Daddy Du because he was trying to keep his drug use as a secret. Not flinching as an angry Mama Du slaps him twice, Daddy Wu stoic expression finally breaks down just a tiny bit when he walks over to Daddy Du.

Bowing to Daddy Du in apology, Daddy Wu declares himself to be unworthy of the brotherhood vow they made years ago. Turning to leave, Daddy Wu pauses to look at Qing Yang and simply promises “Qing Yang, I will make amends towards you.” Amends is perhaps not the best translation for what Daddy Wu said to Qing Yang because it didn’t have the connotation that he could make things right. It was more like “I know I owe you and I will not leave you hanging.” 

Thanks to his amnesia, Daddy Du actually doesn’t feel the full force of his friend’s betrayal and is simply grateful that he was able to come back to his family alive. Qing Yang on the other hand has to not only deal with the fact that his parents are really not coming back anymore but that they were killed by someone they trusted.

Accepting Zi Feng’s invitation to go on a boat ride out to the ocean, Qing Yang is finally able to say a proper goodbye to his parents and promises them that he will not hold any hatred or resentment in his heart. Wrapping her arms around Qing Yang, Na Na also makes her own promise that she will never leave him.

Sitting at their favorite swing set, Zi Feng reminds Ya Nuo that her birthday is almost upon them and asks her what birthday present she wants. Mildly surprised when Ya Nuo tells him that she wants a promise instead of a present, Zi Feng reads with amusement as Ya Nuo hands him a piece of paper that reads “Du Zi Feng promises that he will not get mad over the things Pi Ya Nuo did or said before his 26th birthday.”

Signing his name on Ya Nuo’s document without any hesitation, Zi Feng seals his promise with a kiss and tells Ya Nuo that he will love her no matter what happens.

Chatting comfortably with his father, Zi Feng is surprised when Daddy Du suddenly reveals that he is aware that his son and Ya Nuo are dating. Laughing when he sees Zi Feng’s surprised expression, Daddy Du exclaimed “I lost my memory, I didn’t lose my marbles. Anyone with eyes could see that you and Ya Nuo are more than friends.” Turning thoughtful, Daddy Du asks “I have thought about asking Ya Nuo …” Not letting Daddy Du finish his sentence, Zi Feng replies “Ya Nuo will tell us when he is ready.” What? Hmm…Do they know Ya Nuo’s secret after all?! 

Ya Nuo shows up just in time to hear the puzzling answer from Zi Feng and asks the two men what they wanted to ask her. Glazing over his conversation with Zi Feng, Daddy Du just tells a clueless Ya Nuo that he was wondering if they could convince her to stay the night.

Whatever question Ya Nuo had soon disappears without a trace as Zi Feng taps her on the forehead and tells her “I am going to go take a shower…wait for me,” and she is left giggling to herself.

Amused as he looks at a shy and nervous Ya Nuo sitting at the edge of the blanket, a freshly showered Zi Feng is stunned when Ya Nuo suddenly throws herself at him. Laughing when he sees the giant spider that had Ya Nuo shaking in fear, Zi Feng sighs “Ya Nuo, you are so good at fighting but you can’t handle a spider?” Burying her face in Zi Feng’s chest, Ya Nuo complains “I just can’t handle things that has too many legs, okay?”

Sending a still fearful Ya Nuo off to shower, Zi Feng peaks at the spider and exclaims “Wow, that really is a huge spider… I probably could sell it for a lot of money.”

Rushing to Ya Nuo when she comes out of the shower squealing, Zi Feng quickly offers to boil some hot water for her when he realizes that the hot water has ran out. Unwilling to be alone with the giant spider, Ya Nuo follows Zi Feng into the kitchen and cuddles up to him.

The day finally comes for Zhe Rui’s bandages to come off and everyone is disappointed when Zhe Rui is still unable to see anything. Overwhelmed by guilt as he watches Zhe Rui accepting Ya Nuo’s help to do the simplest tasks, Zi Feng excuses himself abruptly and leaves Ya Nuo alone to take care of Zhe Rui. Waving away Ya Nuo’s attempt to apologize on Zi Feng’s behalf, Zhe Rui assures her that he knows Zi Feng is simply feeling too guilty about his eye sight to stay.

Gathering up his courage, Zhe Rui confesses to Ya Nuo that despite being aware of her relationship with Zi Feng he wants to know if she would be willing to give him a chance. Not surprised when Ya Nuo replies softly “I could only hold one person in my heart and I know without a doubt that the one I want is Du Zi Feng,” Zhe Rui instead exacts a promise from Ya Nuo that he could always be her big brother.

Moved by Zhe Rui’s unconditional love for her, Ya Nuo throws her arms around him in gratitude. Immersed in the hug that signals the end to his long time crush, Zhe Rui suddenly snaps out of his sad mood when he realizes he could see a blurry outline of Ya Nuo’s face. The blurry outline quickly becomes a clear image and Zhe Rui grins happily as he tells an overjoyed Ya Nuo that he can see again.

Ya Nuo rushes back to share Zhe Rui’s good news with Zi Feng, but before our two leads has time to celebrate they are interrupted when two cops show up at Zi Feng’s office.

Informing Zi Feng that Daddy Wu has turned himself in for murder, the two cops request that Zi Feng would go to the police station and give them the cuff link along with his statement.

Furious when he saw the news of his own father confessing to killing Qing Yang’s parents, Han Sheng yells bitterly “Du Zi Feng!”

