Overwhelmed with guilt as he stands in front of Zhe Rui who might possibly lose his eye sight because of rescuing him, Zi Feng falls silent when Zhe Rui asks “I want you to leave Ya Nuo.” Seemingly not surprised when Zi Feng finally replies “I can’t do that. I can do anything else you want but I can’t do that.” Zhe Rui smiles and tells Zi Feng that since love can’t be given away or exchanged he is truly glad that Zi Feng loves Ya Nuo so much.

Weigh down by his guilt over Zhe Rui’s eyes and his foreboding feeling that Han Sheng is probably behind everything, Zi Feng takes comfort in Ya Nuo’s embrace as she reassures him that things will turn out to be okay.

Staying the night at the hospital to take care of Zhe Rui, Zi Feng agrees quickly when Zhe Rui makes the request that he (Zi Feng) should make sure to stay safe in order to not make Ya Nuo sad.

His face breaking out in a mischievous grin when Zhe Rui confesses that Ya Nuo’s warm smile is what attracted him in the first place, Zi Feng leans close and declares “Then when you can see again I am going to tell Ya Nuo that she can’t smile at you.”

After a harrowing day of first worrying about Na Na then dealing with Zi Feng’s near death experience, Qing Yang’s poor heart finally has the opportunity to settle down as he stares at an unconscious Na Na. Taking Na Na’s hand in his, Qing Yang promises that while he pretended ignorance this time because that what Na Na wanted but from this point on, he will not allow Na Na to face her trials by herself anymore.

Daddy Wu (Han Sheng’s dad) is finally back in town and rushes to Daddy Nan’s shop at the first opportunity when he finds out that Daddy Du has been found. At first declaring that he is going to catch the man who dares to harm Daddy Du, Daddy Wu quickly falls silent as he stares at the button that is suppose to give them a clue on the perpetrator. Denying that he has ever seen the button before, Daddy Wu hurries off.

A furious Daddy Wu doesn’t bother to say a word before he storm into the room and starts to beat Han Sheng. Quickly figuring out that his father has realized that he was the one that tried to kill Daddy Du, Han Sheng finally admits that he had no choice but to harm Daddy Du because he was caught red handed trying to get rid of Qing Yang’s parents. Shaking with anger once Han Sheng mumbles that Qing Yang’s parents had discovered that he was dealing drugs, Daddy Wu points a gun at his own son but ultimately just tells Han Sheng to leave the country.

Meeting with Zi Feng personally, Daddy Wu apologizes on behalf of his son and asks Zi Feng to forgive Han Sheng since he is after all his only son.

In a chipper mood after being discharged from the hospital, Zhe Rui asks Ya Nuo and Zi Feng to go “listen/watch” a movie with him. Despite being a bit puzzled by Zhe Rui’s request, Ya Nuo and Zi Feng nonetheless decide to go along with what Zhe Rui wants for the night .

Shaking his head when Zi Feng hands him a coke, Zhe Rui instead turns to Ya Nuo and asks to share her Sprite with her. Suppressing his jealousy as he stares at Zhe Rui happily drinking Ya Nuo’s soda, Zi Feng remains silent.

Still in high spirit as he walks out of the movie theater, Zhe Rui turns to Zi Feng and thank him sincerely for the great time he is having.
Awe, that’s sweet. It feels like Zi Feng is allowing Zhe Rui to have a date with Ya Nuo as a way to really end his crush. 

In a thankful mood as he sits while Zi Feng personally grills meat for him, Zhe Rui asks “I am so grateful that you can love Ya Nuo even beyond the constraint of gender. Can you promise to love Ya Nuo even if one day he does something you don’t like or if he becomes someone you don’t recognize?” Smiling confidently, Zi Feng promises “No matter what happens, I will love him the same.”

Watching the lovely scene of Zi Feng feeding Zhe Rui, Ya Nuo smiles with contentment.

Understandably nervous when she is suddenly dragged to a factory building in the middle of nowhere, Zi Feng’s secretary assures Han Sheng in a shaking voice that she has never told Zi Feng about him being the one to connect her to the firework wholesaler. Delighted with the answer, Han Sheng turns back to his charming self…until he sees Ya Nuo and Zi Feng.

Ignoring all of Han Sheng’s minions, Zi Feng tells Han Sheng “If you tell me that it was not you then I will believe you.” Sneering at Zi Feng’s words, Han Sheng freely admits that it was him that tried to kill Zi Feng at the firework factory.

Turning his back, Han Sheng closes his eyes as waits for the gun shots from his men that will tell him that Ya Nuo and Zi Feng are dead. When the expected gun shot sound never came, Han Sheng turns around to find out that Zi Feng’s backup has materialized out of nowhere. Yeah! Qing Yang! 

Truly disappointed with Han Sheng, Zi Feng tells him “It’s not that I don’t want to give you what you want. But I cannot, because being the leader is more than a position but it’s a responsibility.” Watching calmly as Qing Yang disarms Han Sheng’s minions, Zi Feng gives the verdict that Han Sheng will no longer to be part of their group and will not be allowed to show his face in front of them.

Sitting at Ya Nuo’s favorite swing set, Zi Feng pretends to be grumpy and asks “After what happened today you are not going to comfort me?” Obedient, Ya Nuo valiantly tries to swing close enough to Zi Feng to give him a kiss. As one who is always helpful, Zi Feng grabs Ya Nuo and plants a kiss on her.

Missing Qing Yang terribly, Na Na jumps on the first chance to be discharged from the hospital. Breathing a sigh of relief when Qing Yang readily accepts her excuse to explain away her operation wounds, Na Na promises Qing Yang that the next time she goes “travel” again she won’t leave him behind.

Hesitant as he walks into Zi Feng’s office, a somewhat reluctant Qing Yang hands Zi Feng the list of people that bought the limited edition button. His eyes widening in disbelief when he sees Daddy Wu’s name on the list, Zi Feng sits back in dismay as Qing Yang confirms that the list could be trusted.


Well! We finally got to see Zi Feng as the mob boss…

but why did Qing Yang get all the spot light?! Not that I am complaining. It was awesome to see the ultra cool side of Qing Yang but I will admit that I felt a bit let down that Zi Feng was just standing there the whole time.

Oh, well. No matter what, it was comforting at least that Zi Feng was wise enough to have backup this time.

ps. There seem to be a lot of speculation if Zi Feng knows about Ya Nuo’s “secret.” I am personally leaning towards the opinion that he doesn’t know. The show is making a big deal of what would happen once Zi Feng finds out the truth, but going by Zi Feng’s character set up I really can’t see him caring too much about Ya Nuo’s gender…can you guys?