On their way to the police station, Zi Feng and Ya Nuo walks out to the amusement parking lot when Ya Nuo suddenly spots Han Sheng pointing a gun right at Zi Feng. Pushing Zi Feng out of harm’s way at the last minute, Ya Nuo’s arm is grazed by the bullet. Reacting quickly, Zi Feng pulls Ya Nuo to hide behind a truck. Already getting dizzy because of her wound, Ya Nuo reluctantly agrees to stay hidden when Zi Feng promises her that he is confident he could take on Han Sheng and come back to her safely.

True to his promise, Zi Feng does quickly subdue the gun wielding Han Sheng…but then gives the gun right back to Han Sheng. Surprised when Zi Feng says “You want to kill me so badly?” then actually thrusts the gun towards him, Han Sheng grabs the gun and points it at Zi Feng. Staring at Han Sheng with an unflinching gaze, Zi Feng waits as the man he grew up with fights a raging battle within himself.  Finally tossing the gun away in frustration, Han Sheng yells at Zi Feng “What do you want?”

Looking at a crying Han Sheng, Zi Feng calmly tells him “Our friendship should not be tainted by selfish desires. I know you have harbored a lot of resentment after I became the leader. Since my father came home and so much have happened, the only thing I want now is to protect those I love.” Putting a hand on Han Sheng’s shoulder, Zi Feng declares “I will bow out. Be a good leader for everyone. This will be an end to all of our conflict.” Stunned by Zi Feng’s words, a dejected Han Sheng replies “There were never any conflict between us. What I hate is that now the tide is no longer on my side.”

Rushing to the police station when they get a phone call about Han Sheng turning himself in, Zi Feng and Ya Nuo arrive to see the heartbreaking scene of a handcuffed Han Sheng apologizing to his father. Assuring his son that he is still proud of him even at this moment, Daddy Wu makes his own apology to Han Sheng for not realizing his continual encouragement for Han Sheng to compete with Zi Feng had become the source of his son’s insecurity.

Watching the whole pitiful scene from not too far away, Qing Yang turns his head silently when Han Sheng stops in front of him and formally apologizes for what he did. I am glad Qing Yang didn’t forgive Han Sheng because that would be too unbelievable to me. 

In a melancholy mood when he drives Ya Nuo home that night, Zi Feng asks “You keep getting into dangerous situation since you met me. Do you regret it?” Looking into Zi Feng’s eyes, Ya Nuo replies “Yes…” His dejected expression turning into a smile when Ya Nuo continues “I regret that I didn’t meet you sooner,” Zi Feng takes Ya Nuo’s hand and promises “Once I hold you hand I will never let it go.”

In a grumpy mood after she pretended to be asleep with the secret hope of getting a kiss only to have Qing Yang walking away after putting a blanket on her, Na Na sneaks downstairs to eavesdrop on her father’s conversation with Qing Yang.

Tearing up when she hears Daddy Nan thanking Qing Yang for pretending to not know her illness AND giving his daughter the romance she wanted, Na Na walks away after hearing Qing Yang’s heartbreaking response “Uncle Nan, you treat me like your own son so of course I will be nice to Na Na.” Unbeknownst to Na Na, right after Qing Yang gave that very misleading response, he continues “After all, Na Na is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.”Seriously, drama land’s life lesson #1 “Always eavesdrop until the bitter end”. 

His heart softened by his family’s unwavering love, Daddy Du finally agrees to move back home. Watching the happy scene of his parents holding hands at the dinning table, Zi Feng smiles but couldn’t help and feels his happiness incomplete without Ya Nuo by his side.

Back in his room, Zi Feng takes out his mother’s wedding ring and stares at it as thoughts of Ya Nuo filled his mind. Curious when he walks in to see Zi Feng holding a ring, Daddy Du smiles as Zi Feng tells him that Mama Du had gave the ring to him in hopes that he would be able to give it to someone that would continue his parents’ love story. Nodding with approval when he receives the confirmation that Zi Feng is planning to give the ring to Ya Nuo, Daddy Du declares “Very good, I like that kid a lot. I am sure this ring would be in good hands.”


Ahh!!! I am wavering!!!! I was so sure Zi Feng doesn’t know about Ya Nuo’s secret but his conversation with Daddy Du sure has me wondering!

I guess in the end it really doesn’t matter if Zi Feng knows or not since I am 99.9% sure that even if he doesn’t know by this point, he would just be like “Oh, you are a girl? Okay, do you want to get marry in a wedding dress or a tuxedo?

But if you really want to pin me down I am leaning towards the side that Zi Feng knows…even if I was totally on the side that he doesn’t know last week.

On a less happier note, I wasn’t completely satisfied with how the whole murder thing wrapped up. While I thought it was pretty unrealistic that Zi Feng would hand the gun back to the guy that has tried to killed him at least twice before, I was happy enough with Han Sheng’s ending. The part that seemed odd to me was how ready Zi Feng and even Qing Yang was willing to bury the past when they thought Daddy Wu was the killer. Now, maybe they were trusting Daddy Wu’s words that he would repay for his sin somehow, but it still seem strange they would let two murder and one attempted murder just slide.

Anyhow, plot hole aside, I am super excited AND sad for next week’s final episode. This has been a fun drama to follow and I am sad to see it end.

ps. I am really hoping the preview of Ya Nuo pushing Zi Feng against the wall is not a dream sequence… I am just saying…